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Q1: Does it have to say "white" police officer?
A1: Yes, because almost all reliable sources emphasize the significance of this fact.
Q2: I read some information on the web that isn't in this article!
A2: When proposing anything to be added to the article you need to cite a reliable source; secondary sources are generally preferred over primary.
Q3: This article is biased (for/against), or (whitewashes/blames), (Floyd/police)!
A3: See our Neutral point of view policy. Complaints of bias must be accompanied by specific concerns or suggestions for change. Vague, general statements don't help.
Q4: Why is this article calling it a killing instead of a death/murder?
  • Any time one person causes the death of another – whether intentionally or not, whether criminally or not – that's a homicide. It's a very broad category. Every murder or manslaughter (of any "degree") is a homicide, but not every homicide is a murder or manslaughter. A killing in self-defense is a homicide. Even an execution pursuant to a judicially imposed sentence of death is a homicide.
  • In most US jurisdictions the determination of whether or not a death is a homicide is made by a coroner or medical examiner, as a prerequisite to other legal proceedings.
  • The medical examiner in Floyd's case determined that his death was, indeed, a homicide – or in common American English parlance, a killing. A homicide becomes, legally, a murder or manslaughter only once someone is convicted in court.
Q5: Wasn't Floyd killed near a store called Cub Foods, not Cup Foods?
A5: The store is Cup Foods, and is not affiliated with the Cub Foods store chain.

im pretty sure it didnt end.Edit

how do we know it ended? it isn't like a scheduled event, with a definite ending. where did it end? New3400 (talk) 15:36, 7 December 2020 (UTC)

There is aa WP:RS declaring its end, regardless it was a protest not a war like American Civil War that there has to be an official declaration of its end, protests ends when the final series of protests are reported and no for ther protests are reported as with 1992 Los Angeles riots, there was no declaration the riots ended on May 3/4, but after that date due to army deployment rioting ceased, same goes with the 1980 Miami riots, no protests were reported after May 20, but there are never any "official declaration of the end of the protests>" There are no longer any individual protests linked to George Floyd Protests alone, now the sparodic protest that goes on are part of the 2020 United States racial unrest and the Black Lives Matter movement which speaks not of George Floyd alone but also other victims of racial killings such as Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and so on. Protests "individually over "George Floyd" have ceased, there are absolutely no WP:RS taht individual protests on George Floyd are going on, when it really was on May-July it was all over TV, not the case anymore, events after taht are the over all 2020 United States racial unrest which are also about other victims of police killing besides George Floyd which are getting mixed with the individual George Floyd protests. And stuffs like "remembering George Floyd in his birthday" isn't protesting, I am sure his death will be remembered and for ages and his death date people will remember him, but the original series of protests have ended and absolutely no WP:V exists that protests individually over George Floyd are ongoing, no WP:RS stats that it is still ongoing, although he is remembered along with other victims in the ongoing 2020 United States racial unrest protests individually over George Floyd (which this article is about) have ended. Dilbaggg (talk) 18:41, 9 December 2020 (UTC)

first paragraph typoEdit

This sentence in the first paragraph should be corrected to say "nearly nine minutes". I would edit it, but the article is semi-protected.

Culdesacjungle (talk) 08:03, 9 December 2020 (UTC)

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