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Outlast is a survival horror game released September 4, 2013 by Red Barrels. It received a prequel/sequel DLC expansion in the form of Outlast: Whistleblower, and a full-on sequel in the form of Outlast 2.


The player controls Miles Upshur, an independent reporter anonymously summoned by "The Whistleblower" to investigate the supposedly shut-down Mount Massive Asylum. After breaking into the institute, Miles comes across a slaughtered SWAT team, and realizes the hospital has been overrun by its escaped and deranged patients called "The Variants". Miles traverses the facility in hopes of finding the way out, and is constantly stalked and hunted by several Variants including Chris Walker and The Twins. Miles is eventually captured and tortured by the sadistic surgeon Dr. Richard Trager, and escapes his clutches before killing him. Miles makes his way to an underground laboratory via a rigged elevator where he learns the patients were horribly experimented on to form the Walrider, an artificial god. Whilst trying to shut down the Walrider's life support, Miles himself is possessed by the creature, leaving the game on a cliffhanger.


Miles is completely defenseless, armed only with a camcorder with a nightvision mode that lets him see in the dark, which is plentiful among the facility. The nightvision's power must be constantly replenished through batteries scattered about the area. Self-defense is impossible and the player must solely rely on stealth to evade their powerful enemies. Simplistic parkour is also a recurring mechanic within the game.



  • Miles Upshur


  • The Walrider
  • Chris Walker
  • The Twins
  • Richard Trager

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Father Martin
  • Rudolf Wernicke
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