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Bell Zettifar was a human male who was the Padawan of Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm.[4] Born in 250 BBY,[1] Zettifar was discovered by the Jedi Order at the age of three.[4] Zettifar and Master Greatstorm were stationed on the Elphrona Outpost, where they helped keep the peace. Zettifar wielded a standard green lightsaber, and was the owner of a charhound named Ember.[2]


Early life[]

Bell Zettifar was a human male[4] born in 250 BBY.[1] At some point, he was identified to be Force-sensitive by the Jedi Order and apprenticed to the Twi'lek Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm. Zettifar trained as his Padawan for multiple years.[4]

The Great Disaster[]

Bell Zettifar

When Zettifar was eighteen, the Legacy Run was destroyed in what became known as the Great Hyperspace Disaster and sent pieces of the starship hurtling across the galaxy. Zettifar and Greatstorm were part of the Republic response team sent to the Hetzal system to protect the evacuating civilians. On the surface of Hetzal Prime, the two Jedi confronted a group of security guards that were preventing a large group of citizens from attaining passage offworld as was ordered by Minister Zeffren Ecka. Zettifar and his master ended up having to fight off a force of attacking pirates as well as deal with the guards.[4]

In the aftermath of the Great Disaster, Zettifar and his master traveled to a Jedi outpost on the planet Elphrona. They were stationed there with Indeera Stokes, Jedi Master Porter Engle, and the charhound Ember. Zettifar continued to be trained by Greatstorm, who worked to help him master controlled descent from a great height by aid of the Force. Zettifar was unsuccessful with learning the maneuver and had to be saved by Stokes, who Greatstorm had positioned on the ground in case his Padawan was in danger. Zettifar was embarrassed that he had to be saved, but he then went to eat with Stokes when Engle announced that he was making Nine-Egg Stew. However, their meal was interrupted when the Jedi received a distress signal from the Blythe family. The four Jedi showed up at the Blythe homestead and found that they had been kidnapped. They chased down the Nihil raiders that had captured them, splitting up at one point so Stokes could get a ship and Engle could take care of the enemy rearguard.[4]

Bell Zettifar

Zettifar and Greatstorm recovered the mother, Erika, and defended her as the enemy ship strafed the area. When they pursued the ship into space, Zettifar would leave his master's side to save the daughter, Bailen, whom the Nihil had ejected into space in an attempt to lose their pursuers.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Bell Zettifar was created for the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project, a narrative initiative to explore the Jedi centuries before the events of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[2] He first appeared in the initial release of High Republic media, simultaneously debuting in the novel Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule[4] as well as the young readers book The Great Jedi Rescue by Cavan Scott[3] on January 5, 2021.[5][6] Zettifar was first revealed to the public ahead of the initiative's release on October 21, 2020 in a article that gave an overview of some of the Jedi Padawans that would be introduced in the upcoming project.[2]


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