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Survivor is an American reality television show, based on the Swedish program, Expedition Robinson. Contestants are referred to as "castaways" and they compete against one another to become the "Sole Survivor" and win one million U.S. dollars. First airing in 2000, there currently have been a total of 44 seasons aired; the program itself has been filmed on five continents.

Contestants usually apply to be on the show, but the series has been known to recruit contestants for various seasons. For Survivor: Fiji, the producers had hoped to have a more racially diverse cast, and hoped that a more diverse group would apply after the success of the racially segregated Survivor: Cook Islands. When this did not happen, the producers turned to recruiting and in the end, only one contestant had actually submitted an application to be on the show.[1] For the most part, contestants are virtually unknown prior to their Survivor appearance, but occasionally some well-known people are cast.

A total of 662 participants (castaways) have competed so far (as of Survivor 44). 103 of those participants have competed in multiple seasons: 73 of them have competed in two seasons, 23 have competed in three seasons, six have competed in four seasons, and Rob Mariano has competed in five seasons of the show. Two contestants, Russell Hantz and Sandra Diaz-Twine, have competed on international editions of the series. Thirteen seasons have featured returning players: five with all-returnees (Survivor: All-Stars in 2004, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains in 2010,[2] Survivor: Cambodia in 2015, Survivor: Game Changers in 2017, and Survivor: Winners at War in 2020),[3] five with two to four returning players on tribes with new players (Survivor: Guatemala in 2005, Survivor: Redemption Island and Survivor: South Pacific in 2011,[4][5] Survivor: Philippines in 2012 and Survivor: Edge of Extinction in 2019),[6] two with a tribe of ten returning "Favorites" facing off against a tribe of ten "Fans" (Survivor: Micronesia in 2008 and Survivor: Caramoan in 2013), and one featuring a tribe of ten returning players playing against a tribe of their family members (Survivor: Blood vs. Water in 2013).

On two occasions, contestants have been cast but ultimately withdrew before the game began without being replaced: a 20th contestant, model agency owner Mellisa McNulty, was originally cast in Survivor: Fiji, but dropped out and returned home the night before the show began because of panic attacks,[7] while in Survivor: San Juan del Sur, the 19th and 20th contestants, sisters So and Doo Kim, were removed just before filming due to a medical emergency.[8] Fiji and San Juan del Sur proceeded with an uneven gender balance. This occurrence made the show's fourteenth season, Fiji, the only season in the history of the show to start with an odd number of players.

Key legend[edit]

Table key:

  Contestant played the game for a second time.
  Contestant played the game for a third time.
  Contestant played the game for a fourth time.
  Contestant played the game for a fifth time.

Seasons 1–5 (2000–2002)[edit]

Brian Heidik, Survivor: Thailand winner

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Sonja Christopher 63 Walnut Creek, CA Gym Teacher / Retired Survivor: Borneo 16th
Bill "B.B." Andersen 64 Mission Hills, KS Real Estate Developer 15th
Stacey Stillman 27 San Francisco, CA Attorney 14th
Ramona Gray 29 Edison, NJ Biochemist 13th
Dirk Been 23 Spring Green, WI Dairy Farmer 12th
Joel Klug 27 Sherwood, AR Health Club Consultant 11th
Gretchen Cordy 38 Clarksville, TN Teacher 10th
Gregory "Greg" Buis 24 Gold Hill, CO Ivy League Graduate 9th
Jennifer "Jenna" Lewis 22 Franklin, NH Student 8th
Gervase Peterson 30 Willingboro, NJ YMCA Basketball Coach 7th
Colleen Haskell 23 Miami Beach, FL Student 6th
Sean Kenniff 30 Carle Place, NY Neurologist 5th
Susan "Sue" Hawk 38 Palmyra, WI Truck Driver 4th
Rudolph "Rudy" Boesch 72 Virginia Beach, VA Retired NAVY Seal 3rd
Kelly Wiglesworth 22 Kernville, CA River Rafting Guide Runner-up
Richard "Rich" Hatch 39 Newport, RI Corporate Trainer Winner
Deborah "Debb" Eaton 45 Milan, NH Corrections Officer Survivor: The Australian Outback 16th
Kelly "Kel" Gleason 32 Fort Hood, TX Army Intelligence Officer 15th
Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey 51 Wakefield, VA Retired Police Officer 14th
Mitchell Olson 23 Union City, NJ Singer/Songwriter 13th
Kimberley "Kimmi" Kappenberg 28 Ronkonkoma, NY Bartender 12th
Michael Skupin 38 White Lake, MI Software Publisher 11th
Jeffrey "Jeff" Varner 34 New York, NY Internet Projects Manager 10th
Alicia Calaway 32 New York, NY Personal Trainer 9th
Jerri Manthey 30 Los Angeles, CA Aspiring Actress 8th
Nick Brown 23 Steilacoom, WA Law Student 7th
Amber Brkich 22 Beaver, PA Administrative Assistant 6th
Rodger Bingham 53 Crittenden, KY Teacher/Farmer 5th
Elisabeth Filarski 23 Newton, MA Footwear Designer 4th
Keith Famie 40 West Bloomfield, MI Chef 3rd
Colby Donaldson 26 Dallas, TX Auto Customizer Runner-up
Tina Wesson 39 Knoxville, TN Personal Nurse Winner
Diane Ogden 42 Lincoln, NE Mail Carrier Survivor: Africa 16th
Yesenia "Jessie" Camacho 27 Orlando, FL Sheriff 15th
Carl Bilancione 46 Winter Springs, FL Dentist 14th
Linda Spencer 44 Boston, MA Career Counselor 13th
Silas Gaither 23 Los Angeles, CA Bartender 12th
Lindsey Richter 27 Portland, OR Advertising Executive 11th
Clarence Black 24 Detroit, MI Basketball Coach 10th
Kelly Goldsmith 22 San Diego, CA Behavior Analyst 9th
Brandon Quinton 25 Dallas, TX Bartender 8th
Frank Garrison 43 Odessa, NY Telephone Technician 7th
Kimberly "Kim" Powers 29 Conshohocken, PA Freelance Marketer 6th
Teresa Cooper 42 Jackson, GA Flight Attendant 5th
Tom "Big Tom" Buchanan 46 Rich Valley, VA Goat Farmer 4th
Alexis "Lex" van den Berghe 38 Santa Cruz, CA Marketing Manager 3rd
Kim Johnson 57 Oyster Bay, NY Retired Teacher Runner-up
Ethan Zohn 27 New York, NY Professional Soccer Player Winner
Peter Harkey 45 Millis, MA Bowling Alley Owner Survivor: Marquesas 16th
Patricia Jackson 49 Lugoff, SC Truck Assembler 15th
Hunter Ellis 33 La Jolla, CA Ex-Navy Fighter Pilot 14th
Sarah Jones 24 Newport Beach, CA Account Manager 13th
Gabriel "Gabe" Cade 23 Hollywood, CA Bartender 12th
Gina Crews 28 Gainesville, FL Nature Guide 11th
Robert "Rob" Mariano 26 Canton, MA Construction Worker 10th
John Carroll 36 Omaha, NE Nurse 9th
Zoe Zanidakis 35 Monhegan Island, ME Fishing Boat Captain 8th
Tammy Leitner 29 Mesa, AZ Crime Reporter 7th
Robert "The General" DeCanio 38 College Point, NY Limousine Driver 6th
Sean Rector 30 Los Angeles, CA Teacher 5th
Paschal "Pappy" English 57 Thomaston, GA Judge 4th
Kathleen "Kathy" Vavrick-O'Brien 47 Burlington, VT Real Estate Agent 3rd
Neleh Dennis 21 Layton, UT Student Runner-up
Vecepia "Vee" Towery 36 Hayward, CA Office Manager Winner
John Raymond 40 Slidell, LA Pastor Survivor: Thailand 16th
Tanya Vance 27 Kingsport, TN Social Worker 15th
Jed Hildebrand 25 Dallas, TX Dental Student 14th
Ghandia Johnson 33 Denver, CO Legal Secretary 13th
Stephanie Dill 29 Fayetteville, AR Firefighter 12th
Robert "Robb" Zbacnik 23 Scottsdale, AZ Bartender 11th
Shii Ann Huang 28 New York, NY Executive Recruiter 10th
Erin Collins 26 Austin, TX Real Estate Agent 9th
Kenneth "Ken" Stafford 30 Brooklyn, NY Police Officer 8th
Penny Ramsey 27 Plano, TX Pharmaceutical Saleswoman 7th
Jake Billingsley 61 McKinney, TX Land Broker 6th
Ted Rogers, Jr. 37 Durham, NC Software Developer 5th
Helen Glover 47 Middletown, RI Navy Swim Instructor 4th
Jan Gentry 53 Tampa, FL Teacher 3rd
Clay Jordan 46 Monroe, LA Restaurant Owner Runner-up
Brian Heidik 34 Quartz Hill, CA Used Car Salesman Winner

Seasons 6–10 (2003–2005)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Ryan Aiken 23 Ellicott City, MD Model Survivor: The Amazon 16th
Janet Koth 47 Manchester, MO Homemaker 15th
Daniel Lue 27 Houston, TX Tax Accountant 14th
JoAnna Ward 31 Orangeburg, SC Guidance Counselor 13th
Jeanne Hebert 41 North Attleborough, MA Marketing Director 12th
Shawna Mitchell 23 Redwood City, CA Retail Saleswoman 11th
Roger Sexton 56 Valencia, CA Construction Company Vice President 10th
Dave Johnson 24 Pasadena, CA Rocket Scientist 9th
Deena Bennett 35 Riverside, CA Deputy District Attorney 8th
Alex Bell 32 Los Angeles, CA Triathlon Coach 7th
Christy Smith 24 Basalt, CO Children's Adventure Guide 6th
Heidi Strobel 24 Jefferson City, MO Gym Teacher 5th
Butch Lockley 50 Olney, IL School Principal 4th
Rob Cesternino 24 Wantagh, NY Computer Projects Coordinator 3rd
Matthew von Ertfelda 33 Washington, D.C. Restaurant Designer Runner-up
Jenna Morasca 21 Pittsburgh, PA Swimsuit Model Winner
Nicole Delma 24 Hermosa Beach, CA Massage Therapist Survivor: Pearl Islands 16th
Ryan Shoulders 23 Clarksville, TN Produce Clerk 15th
Michelle Tesauro 22 Pittstown, NJ Student 14th
Trish Dunn 42 Annapolis, MD Sales Executive 13th
Shawn Cohen 28 New York, NY Advertising Salesman 12th
Osten Taylor 27 Boston, MA Equity Trade Manager 11th
Andrew Savage 40 Chicago, IL Attorney 10th
Ryan Opray 31 Los Gatos, CA Electrician 9th
Rupert Boneham 39 Indianapolis, IN Troubled Teens Mentor 8th
Tijuana Bradley 27 St. Louis, MO Pharmaceutical Saleswoman 7th
Christa Hastie 24 Los Angeles, CA Computer Programmer 6th
Burton Roberts 31 San Francisco, CA Marketing Executive 5th
Darrah Johnson 22 Liberty, MS Mortician 4th
Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton 29 Danville, VA Art Consultant 3rd
Lillian Morris 51 Cincinnati, OH Scoutmaster Runner-up
Sandra Diaz-Twine 29 Fort Lewis, WA Office Assistant Winner
Tina Wesson 42 Knoxville, TN Motivational Speaker Survivor: All-Stars 18th
Rudy Boesch 75 Virginia Beach, VA Retired Navy Seal 17th
Jenna Morasca 22 Pittsburgh, PA Swimsuit Model 16th
Rob Cesternino 25 Wantagh, NY Computer Projects Coordinator 15th
Richard Hatch 42 Newport, RI Corporate Trainer 14th
Susan Hawk 42 Palmyra, WI Waitress/Bartender 13th
Colby Donaldson 29 Dallas, TX Actor 12th
Ethan Zohn 30 Lexington, MA Motivational Speaker 11th
Jerri Manthey 33 Los Angeles, CA Actress 10th
Alexis "Lex" van den Berghe 40 Santa Cruz, CA Freelance Writer 9th
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien 49 Burlington, VT Real Estate Agent 8th
Alicia Calaway 35 New York, NY Health and Fitness Reporter 7th
Shii Ann Huang 30 New York, NY Executive Recruiter 6th
Tom Buchanan 48 Rich Valley, VA Goat Farmer 5th
Rupert Boneham 40 Indianapolis, IN Troubled Teens Mentor 4th
Jenna Lewis 26 Franklin, NH Actress 3rd
Rob Mariano 28 Canton, MA Construction Worker Runner-up
Amber Brkich 25 Beaver, PA Administrative Assistant Winner
Brook Geraghty 33 Huntington Beach, CA Document Manager Survivor: Vanuatu 18th
Janean "Dolly" Neely 25 Mercer, PA Sheep Farmer 17th
John "J.P." Palyok 31 Los Angeles, CA Sales Manager 16th
Mia Galeotalanza 30 Toms River, NJ Bookkeeper 15th
Brady Finta 33 Huntington Beach, CA FBI Agent 14th
Travis "Bubba" Sampson 33 Blountville, TN Security Officer 13th
Lisa Keiffer 44 New Orleans, LA Real State Agent 12th
John Kenney 22 Los Angeles, CA Mechanical Bull Operator/Model 11th
Rory Freeman 35 Des Moines, IA Housing Case Manager 10th
Lea "Sarge" Masters 40 Columbia, SC Drill Sergeant 9th
James "Chad" Crittenden 35 Oakland, CA Teacher 8th
Leann Slaby 35 Kansasville, WI Equity Research Assistant 7th
Ami Cusack 31 Lakewood, CO Coffee Barista 6th
Julie Berry 23 Gorham, ME Youth Mentor 5th
Eliza Orlins 21 Syracuse, NY Pre-Law Student 4th
Scout Cloud Lee 59 Stillwater, OK Rancher 3rd
Twila Tanner 41 Marshall, MO Highway Repair Worker Runner-up
Chris Daugherty 33 South Vienna, OH Highway Construction Worker Winner
Jonathan Libby 23 Dallas, TX Sales & Marketing Associate Survivor: Palau 20th
Wanda Shirk 55 Ulysses, PA English Teacher 19th
Jolanda Jones 39 Houston, TX Attorney 18th
Ashlee Ashby 22 Easley, SC Student 17th
Jeff Wilson 21 Ventura, CA Personal Trainer 16th
Kim Mullen 25 Huber Heights, OH Graduate Student 15th
Willard Smith 57 Bellevue, WA Attorney 14th
Cassandra "Angie" Jakusz 24 New Orleans, LA Bartender 13th
James Miller 33 Mobile, AL Steelworker 12th
Ibrehem Rahman 27 Birmingham, AL Model 11th
Bobby Jon Drinkard 27 Troy, AL Waiter 10th
Coby Archa 32 Dallas, TX Hairdresser 9th
Janu Tornell 39 Las Vegas, NV Vegas Showgirl 8th
Stephenie LaGrossa 25 Glenolden, PA Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 7th
Gregg Carey 27 Chicago, IL Business Consultant 6th
Caryn Groedel 46 Solon, OH Civil Rights Attorney 5th
Jennifer Lyon 32 Encino, CA Nanny 4th
Ian Rosenberger 23 Key Largo, FL Dolphin Trainer 3rd
Katie Gallagher 29 Merced, CA Advertising Executive Runner-up
Tom Westman 41 Sayville, NY Firefighter Winner

Seasons 11–15 (2005–2007)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
James "Jim" Lynch 63 Northglenn, CO Retired Fire Captain Survivor: Guatemala 18th
Morgan McDevitt 21 Decatur, IL Magician's Assistant 17th
Brianna Varela 21 Edmonds, WA Retail Salesperson 16th
Brooke Struck 26 Hood River, OR Law Student 15th
Blake Towsley 24 Dallas, TX Real Estate Broker 14th
Margaret Bobonich 43 Chardon, OH Nursing Practitioner 13th
Brian Corridan 22 New York, NY Ivy League Student 12th
Amy O'Hara 39 Revere, MA Police Sergeant 11th
Brandon Bellinger 22 Manhattan, KS Farmer 10th
Bobby Jon Drinkard 27 Troy, AL Waiter 9th
Jamie Newton 24 North Hollywood, CA Water Skiing Instructor 8th
Gary Hogeboom 46 Grand Haven, MI Former NFL Quarterback 7th
Judd Sergeant 34 Ridgefield, NJ Hotel Doorman 6th
Cindy Hall 31 Naples, FL Zookeeper 5th
Lydia Morales 42 Lakewood, WA Fishmonnger 4th
Rafe Judkins 22 Providence, RI Wilderness Guide 3rd
Stephenie LaGrossa 25 Philadelphia, PA Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Runner-up
Danielle "Danni" Boatwright 30 Tonganoxie, KS Sports Radio Host Winner
Tina Scheer 45 Hayward, WI Lumberjill Survivor: Panama 16th
Melinda Hyder 32 Sevierville, TN Singer/Entertainer 15th
Misty Giles 24 Dallas, TX Missile Engineer 14th
Ruth Marie Milliman 48 Greenville, SC Property Developer 13th
Bobby Mason 32 Los Angeles, CA Attorney 12th
Dan Barry 52 South Hadley, MA Astronaut 11th
Nicholas "Nick" Stanbury 25 Tempe, AZ Financial Salesman 10th
Austin Carty 24 High Point, NC Writer 9th
Sally Schumann 27 Chicago, IL Social Worker 8th
Bruce Kanegai 58 Simi Valley, CA Art Teacher 7th
Courtney Marit 31 Los Angeles, CA Fire Dancer 6th
Shane Powers 35 Los Angeles, CA Marketing Executive 5th
Cirie Fields 34 Walterboro, SC Nurse 4th
Terry Deitz 46 Simsbury, CT Pilot 3rd
Danielle DiLorenzo 24 Pompano Beach, FL Medical Sales Representative Runner-up
Aras Baskauskas 24 Santa Monica, CA Yoga Instructor Winner
Sekou Bunch 46 Los Angeles, CA Jazz Musician Survivor: Cook Islands 20th
Virgilio "Billy" Garcia 36 New York, NY Heavy Metal Musician 19th
Cecilia Mansilla 29 Oakland, CA Risk Consultant 18th
John Paul "J.P." Calderon 30 Marina Del Rey, CA Profession Volleyball Player 17th
Stephannie Favor 35 Columbia, SC Nursing Student 16th
Anh-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui 42 Christiansburg, VA Nail Salon Manager 15th
Cristina Coria 35 Los Angeles, CA Police Officer 14th
Jessica "Flicka" Smith 27 Chico, CA Roller Girl 13th
Bradley "Brad" Virata 27 Los Angeles, CA Fashion Director 12th
Rebecca Borman 34 Laurelton, NY Makeup Artist 11th
Jenny Guzon-Bae 36 Lake Forest, IL Real Estate Agent 10th
Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez 26 Los Angeles, CA Shoe Salesman 9th
Candice Woodcock 23 Fayetteville, NC Pre-Med Student 8th
Jonathan Penner 44 Los Angeles, CA Writer 7th
Parvati Shallow 24 Los Angeles, CA Boxer 6th
Adam Gentry 28 San Diego, CA Copier Sales Executive 5th
Sundra Oakley 31 Los Angeles, CA Actress 4th
Rebekah "Becky" Lee 28 Washington, D.C. Attorney 2nd Runner-up
Ozzy Lusth 25 Venice, CA Waiter Runner-up
Yul Kwon 31 San Mateo, CA Management Consultant Winner
Jessica deBen 27 Los Angeles, CA Fashion Stylist Survivor: Fiji 19th
Erica Durousseau 27 Lake Charles, LA Non-Profit Fundraiser 18th
Sylvia Kwan 52 Ross, CA Architect 17th
Gary Stritesky 55 Ramsey, MN School Bus Driver 16th
Liliana Gomez 25 Oxnard, CA Loan Officer 15th
Rita Verreos 38 San Antonio, TX Single Mother 14th
Anthony Robinson 32 Compton, CA Expert Witness Locator 13th
James "Rocky" Reid 28 Los Angeles, CA Bartender 12th
Lisette "Lisi" Linares 36 Los Angeles, CA Customer Service Representative 11th
Michelle Yi 23 Cincinnati, OH Student 10th
Edgardo Rivera 28 Miami Beach, FL Advertising Executive 9th
Mookie Lee 25 Chicago, IL Business Consultant 8th
Alejandro "Alex" Angarita 28 Los Angeles, CA Attorney 7th
Stacy Kimball 27 Boulder, CO Web Producer 6th
Kenward "Boo" Bernis 34 Lafayette, LA Construction Worker 5th
Yau-Man Chan 54 Martinez, CA Internet Technology Director 4th
Cassandra Franklin 42 Los Angeles, CA College Administrator Co-runner up
Andria "Dreamz" Herd 25 Wilmington, NC Cheerleading Coach Co-runner up
Earl Cole 35 Santa Monica, CA Advertising Executive Winner
Steve "Chicken" Morris 47 Marion, VA Chicken Farmer Survivor: China 16th
Ashley Massaro 28 East Northport, NY Professional Wrestler 15th
Leslie Nease 38 Tega Cay, SC Christian Radio Host 14th
Dave Cruser 37 Simi Valley, CA Former Model 13th
Aaron Reisberger 32 Venice, CA Surfing Instructor 12th
Sherea Lloyd 26 Atlanta, GA Elementary Teacher 11th
Jaime Dugan 22 Columbia, SC Student 10th
Jean-Robert Bellande 36 Las Vegas, NV Profession Poker Player 9th
Michael "Frosti" Zernow 20 Chicago, IL Student/Athlete 8th
James Clement 30 Lafayette, LA Gravedigger 7th
Erik Huffman 26 Nashville, TN Musician 6th
Peih-Gee Law 29 Marina Del Rey, CA Jeweler 5th
Denise Martin 40 Douglas, MA School Lunch Lady 4th
Amanda Kimmel 23 Kalispell, MT Hiking Guide 2nd Runner-up
Courtney Yates 26 New York, NY Waitress Runner-up
Todd Herzog 22 Pleasant Grove, UT Flight Attendant Winner

Seasons 16–20 (2008–2010)[edit]

Debra "Debbie" Beebe, Survivor: Tocantins

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton 33 Danville, VA Art Consultant Survivor: Micronesia 20th
Mary Sartain 29 Emeryville, CA Real Estate Manager 19th
Yau-Man Chan 55 Martinez, CA Internet Technology Director 18th
Michael "Mikey B" Bortone 34 Los Angeles, CA Aspiring Writer 17th
Joel Anderson 32 Avondale, AZ Firefighter 16th
Jonathan Penner 45 Los Angeles, CA Writer 15th
Chet Welch 48 Ford City, PA Pageant Coach 14th
Kathleen "Kathy" Sleckman 45 Glen Ellyn, IL Golf Course Vendor 13th
Tracy Hughes-Wolf 43 Fredericksburg, VA Residential Builder 12th
Ami Cusack 34 Golden, CO Nanny 11th
Eliza Orlins 25 New York, NY Law School Student 10th
Ozzy Lusth 26 Venice, CA Photographer 9th
Jason Siska 22 Fox River Grove, IL Gymnastics Coach 8th
James Clement 30 Lafayette, LA Gravedigger 7th
Alexis Jones 24 Beverly Hills, CA Motivational Speaker 6th
Erik Reichenbach 22 Pinckney, MI Ice Cream Scooper 5th
Natalie Bolton 32 Los Angeles, CA Personal Trainer 4th
Cirie Fields 37 Norwalk, CT Nurse 3rd
Amanda Kimmel 23 Los Angeles, CA Aspiring Designer Runner-up
Parvati Shallow 25 Los Angeles, CA Charity Organizer Winner
Michelle Chase 24 Los Angeles, CA Music Producer Survivor: Gabon 18th
Gillian Larson 61 Temecula, CA Retired Nurse 17th
Paloma Soto-Castillo 24 Downey, CA Student 16th
Jacquie Berg 25 Santa Barbara, CA Medical Saleswoman 15th
Danny "GC" Brown 26 Portland, OR Maintenance Man 14th
Kelly Czarnecki 22 Buffalo Grove, IL Retail Saleswoman 13th
Ace Gordon 27 Naples, FL Jewelry Salesman/Photographer 12th
Dan Kay 32 Boston, MA Attorney 11th
Marcus Lehman 28 Atlanta, GA Doctor 10th
Charlie Herschel 29 New York, NY Attorney 9th
Randy Bailey 49 Eagle Rock, MO Wedding Videographer 8th
Corinne Kaplan 29 Los Angeles, CA Pharmaceutical Saleswoman 7th
Crystal Cox 29 Durham, NC Olympic Gold Medalist 6th
Ken Hoang 22 Westminster, CA Professional Gamer 5th
Matty Whitmore 29 Pacific Palisades, CA Personal Trainer 4th
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper 29 Brooklyn, NY Pin-Up Model 2nd Runner-up
Jesusita "Susie" Smith 47 Charles City, IA Hairdresser Runner-up
Robert "Bob" Crowley 57 Portland, ME Physics Teacher Winner
Carolina Eastwood 26 West Hollywood, CA Bartender Survivor: Tocantins 16th
Candace Smith 31 Dayton, OH Attorney 15th
Jerry Sims 49 Rock Hill, SC U.S. Army Sergeant 14th
Sandy Burgin 53 Louisville, KY Bus Driver 13th
Spencer Duhm 19 Lakeland, FL Student 12th
Sydney Wheeler 24 Raleigh, NC Model 11th
Joe Dowdle 26 Austin, TX Real Estate Salesman 10th
Brendan Synnott 30 New York, NY Entrepreneur 9th
Tyson Apostol 29 Lindon, UT Professional Cyclist 8th
Sierra Reed 23 Los Angeles, CA Model 7th
Debra "Debbie" Beebe 46 Auburn, AL School Principal 6th
Benjamin "Coach" Wade 37 Bolivar, MO Soccer Coach/Musician 5th
Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George 37 Nashville, TN Former Pop Star 4th
Erinn Lobdell 26 Waukesha, WI Hairdresser 3rd
Stephen Fishbach 29 New York, NY Corporate Consultant Runner-up
James "J.T." Thomas, Jr. 24 Samson, AL Cattle Rancher Winner
Marisa Calihan 26 Cincinnati, OH Student Survivor: Samoa 20th
Mike Borassi 62 Marina del Rey, CA Personal Chef 19th
Betsy Bolan 48 Campton, NH Police Officer 18th
Ben Browning 28 Los Angeles, CA Bar Manager 17th
Yasmin Giles 33 Los Angeles, CA Hairstylist 16th
Ashley Trainer 22 Maple Grove, MN Spa Saleswoman 15th
Russell Swan 42 Glenside, PA Attorney 14th
Elizabeth "Liz" Kim 33 New York, NY Urban Planner 13th
Erik Cardona 28 Ontario, CA Bartender 12th
Kelly Sharbaugh 25 Los Angeles, CA Hairstylist 11th
Laura Morett 39 Salem, OR Office Manager 10th
John Fincher 25 Los Angeles, CA Rocket Scientist 9th
Dave Ball 38 Los Angeles, CA Fitness Instructor 8th
Monica Padilla 25 San Diego, CA Law Student 7th
Shannon "Shambo" Waters 45 Renton, WA Saleswoman 6th
Jaison Robinson 28 Chicago, IL Law Student 5th
Brett Clouser 23 Los Angeles, CA T-shirt Designer 4th
Mick Trimming 33 Los Angeles, CA Doctor 2nd Runner-up
Russell Hantz 36 Dayton, TX Oil Company Owner Runner-up
Natalie White 26 Van Buren, AR Pharmaceutical Saleswoman Winner
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper 30 Los Angeles, CA Pin-Up Model Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 20th
Stephenie LaGrossa 29 Philadelphia, PA Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 19th
Randy Bailey 50 Eagle Rock, MO Wedding Videographer 18th
Cirie Fields 39 Norwalk, CT Nurse 17th
Tom Westman 45 Sayville, NY Motivational Speaker 16th
Tyson Apostol 29 Lindon, UT Former Professional Cyclist 15th
James Clement 32 Lafayette, LA Gravedigger 14th
Rob Mariano 33 Pensacola, FL Construction Worker 13th
Benjamin "Coach" Wade 38 Los Angeles, CA Soccer Coach/Musician 12th
Courtney Yates 29 New York, NY Waitress 11th
James "J.T." Thomas, Jr. 25 Samson, AL Cattle Rancher 10th
Amanda Kimmel 25 Los Angeles, CA Aspiring Designer 9th
Candice Woodcock 27 Washington, DC Physician 8th
Danielle DiLorenzo 28 Pompano Beach, FL Medical Sales Representative 7th
Rupert Boneham 45 Indianapolis, IN Troubled Teens Mentor 6th
Colby Donaldson 35 Dallas, TX Actor 5th
Jerri Manthey 38 Los Angeles, CA Actress 4th
Russell Hantz 36 Dayton, TX Oil Company Owner 2nd Runner-up
Parvati Shallow 27 Los Angeles, CA Charity Organizer Runner-up
Sandra Diaz-Twine 35 Fayetteville, NC Office Assistant Winner

Seasons 21–25 (2010–2012)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff 48 Fromberg, MT Goat Rancher Survivor: Nicaragua 20th
Shannon Elkins 30 Lafayette, LA Pest Control Company Owner 19th
Jimmy Johnson 67 Islamorada, FL Former NFL Coach 18th
Jimmy Tarantino 48 Gloucester, MA Commercial Fisherman 17th
Tyrone Davis 42 Inglewood, CA Firefighter 16th
Kelly Bruno 26 Durham, NC Medical Student 15th
Yvette "Yve" Rojas 41 Kansas City, MO Homemaker 14th
Jill Behm 43 Erie, PA ER Doctor 13th
Alina Wilson 23 Downey, CA Art Student 12th
Marty Piombo 48 Mill Valley, CA Technology Executive 11th
Brenda Lowe 27 Miami, FL Paddleboard Company Owner 10th
NaOnka Mixon 27 Los Angeles, CA P.E. Teacher 9th
Kelly Shinn 20 Mesa, AZ Nursing Student 8th
Ben "Benry" Henry 24 Los Angeles, CA Club Promoter 7th
Jane Bright 56 Jackson Springs, NC Dog Trainer 6th
Dan Lembo 63 Watermill, NY Real Estate Executive 5th
Holly Hoffman 44 Eureka, SD Swim Coach 4th
Matthew "Sash" Lenahan 30 New York, NY Real Estate Broker 2nd Runner-up
Chase Rice 24 Fairview, NC Professional Racecar Jackman Runner-up
Jud "Fabio" Birza 21 Venice, CA Student Winner
Francesca Hogi 36 Washington, DC Attorney Survivor: Redemption Island 18th
Russell Hantz 38 Dayton, TX Oil Company Owner 17th
Kristina Kell 46 Malibu, CA Law Student 16th
Krista Klumpp 25 Columbia, SC Pharmaceutical Representative 15th
Stephanie Valencia 26 Long Beach, CA Waitress 14th
Sarita White 36 Santa Monica, CA Visual Effects Producer 13th
David Murphy 31 West Hollywood, CA Defense Attorney 12th
Julie Wolfe 50 Oceanside, CA Firefighter 11th
Steve Wright 51 Huntington Beach, CA Ex-NFL Player 10th
Ralph Kiser 45 Lebanon, VA Farmer 9th
Grant Mattos 29 West Hollywood, CA Ex-NFL Player 8th
Matt Elrod 22 Nashville, TN Pre-Med Student 7th
Mike Chiesl 31 Del Mar, CA Iraq War Veteran 6th
Andrea Boehlke 21 Random Lake, WI Student 5th
Ashley Underwood 25 Benton, ME Nurse 4th
Natalie Tenerelli 19 Acton, CA Professional Dancer 2nd Runner-up
Phillip Sheppard 52 Santa Monica, CA Former Federal Agent? Runner-up
Rob Mariano 34 Pensacola, FL Construction Worker Winner
Semhar Tadesse 24 Los Angeles, CA Spoken Word Artist Survivor: South Pacific 18th
Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso 48 Forest Hills, NY Retired NYPD Detective 17th
Stacey Powell 44 Grand Prairie, TX Mortician 16th
Elyse Umemoto 27 Las Vegas, NV Dance Team Manager 15th
Mikayla Wingle 22 Tampa, FL Lingerie Football Player 14th
Christine Shields-Markoski 39 Merrick, NY Teacher 13th
Jim Rice 35 Denver, CO Medical Marijuana Dispenser 12th
Keith Tollefson 26 Edina, MN Water Treatment Technician 11th
Dawn Meehan 41 South Jordan, UT English Profressor 10th
Whitney Duncan 26 Nashville, TN Country Music Singer 9th
John Cochran 24 Washington, D.C. Harvard Law Student 8th
Edna Ma 35 Los Angeles, CA Anesthesiologist 7th
Brandon Hantz 19 Katy, TX Oil Tanker Crewman 6th
Rick Nelson 51 Aurora, UT Rancher 5th
Ozzy Lusth 30 Venice, CA Photographer 4th
Albert Destrade 26 Plantation, FL Baseball/Dating Coach 2nd Runner-up
Benjamin "Coach" Wade 39 Susanville, CA Soccer Coach/Musician Runner-up
Sophie Clarke 22 Willsboro, NY Medical Student Winner
Kourtney Moon 29 Austin, TX Motorcycle Repairwoman Survivor: One World 18th
Nina Acosta 51 Clovis, CA Retired LAPD Officer 17th
Matt Quinlan 33 San Francisco, CA Attorney 16th
Bill Posley 28 Venice, CA Stand-Up Comedian 15th
Monica Culpepper 41 Tampa, FL Ex-NFL Player's Wife 14th
Colton Cumbie 21 Monroeville, AL Student 13th
Jonas Otsuji 37 Lehi, UT Sushi Chef 12th
Michael Jefferson 30 Seattle, WA Banker 11th
Jay Byars 25 Gaffney, SC Model 10th
Leif Manson 27 San Diego, CA Phlebotomist 9th
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson 50 Miami, FL Swimsuit Photographer 8th
Kat Edorsson 22 Orlando, FL Timeshare Representative 7th
Greg "Tarzan" Smith 64 Houston, TX Plastic Surgeon 6th
Alicia Rosa 25 Chicago, IL Special Education Teacher 5th
Christina Cha 29 West Hollywood, CA Career Consultant 4th
Chelsea Meissner 26 Charleston, SC Medical Saleswoman 2nd Runner-up
Sabrina Thompson 33 Brooklyn, NY High School Teacher Runner-up
Kim Spradlin 29 San Antonio, TX Bridal Shop Owner Winner
Zane Knight 28 Danville, VA Tire Repairman Survivor: Philippines 18th
Roxanne "Roxy" Morris 28 Brooklyn, NY Seminary Student 17th
Angie Layton 20 Provo, UT Model/Student 16th
Russell Swan 45 Glenside, PA Attorney 15th
Dana Lambert 32 Winston-Salem, NC Cosmetologist 14th
Sarah Dawson 28 Silver Spring, MD Insurance Saleswoman 13th
Katie Hanson 22 Newark, DE Former Miss Delaware 12th
Roberta "R.C." Saint-Amour 27 New York, NY Investment Banker 11th
Jeff Kent 44 Austin, TX Former MLB Player 10th
Artis Silvester 53 Terrytown, LA Computer Engineer 9th
Peter "Pete" Yurkowski 24 Holmdel, NJ Engineer Graduate/Model 8th
Jonathan Penner 50 Los Angeles, CA Writer 7th
Carter Williams 24 Shawnee, KS Track Coach 6th
Abi-Maria Gomes 32 Los Angeles, CA Business Student 5th
Malcolm Freberg 25 Hermosa Beach, CA Bartender 4th
Lisa Whelchel 49 Dallas, TX Former TV Teen Star Co-runner up
Michael Skupin 50 White Lake, MI Professional Speaker Co-runner up
Denise Stapley 41 Cedar Rapids, IA Sex Therapist Winner

Seasons 26–30 (2013–2015)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Francesca Hogi 38 Brooklyn, NY Attorney Survivor: Caramoan 20th
Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz 25 Oceanside, NY Bartender 19th
Hope Driskill 23 Jefferson City, MO Pre-Law Student 18th
Shamar Thomas 27 Brooklyn, NY Iraq War Veteran 17th
Laura Alexander 23 Washington DC Administrative Officer 16th
Brandon Hantz 21 Katy, TX Chemical Disposal 15th
Matt Bischoff 38 Cincinnati, OH BMX Bike Salesman 14th
Julia Landauer 21 Stanford, CA Racecar Driver 13th
Corinne Kaplan 33 Los Angeles, CA Pharmaceutical Sales 12th
Michael Snow 44 New York, NY Event Planner 11th
Phillip Sheppard 54 Santa Monica, CA Software Sales 10th
Malcolm Freberg 26 Hermosa Beach, CA Bartender 9th
Reynold Toepfer 30 San Francisco, CA Real Estate Salesman 8th
Andrea Boehlke 23 New York, NY Entertainment Host and Writer 7th
Brenda Lowe 30 Miami, FL Paddleboard Company Owner 6th
Erik Reichenbach 27 Santa Clarita, CA Comic Book Artist 5th
Edward "Eddie" Fox 23 East Brunswick, NJ Fireman/EMT 4th
Sherri Biethman 41 Boise, ID Fast Food Franchisee Co-runner up
Dawn Meehan 42 South Jordan, UT English professor Co-runner up
John Cochran 25 Washington DC Harvard Law Student Winner
Rupert Boneham 49 Indianapolis, IN Troubled Teens Mentor Survivor: Blood vs. Water 20th
Colton Cumbie 22 Monroeville, AL Student Teacher 19th
Rachel Foulger 33 Orem, UT Cocktail Waitress/Graphic Designer 18th
Marissa Peterson 21 Chapel Hill, NC Student 17th
Candice Cody 30 Washington DC Physician 16th
Brad Culpepper 44 Tampa, FL Attorney/Retired NFL Player 15th
Kat Edorsson 23 Orlando, FL Full-Time Student/Sales 14th
John Cody 30 Washington DC Physician/Army Orthopedic Surgery Resident 13th
Laura Boneham 44 Indianapolis, IN Merchandiser 12th
Aras Baskauskas 31 Santa Monica, CA Musician 11th
Vytas Baskauskas 33 Santa Monica, CA Yoga Instructor/Math Professor 10th
Caleb Bankston 26 Crossville, AL Post Office Manager/Farmer 9th
Katie Collins 25 New York, NY Hedge Fund Support 8th
Hayden Moss 27 Tempe, AZ Real Estate 7th
Laura Morett 43 Salem, OR Fitness Instructor 6th
Ciera Eastin 24 Salem, OR Cosmetology Student 5th
Tina Wesson 52 Knoxville, TN Motivational Speaker 4th
Gervase Peterson 43 Willingboro, NJ Cigar Lounge Owner 2nd Runner-up
Monica Culpepper 42 Tampa, FL Homemaker Runner-up
Tyson Apostol 34 Heber, UT Former Pro Cyclist/Shop Manager Winner
David Samson 45 Plantation, FL Miami Marlins President Survivor: Cagayan 18th
Garrett Adelstein 27 Santa Monica, CA Professional Poker Player 17th
Brice Johnston 27 Philadelphia, PA Social Worker 16th
J'Tia Taylor 31 Chicago, IL Nuclear Engineer 15th
Cliff Robinson 46 Newark, NJ Former NBA All-Star 14th
Lindsey Ogle 29 Kokomo, IN Hairstylist 13th
Alexis Maxwell 21 Addison, IL Student 12th
Sarah Lacina 29 Cedar Rapids, IA Police Officer 11th
Morgan McLeod 21 San Jose, CA Ex-NFL Cheerleader 10th
Leon Joseph "LJ" McKanas 34 Boston, MA Horse Trainer 9th
Jeremiah Wood 34 Dobson, NC Male Model 8th
Jefra Bland 22 Campbellsville, KY Miss Kentucky Teen USA 7th
Latasha "Tasha" Fox 37 St. Louis, MO Accountant 6th
Trish Hegarty 48 Needham, MA Pilates Teacher 5th
Spencer Bledsoe 21 Chicago, IL Economics Student 4th
Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen 41 Tehachapi, CA Attorney 3rd
Yung "Woo" Hwang 29 Newport Beach, CA Martial Arts Instructor Runner-up
Tony Vlachos 39 Jersey City, NJ Police Officer Winner
Nadiya Anderson 28 Edgewater, NJ Crossfit Coach/Project Coordinator Survivor: San Juan del Sur 18th
Val Collins 35 Foxborough, MA Police Officer 17th
John Rocker 39 Atlanta, GA Former MLB Player 16th
Drew Christy 25 Winter Park, FL Traveling Sales Representative 15th
Kelley Wentworth 28 Seattle, WA Marketing Manager 14th
Dale Wentworth 55 Ephrata, WA Farmer 13th
Julie McGee 34 Atlanta, GA Model/Spray Tan Business Owner 12th
Josh Canfield 32 New York, NY Singer/Actor/Writer 11th
Jeremy Collins 36 Foxborough, MA Firefighter 10th
Wes Nale 24 Shreveport, LA Firefighter 9th
Reed Kelly 31 New York, NY Broadway Performer/Model/Aerialist 8th
Alec Christy 22 Winter Park, FL Student 7th
Jon Misch 26 Waterford, MI Financial Assistant 6th
Baylor Wilson 20 Nashville, TN Student 5th
Keith Nale 53 Shreveport, LA Firefighter 4th
Missy Payne 47 Dallas, TX Competitive Cheerleading Gym Owner 2nd Runner-up
Jaclyn Schultz 25 Wyandotte, MI Media Buyer Runner-up
Natalie Anderson 28 Edgewater, NJ Crossfit Coach/Physical Therapy Student Winner
Charlotte "So" Kim 31 Long Beach, CA Retail Buyer Survivor: Worlds Apart 18th
Vince Sly 32 Santa Monica, CA Coconut Vendor 17th
Nina Poersch 51 Palmdale, CA Hearing Advocate 16th
Lindsey Cascaddan 24 College Park, FL Hairdresser 15th
Max Dawson 37 Topanga, CA Media Consultant 14th
Joaquin Souberbielle 27 Valley Stream, NY Marketing Director 13th
Kelly Remington 44 Grand Island, NY State Trooper 12th
Hali Ford 25 San Francisco, CA Law Student 11th
Joe Anglim 25 Scottsdale, AZ Jewelry Designer 10th
Jenn Brown 22 Long Beach, CA Sailing Instructor 9th
Shirin Oskooi 31 San Francisco, CA Yahoo! Executive 8th
Tyler Fredrickson 33 Los Angeles, CA Ex-Talent Agent Assistant 7th
Dan Foley 47 Gorham, ME Postal Worker 6th
Sierra Dawn Thomas 27 Roy, UT Barrel Racer 5th
Rodney Lavoie, Jr. 24 Boston, MA General Contractor 4th
Will Sims II 41 Sherman Oaks, CA YouTube Sensation Co-runner up
Carolyn Rivera 52 Tampa, FL Corporate Executive Co-runner up
Mike Holloway 38 North Richland Hills, TX Oil Driller Winner

Seasons 31–35 (2015–2017)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Vytas Baskauskas 35 Santa Monica, CA Yoga Instructor/Math Professor Survivor: Cambodia 20th
Shirin Oskooi 32 San Francisco, CA Yahoo! Executive 19th
Peih-Gee Law 37 San Francisco, CA Jeweler 18th
Jeff Varner 49 Greensboro, NC Internet Projects Manager 17th
Monica Padilla 30 Queens, NY Law Student 16th
Terry Deitz 55 Simsbury, CT Pilot 15th
Yung "Woo" Hwang 31 Newport Beach, CA Martial Arts Instructor 14th
Kassandra" Kass" McQuillen 42 Tehachapi, CA Attorney 13th
Andrew Savage 51 San Jose, CA Attorney 12th
Kelly Wiglesworth 37 Greensboro, NC River Guide 11th
Ciera Eastin 26 Salem, OR Cosmetology Student 10th
Stephen Fishbach 36 New York, NY Corporate Consultant 9th
Joe Anglim 25 Scottsdale, AZ Jewelry Designer 8th
Abi-Maria Gomes 35 Los Angeles, CA Business Student 7th
Kimmi Kappenberg 42 The Woodlands, TX Bartender 6th
Keith Nale 54 Keithville, LA Firefighter 5th
Kelley Wentworth 29 Seattle, WA Marketing Manager 4th
Spencer Bledsoe 22 Chicago, IL Economics Student Co-runner up
Latasha "Tasha" Fox 39 St. Louis, MO Accountant Co-runner up
Jeremy Collins 37 Foxborough, MA Firefighter Winner
Darnell Hamilton 27 Chicago, IL Postal Worker Survivor: Kaôh Rōng 18th
Jennifer Lanzetti 38 Salt Lake City, UT Contractor 17th
Elisabeth "Liz" Markham 27 Brooklyn, NY Quantitative Strategist 16th
Caleb Reynolds 28 Hopkinsville, KY Army Veteran 15th
Alecia Holden 24 Dallas, TX Real Estate Agent 14th
Anna Khait 26 Brooklyn, NY Professional Poker Player 13th
Peter Baggenstos 34 Minneapolis, MN ER Doctor 12th
Neal Gottlieb 38 Sausalito, CA Ice Cream Entrepreneur 11th
Nick Maiorano 30 Redondo Beach, CA Personal Trainer 10th
Debbie Wanner 49 Reading, PA Chemist 9th
Scot Pollard 40 Carmel, IN Former NBA Player 8th
Julia Sokolowski 19 Boston, MA College Student 7th
Kyle Jason 31 Detroit, MI Bounty Hunter 6th
Joe Del Campo 71 Vero Beach, FL Former FBI Agent 5th
Cydney Gillon 23 Douglasville, GA Bodybuilder 4th
Tai Trang 51 San Francisco, CA Gardener 2nd Runner-up
Aubry Bracco 29 Cambridge, MA Social Media Marketer Runner-up
Michele Fitzgerald 24 Freehold, NJ Bartender Winner
Rachel Ako 37 Los Angeles, CA Recruiting Director Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X 20th
Mari Takahashi 31 Los Angeles, CA Gamer 19th
Paul Wachter 52 Sugarloaf Key, FL Boat Mechanic 18th
Lucy Huang 42 Diamond Bar, CA Dietitian 17th
Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor 39 Granada Hills, CA Insurance Adjuster 16th
Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa 23 Nashville, TN Bartender 15th
Michaela Bradshaw 25 Fort Worth, TX Vacation Club Saleswoman 14th
Michelle Schubert 28 Yakima, WA Missionary Recruiter 13th
Taylor Lee Stocker 24 Post Falls, ID Snowboard Instructor 12th
Chris Hammons 38 Moore, OK Trial Attorney 11th
Jessica Lewis 37 Voorheesville, NY Assistant District Attorney 10th
Zeke Smith 28 Brooklyn, NY Asset Manager 9th
Will Wahl 18 Long Valley, NJ High School Student 8th
Sunday Burquest 45 Otsego, MN Youth Pastor 7th
Justin "Jay" Starrett 27 Fort Lauderdale, FL Real Estate Agent 6th
Bret LaBelle 42 Dedham, MA Police Sergeant 5th
David Wright 42 Sherman Oaks, CA Television Writer 4th
Hannah Shapiro 24 West Hollywood, CA Barista Co-runner up
Ken McNickle 33 Denver, CO Model Co-runner up
Adam Klein 25 San Francisco, CA Homeless Shelter Manager Winner
Ciera Eastin 27 Salem, OR Cosmetology Student Survivor: Game Changers 20th
Tony Vlachos 42 Jersey City, NJ Police Officer 19th
Caleb Reynolds 28 Hopkinsville, KY Army Veteran 18th
Malcolm Freberg 29 Hermosa Beach, CA Bartender 17th
James "J.T." Thomas, Jr. 31 Mobile, AL Cattle Rancher 16th
Sandra Diaz-Twine 42 Fayetteville, NC Office Assistant 15th
Jeff Varner 50 High Point, NC Internet Project Manager 14th
Hali Ford 26 Knoxville, TN Law Student 13th
Ozzy Lusth 34 Venice, CA Photographer 12th
Debbie Wanner 51 Reading, PA Chemist 11th
Zeke Smith 28 Brooklyn, NY Asset Manager 10th
Sierra Dawn Thomas 29 Roy, UT Barrel Racer 9th
Andrea Boehlke 27 New York, NY Entertainment Host/Writer 8th
Michaela Bradshaw 25 Fort Worth, TX Vacation Club Sales 7th
Cirie Fields 45 Norwalk, CT Nurse 6th
Aubry Bracco 30 Cambridge, MA Social Media Marketer 5th
Tai Trang 52 San Francisco, CA Gardener 4th
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson 54 Miami, FL Swimsuit Photographer 2nd Runner-up
Brad Culpepper 47 Tampa, FL Attorney/Former NFL Player Runner-up
Sarah Lacina 32 Marion, IA Police Officer Winner
Katrina Radke 46 Excelsior, MN Olympian Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers 18th
Simone Nguyen 25 New York, NY Diversity Advocate 17th
Patrick Bolton 24 Auburn, AL Small Business Owner 16th
Alan Ball 31 Houston, TX NFL Player 15th
Roark Luskin 27 Santa Monica, CA Social Worker 14th
Alexandrea "Ali" Elliott 24 Los Angeles, CA Celebrity Assistant 13th
Jessica Johnston 29 Louisville, KY Nurse Practitioner 12th
Desiree "Desi" Williams 27 Newport News, VA Physical Therapist 11th
Cole Medders 24 Little Rock, AR Wilderness Therapy Guide 10th
John Paul "JP" Hilsabeck 28 Los Angeles, CA Firefighter 9th
Joe Mena 34 Tolland, CT Probation Officer 8th
Lauren Rimmer 35 Beaufort, NC Fisherwoman 7th
Ashley Nolan 26 Satellite Beach, FL Lifeguard 6th
Mike Zahalsky 43 Parkland, FL Urologist 5th
Devon Pinto 24 Solana Beach, CA Surf Instructor 4th
Ryan Ulrich 23 North Arlington, NJ Bellhop 2nd Runner-up
Chrissy Hofbeck 46 Lebanon Township, NJ Actuary Runner-up
Ben Driebergen 34 Boise, ID Marine Winner

Seasons 36–40 (2018–2020)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Stephanie Gonzalez 26 Ocala, FL Graphic Saleswoman Survivor: Ghost Island 20th
Jacob Derwin 22 Merrick, NY Music Teacher 19th
Morgan Ricke 29 Orlando, FL Marine Animal Trainer 18th
Brendan Shapiro 41 Herndon, VA Physical Education Teacher 17th
Stephanie Johnson 34 Chicago, IL Yoga Instructor 16th
James Lim 24 New York, NY Business Analyst 15th
Bradley Kleihege 26 Los Angeles, CA Law Student 14th
Chris Noble 27 Brooklyn, NY Male Model 13th
Libby Vincek 24 Nashville, TN Social Media Strategist 12th
Desiree Afuye 21 Brooklyn, NY Student 11th
Jenna Bowman 23 Venice Beach, CA Advertising Account Executive 10th
Michael Yerger 18 Los Angeles, CA Real Estate Agent 9th
Chelsea Townsend 24 Los Angeles, CA EMT/Pro Cheerleader 8th
Kellyn Bechtold 31 Denver, CO Career Counselor 7th
Sebastian Noel 22 Melbourne, FL Fishing Guide 6th
Donathan Hurley 26 Kimper, KY Caretaker 5th
Angela Perkins 42 Cincinnati, OH Army Veteran 4th
Laurel Johnson 29 Minneapolis, MN Financial Consultant 2nd Runner-up
Domenick Abbate 38 Nesconset, NY Construction Supervisor Runner-up
Wendell Holland 33 Philadelphia, PA Furniture Company Owner Winner
Pat Cusack 41 Cohoes, NY Maintenance Manager Survivor: David vs. Goliath 20th
Jessica Peet 19 Lakeland, FL Waitress 19th
Jeremy Crawford 40 Clover, SC Attorney 18th
Bi Nguyen 28 Houston, TX Mixed Martial Arts Fighter 17th
Natalia Azoqa 25 Irvine, CA Industrial Engineer 16th
Natalie Cole 57 Los Angeles, CA Publishing CEO 15th
Lyrsa Torres 36 Boston, MA Airline Agent 14th
Elizabeth Olson 31 Longview, TX Kitchen Staff Member 13th
John Hennigan 38 Los Angeles, CA Professional Wrestler 12th
Dan Rengering 27 Lake Butler, FL S.W.A.T. Officer 11th
Alec Merlino 24 San Clemente, CA Bartender 10th
Carl Boudreaux 41 Beaumont, TX Truck Driver 9th
Gabby Pascuzzi 25 St. Augustine, FL Technical Writer 8th
Christian Hubicki 32 Tallahassee, FL Robotics Scientist 7th
Davie Rickenbacker 30 Orangeburg, SC Social Media Manager 6th
Alison Raybould 28 Chapel Hill, NC Physician 5th
Kara Kay 30 San Diego, CA Realtor 4th
Angelina Keeley 28 Sparks, NV Financial Consultant 2nd Runner-up
Mike White 47 Los Angeles, CA Filmmaker Runner-up
Nick Wilson 27 Williamsburg, KY Public Defender Winner
Reem Daly 46 Ashburn, VA Sales Representative Survivor: Edge of Extinction 18th
Keith Sowell 19 Durham, NC Pre-Med Student 17th
Aubry Bracco 32 Los Angeles, CA Marketing Director 16th
Wendy Diaz 25 Bell, CA Small Business Owner 15th
Joe Anglim 29 Ogden, UT Multimedia Artist 14th
Eric Hafemann 35 Livermore, CA Firefighter 13th
Julia Carter 25 Bethesda, MD Medical Assistant 12th
David Wright 44 Sherman Oaks, CA Television Writer 11th
Kelley Wentworth 31 Seattle, WA Marketing Manager 10th
Dan "Wardog" DaSilva 38 Los Angeles, CA Law Student/Former Military 9th
Ron Clark 46 Atlanta, GA Teacher 8th
Aurora McCreary 32 Orlando, FL Divorce Attorney 7th
Victoria Baamonde 23 Bronx, NY Waitress 6th
Lauren O'Connell 21 Bakersfield, CA Student 5th
Rick Devens 33 Blacksburg, VA Morning News Anchor 4th
Julie Rosenberg 46 New York, NY Toymaker 2nd Runner-up
Gavin Whitson 23 Erwin, TN YMCA Program Director Runner-up
Chris Underwood 25 Greenville, SC District Sales Manager Winner
Ronnie Bardah 35 Henderson, NV Poker Player Survivor: Island of the Idols 20th
Molly Byman 27 Durham, NC Law Student 19th
Vince Moua 27 Palo Alto, CA Admissions Counselor 18th
Chelsea Walker 26 Los Angeles, CA Digital Content Creator 17th
Tom Laidlaw 60 Greenwich, CT Former NHL Player 16th
Jason Linden 32 New York, NY Personal Injury Attorney 15th
Jack Nichting 23 Harrisonburg, VA Grad Student 14th
Kellee Kim 29 Philadelphia, PA MBA Student 13th
Jamal Shipman 33 Providence, RI College Administrator 12th
Aaron Meredith 36 Warwick, RI Gym Owner 11th
Tra'mese "Missy" Byrd 24 Tacoma, WA Air Force Veteran 10th
Elizabeth Beisel 26 Saunderstown, RI Olympic Medalist 9th
Karishma Patel 37 Houston, TX Personal Injury Attorney 8th
Elaine Stott 41 Rockholds, KY Factory Worker 7th
Dan Spilo 48 Los Angeles, CA Talent Manager 6th
Janet Carbin 59 Palm Bay, FL Chief Lifeguard 5th
Lauren Beck 28 Glendale, CA Nanny 4th
Noura Salman 36 North Potomac, MD Entrepreneur 2nd Runner-up
Dean Kowalski 28 New York, NY Tech Sales Runner-up
Tommy Sheehan 26 Long Beach, NY 4th Grade Teacher Winner
Amber Mariano 40 Pensacola, FL Director of Marketing & Communications Survivor: Winners at War 20th
Danni Boatwright 43 Shawnee, KS Sideline Chic Owner 19th
Ethan Zohn 45 Hillsborough, NH Keynote Speaker/Social Entrepreneur 18th
Rob Mariano 43 Pensacola, FL Construction Worker 17th
Parvati Shallow 36 Los Angeles, CA Life Coach/Speaker/Yoga Teacher 16th
Sandra Diaz-Twine 44 Riverview, FL Case Manager 15th
Yul Kwon 44 Los Altos, CA Product Management 14th
Wendell Holland 35 Philadelphia, PA Furniture Designer 13th
Adam Klein 28 Burlingame, CA Host/Keynote Speaker 12th
Tyson Apostol 39 Mesa, AZ Former Pro Cyclist/Shop Manager 11th
Sophie Clarke 29 Santa Monica, CA Healthcare Consultant 10th
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe 36 San Antonio, TX Interior Designer 9th
Jeremy Collins 41 Foxborough, MA Firefighter 8th
Nick Wilson 28 Williamsburg, KY Attorney 7th
Denise Stapley 48 Marion, IA Sex Therapist 6th
Ben Driebergen 36 Boise, ID Real Estate Agent/Stay-at-home Dad 5th
Sarah Lacina 35 Cedar Rapids, IA Police Officer 4th
Michele Fitzgerald 29 Hoboken, NJ Business Development Manager 2nd Runner-up
Natalie Anderson 33 Edgewater, NJ CrossFit Trainer Runner-up
Tony Vlachos 45 Allendale, NJ Police Officer Winner

Seasons 41–present (2021–present)[edit]

All information is accurate as of the time the season was filmed, and thus may vary from season to season for returning players.

Name Age Hometown Profession Season Finish
Eric Abraham 51 San Antonio, TX Cyber Security Analyst 41 18th
Sara Wilson 24 Boston, MA Healthcare Consultant 17th
David Voce 35 Chicago, IL Neurosurgeon 16th
Brad Reese 50 Shawnee, WY Rancher 15th
Jairus "JD" Robinson 20 Oklahoma City, OK College Student 14th
Genie Chen 46 Portland, OR Grocery Clerk 13th
Sydney Segal 26 Brooklyn, NY Law Student 12th
Tiffany Seely 47 Plainview, NY Teacher 11th
Naseer Muttalif 37 Morgan Hill, CA Sales Manager 10th
Evelyn "Evvie" Jagoda 28 Arlington, MA PhD Student 9th
Shantel "Shan" Smith 34 Washington, DC Pastor 8th
Liana Wallace 20 Washington, DC College Student 7th
Danny McCray 33 Frisco, TX Ex-NFL Player 6th
Ricard Foyé 31 Sedro-Woolley, WA Flight Attendant 5th
Heather Aldret 52 Charleston, SC Stay-at-Home Mom 4th
Alexander "Xander" Hastings 21 Chicago, IL App Developer 2nd Runner-Up
Deshawn Radden 26 Miami, FL Medical Student Runner-Up
Erika Casupanan 32 Toronto, ON, Can. Communications Manager Winner
Jackson Fox 48 Houston, TX Healthcare Worker 42 18th
Zachary "Zach" Wurtenberger 22 St. Louis, MO Student 17th
Marya Sherron 47 Noblesville, IN Stay-at-Home Mom 16th
Jenny Kim 43 Brooklyn, NY Creative Director 15th
Swati Goel 19 Palo Alto, CA Ivy League Student 14th
Daniel Strunk 30 New Haven, CT Law Clerk 13th
Lydia Meredith 22 Santa Monica, CA Waitress 12th
Chanelle Howell 29 New York, NY Executive Recruiter 11th
Rocksroy Bailey 44 Las Vegas, NV Stay-at-Home Dad 10th
Tori Meehan 25 Rogers, AR Therapist 9th
Hai Giang 29 New Orleans, LA Data Scientist 8th
Andrea "Drea" Wheeler 35 Montreal, QC, Can. Fitness Consultant 7th
Omar Zaheer 31 Whitby, ON, Can. Veterinarian 6th
Lindsay Dolashewich 31 Asbury Park, NJ Dietitian 5th
Jonathan Young 29 Gulf Shores, AL Beach Service Company Owner 4th
Romeo Escobar 37 Norwalk, CA Pageant Coach 2nd Runner-up
Michael "Mike" Turner 58 Hoboken, NJ Retired Firefighter Runner-Up
Maryanne Oketch 24 Ajax, ON, Can. Seminary Student Winner
Morriah Young 28 Philadelphia, PA Teacher 43 18th
Justine Brennan 29 Marina del Ray, CA Cyber Security Saleswoman 17th
Nneka Ejere 43 Weatherford, TX Pharmacist 16th
Lindsay Carmine 42 Downingtown, PA Pediatric Nurse 15th
Geo Bustamante 35 Honolulu, HI Project Manager 14th
Elisabeth "Elie" Scott 31 Salt Lake City, UT Clinical Psychologist 13th
Dwight Moore 22 Collierville, TN Graduate Student 12th
Jeanine Zheng 24 San Francisco, CA UX Designer 11th
James Jones 37 Philadelphia, PA Event Planner 10th
Ryan Medrano 24 El Paso, TX Warehouse Associate 9th
Noelle Lambert 25 Manchester, NH Paralympian 8th
Sami Layadi 19 Las Vegas, NV Pet Cremator 7th
Cody Assenmacher 35 Honolulu, HI Elevator Salesman 6th
Karla Cruz Godoy 28 Newark, DE Educational Project Manager 5th
Jesse Lopez 30 Durham, NC Political Science PhD 4th
Owen Knight 29 New Orleans, LA College Admissions Director 2nd Runner-Up
Cassidy Clark 26 Austin, TX Designer Runner-Up
Michael "Mike" Gabler 52 Meridian, ID Heart Valve Specialist Winner
Bruce Perreault 46 West Warwick, RI Insurance Agent 44 18th
Maddy Pomilla 28 Huntingtown, MD Charity Projects Manager 17th
Helen Li 29 San Francisco, CA Product Manager 16th
Claire Rafson 25 Highland Park, IL Tech Investor 15th
Sarah Wade 27 Rochester, MN Management Consultant 14th
Matthew Grinstead-Mayle 43 Pickerington, OH Barbershop Owner 13th
Josh Wilder 34 Cincinnati, OH Surgical Podiatrist 12th
Matthew "Matt" Blankinship 27 Albany, CA Security Software Engineer 11th
Brandon Cottom 30 Newtown, PA Security Specialist 10th
Kane Fritzler 25 Moose Jaw, SK, Can. Law Student 9th
Frannie Marin 23 St. Paul, MN Research Coordinator 8th
Danny Massa 32 Bronx, NY Firefighter 7th
Jaime Lynn Ruiz 35 Mesa, AZ Yogi 6th
Lauren Harpe 31 Port Arthur, TX Elementary School Teacher 5th
Carson Garrett 20 Atlanta, GA NASA Engineering Student 4th
Carolyn Wiger 35 North St. Paul, MN Drug Counselor 2nd Runner-Up
Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt 43 Pittsburgh, PA Engineering Manager Runner-up
Yamil "Yam Yam" Arocho 36 Bayamón, PR Salon Owner Winner




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