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Why do people think this movie is terrible?
dawnlscherer29 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was really disappointed when I started seeing all kinds of bad reviews for Suburbicon pop up. I was so excited to see it! I finally watched it today and I don't know what you guys are talking about. I felt it was a pretty spot on dark comedy. I didn't think it was overly gruesome. I didn't think it was confusing. I didn't think loose ends were left. On the social plane, I've seen reviews that accuse the movie of being racially inflammatory. I've also seen reviews that took the opposite stance and said that the black and white story lines never came together and the black story line was simply used as a backdrop. I don't agree. I thought it was rather entertaining that this white- washed community just attributed all the violence taking place to the new black family in the neighborhood, rather than realizing they had a couple of white sociopaths living next door. It showed how prejudice just promotes ignorance. Pretty solid message if you ask me..
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Another "Blood Simple" and a bit more
Monsieur_Rioux7 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
IMDB really must try and do something about "reviews that just attack movies for so called political bias. Same thing happened with The Post. This was a highly enjoyable movie from the entertainment value to the "makes your blood boil" counter story. It really was like watching another Blood Simple, also by the Coens. Another review asked "Is this a social commentary about racism in suburbia? Or in this a murder mystery of some sort?" and then said it tried to be all and was neither.

How about it was actually both, with the attacks on the black family while in the neighbourhood there was something evil going on under their noses perpetrated by a white family?
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Perfect balance between crime flick, dark comedy and social drama
kluseba15 November 2017
Suburbicon is a movie that doesn't deserve the overwhelmingly negative critics it gets. The movie is an ambitious mixture of a crime flick, dark comedy and social drama in almost equal parts. This isn't unusual for a script by the talented Coen brothers but Suburbicon is particularly out-thought and precise.

First of all, we have the story of a mysterious home invasion in a seemingly perfect town that leads to the murder of a physically disabled mother.

Secondly, the film portrays the small-town stereotypes of the late fifties in a humorous manner and also includes a solid dose of situation comedy.

Thirdly, the movie shows us the struggles of an African-American family in an otherwise homogeneous all-white neighbourhood.

In addition to this original mixture, the film is extremely stylish and portrays small-town stereotypes of the late fifties perfectly, including exchangeable family houses, flashy clothes and robust vehicles.

The movie includes numerous talented actors who are challenged to play unusual roles and deliver good to great jobs. Matt Damon really convinces as two-faced family father, Julianne Moore plays two roles and portrays both a bitter and disabled family mother as well as her manipulative and superficial sister and child actor Noah Jupe has his international breakthrough as he performs a shy and antisocial but also open-minded and clever boy. Even the secondary roles are unique and played by talented actors. One has to point out Gary Basaraba who plays a sympathetic but tough uncle, Oscar Isaac convinces as an investigative insurance agent and Glenn Fleshler impresses as scary villain.

If the acting is so convincing, it's due to the great work of the great directing effort. George Clooney is obviously rather known as an actor but he proves that he can also direct a great movie and I would even say that his precise work here is better than many of the somewhat superficial roles he has played in his career. It's great to see that George Clooney is still trying out new things so late in his career.

Some negative critics here focus on the fact that the movie portrays the racism of an all-white neighbourhood towards an African-American family and even shows the display of a Confederate flag in one scene where an angry mob smashes the windows of the family house. First of all, it's a matter of fact that racism was very present in those neighbourhoods of the United States of America back in the fifties and it sadly still is an issue today if we witness the numerous cases of police violence against African-American citizens. Secondly, the movie also shows that some residents aren't participating in the protests but rather trying to ignore it in order to not get into any trouble with their neighbours which was an attitude several people had back in those days. Thirdly, a few select people are shown which are helping the African-American family the best they can and it's a particularly clever move that the movie focuses on the friendship of a black and a white boy who show the ignorant adults around them that there is hope for peaceful coexistence in the future. Therefore, the movie isn't biased or left-wing propaganda as some angry reviewers try to make you think but a balanced and realistic portrait of a flawed society. Finally, the scene with the Confederate flag isn't offensive because the display of this flag is often associated with white supremacy. If you have a Confederate flag in your yard, you should seriously ask yourself what kind of person you are. This flag isn't anything to be proud of.

To keep it short, Suburbicon is an entertaining, original and stylish movie that mixes crime flick, dark comedy and social drama in a perfectly balanced way. Ignore the negative critics and enjoy one of the greatest movies of the year. The fact that the incredibly boring Blade Runner 2049 gets so much critical acclaim while Suburbicon is unjustifiably criticized proves once more that popular opinions don't mean much when it comes to understanding a piece of art.
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Fantastic movie ! Can't believe all the negativity..
bobkoense8 November 2017
This will be the first time I have ever written a review for IMDb. After watching the movie the other night, I had to check the scores on the site as I usually do. When I saw the score of a measly 4.8 out of 10 something compelled me to write this review.

From start to finish it was gripping and interesting. It has been a long time ago I saw such an original piece of art. I'm not a cinegraphic expert by any means, but I recognize a gem when I see one.

Go see it !
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Would have been a lot better had the Coens directed it.
Hellmant3 November 2017
'SUBURBICON': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The new crime-drama/comedy from director George Clooney, and written by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Grant Heslov and Clooney (Clooney and Heslov also co-produced the film). It stars Matt Damon as a suburbanite, in a seemingly quiet suburb community, that has to suddenly deal with violent criminals, after his house is broken into by mobster thugs. The movie costars Noah Jupe, Julianne Moore, Glenn Fleshler and Oscar Isaac. It's gotten mixed to negative reviews from critics, and it also underperformed at the Box Office. I enjoyed parts of it, but I do agree that overall the film is a bit of a mess.

The story is set in a quiet small community, that is disrupted when an African American family moves in to their very conservative suburb. Young Nicky Lodge (Jupe) befriends one of his new neighbors, who's about the same age as him, but then he has to deal with criminal thugs breaking into his family's home. Nicky's mother (Moore) is sadly killed, and Nicky doesn't understand why his father (Damon) and aunt (also played by Moore) won't identify the culprits (when the police apprehend them). Things only get more complicated from there, and much more dangerous for Nicky.

The advertisements for this film are extremely misleading, and it's definitely not the movie that I thought I was going to see. Parts of it are well made, and very interesting, and it's also surprisingly dark (especially for a film starring Matt Damon, and directed by George Clooney). I think it would have been a lot better had the Coens directed it though (they're ridiculously better filmmakers than Clooney). As it is, the film tries to blend too many different genres, and social commentary on top of that, and none of it really works. It is a bizarrely interesting movie still (at times) though.
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Suburbicon on Sunday - a superb suspense Hitchcockian thriller 9/10
Padreviews29 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wow - I've just watched this for the third time and I think this will be one of those films that becomes a cult classic in time via word of mouth .

The reviews have been quite poor and I wasn't expecting to enjoy it at all , but if you like Hitchcock , you'll love this . It has all the hallmarks of a great Hitchcock thriller with added racial social satirical commentary i.e. He who cast the first stone ... many glass houses in utopia

There's murder , mystery , suspense , red herrings , money , deception , good and evil .

The film is seen almost entirely through the eyes of Nicky the son and his innocence and perceived naivety , but is a triumph of good over evil .

There were so many fantastic filmic cues throughout , this is the perfect film for film students and those who love the craft of film .

It's set in 1959 and the style of the movie could have easily have been made in that year , Clooney has done a fantastic job and like Hitchcock he plays a cameo role accept it's not him it's a lookalike playing the insurance agent !

There are a few items that could be considered as the McGuffin not least the fire engine spelling danger and a constant pre cursor to unfolding events

The soundtrack was perfect , acting , cast and costume and props all top notch giving you the feeling that something wasn't quite right in utopian suburbia - ever heard of Uruba ? It's a protectorate - everything happens for a reason in film and this one was just about perfect .

There's something sinister in Suburbicon on Sunday

8.5/10 Pad.A
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The Film With the Feel-Bad Factor - Don't Miss!
camarshall-369341 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film intrigues and engages from its beautifully crafted opening titles to its unusually optimistic end.

The immaculate (and slightly too pristine) recreation of the American dream, or more accurately nightmare, of the 1950s and its values carries a message that is true and very relevant today in every country. The story line is simply told and allegorical. The protagonists in the film - who are the stakeholders who hold power and social position - all focus their attention and ire on people who are different while overlooking the horrendous crimes that are going on in their own midst and behind their own backs.

The story is told very simply and has some surprise moments - a couple that, unusually, caught me completely off-guard. My only criticism of the film is that the story is told a little too simply. There is no mystery or sudden revelation. the pieces fit together like a child's jigsaw but, sometimes meaningful story needs to be told simply.

Noah Jupe, as Nicky, steals the show effortlessly from Matt Damon and Julianne Moore and in his convincing emotional range prevents the film from turning into 'Home Alone'. His silent, withheld anger and understanding seethe out from the screen in the scene where he sits at the table while his father eats a sandwich. Julianne Moore is as wonderful as ever. This role enables her to develop the 'evil beach'range of her acting that she started in 'Kingsman 2'. Matt Damon unravels in a strong, measured and resilient way as the plot unravels. Some funny moments are clearly aimed for in many of the darker scenes but George Clooney, as director, does not extract their full laughter value and Matt Damon seems unsure whether to play it straight or play it for laughs.

For once, the Coen brothers hold back a little on the violence. Some of it is only semi-witnessed allowing the imagination to fill in all the gaps. The film is all the better for it.

All in all this an excellent film and is very relevant to modern world- life. It is my film of the year and it has has affected me deeply. If you only see one film this year - make it this one.
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This Was Just Not Good
trublu21514 September 2017
I'm a huge fan of the Coen Brothers. To me, cinema doesn't get much better than No Country for Old Men or Burn After Reading or Raising get the idea. So when I heard that George Clooney was directing their next original script, naturally I couldn't wait to see it. Fast track a year and a half later and here we are. Clooney proved to me that it takes much more than a Coen Bros script to make it a Coen Bros film. Suburbicon is one of the few films that will come about where the talent attached to the project is so overwhelming and plentiful but the final product is so mediocre and bordering on bad that it leaves you scratching your head.

The film is very beautiful to start off. The cinematography is very crisp and extremely colorful which makes the setting of the 50s suburbs seemingly pop even more so. The production design and basically anything of a technical aspect is amazingly done here by traditional standards. So why is Suburbicon falling flat? Very simple: Clooney is woefully unqualified to direct a Coen Bros script as are most people. This feels like it was made by someone who watched Fargo and Burn After Reading a dozen times and decided to make this. It feels like it is an imitation and, by the end of the film, that is all it turns out to be. The cast is even really dull despite a fantastic performance from Julianne Moore. Damon can't decide whether to play it funny or serious and that really plays a big part in the violence of the film. It is comically set up but brutally executed. It doesn't feel right at all and it makes for a very tough watch.

Overall, Suburbicon is a film that will probably leave your mind as quickly as it came. It is a very forgettable film. It is a frustrating piece of cinema as well because we will always be left with the thoughts of what could have been. With the level of talent and star power, Suburbicon has no business being as dull and ragged as it is especially because in a technical sense, the film is great. But with Clooney's misguided direction and Matt Damon's very erratic performance, Suburbicon is a miss of the most disappointing fashion.
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A Clash Of Too Many Tones
kjproulx25 September 2017
SPOILER: I'm all for unique and different when it comes to filmmaking, but when a unique film doesn't do anything to intrigue its audience, aside from a consistent tone and setting, then it's not really all that impressive in the end. Suburbicon is George Clooney's latest attempt at direction, and I feel pretty much the same about this film as I did about many of his other works. A tone, story, and time period is all set up, but the way each of his films play out have seemed to leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. That is once again the case with Suburbicon, being a little too confident in itself when it came to presenting a powerful story. Here is why I think you could probably skip this one in theatres, but the effort put into it may warrant a rental if you're looking for something new to watch.

Gardner's family is tested when a group of men invade his home, killing his wife and leaving only his son and sister-in-law alive. Falling for his wife's sister and becoming a complete psychotic and uncontrollable man, this film quickly spirals out of control into a farce of random occurrences. Throughout the first act of this film, it seems like it's going to be a satire that won't hold anything back in terms of wackiness, but that's very quickly thrown out the window, compensating with many subplots of murder and conspiracy. I found myself taken out of the film when the tone would shift this often, making for a very off-putting viewing experience.

Throughout the majority of this film, you're asked to accept the horrible things that the main characters are doing, or just connect with Gardner's young boy on an emotional level, but he's not quite present enough in my opinion. Not until the third act do you really fin yourself caring about some of the characters, which was too late for me. This movie tries far too hard to be clever, funny, and surprising, that it just comes off as forced more often than not. You will find yourself along for a ride of random events and you won't really know who to root for.

I may seem to be ripping this film apart for being un even, but for throughout all its flaws, there are actually quite a few great aspects, especially the sequence involving an appearance by Oscar Isaac. There is a lengthy scene when secrets are revealed and characters begin to evolve and Oscar Isaac elevated every moment of this portion of the film. Up until that point, there really weren't any characters to grasp onto, but the environment around them, along with the sets and the score, always helped to make the film feel more authentic than what its screenplay was presenting. This may sound confusing, but that's due to the fact that this is a very confusing watch, and I feel that many people will agree with me on that account.

From being written by Joel and Ethan Coen (who's recent track record hasn't really impressed me recently), to being competently directed by George Clooney, to having racial undertones to help give the film depth, to showcasing some great moments of comedy, Suburbicon just feels like a huge missed opportunity, due to the talent involved. Matt Damon and Julianne Moore deliver solid performances here and the score by Alexandre Desplat is definitely what sucked me into this movie, even throughout the moments that annoyed me. In the end, I feel as though the positives slightly outweigh the negatives, so I can generously give it a pass. This is about as average as you can get in terms of having a clever setting and premise, only to never fully deliver on either front. Suburbicon isn't quite worth seeing in theatres, but it may please hardcore fans of the Coen brother's past work.
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Better than many ratings indicated
meas-5330722 April 2018
Quite surprised by so many bad ratings, almost as though there was another agenda. I had not read these before watched the film and did not know it was co written by the coen brothers, but I found it better than I expected and only gave it 8 instead of 7 to up the overall rating. It moved along at a steady pace and was pretty lean. I would certainly recommend anyone to that I know well to watch if they get the opportunity.
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Why do all you so-called critics hate on a nearly flawless film?
TopDawgCritic3 February 2018
Wow, how can all you so-called critics hate on a nearly flawless film?

This film was excellent in every aspect. First off, the story was well told and executed perfectly by director/writer George Clooney, with excellent writing by the Coen brothers. The set and prop details to fit the era were outstanding in every scene. Clooney's camera work and direction of his actors was perfect. The score could have not been any better. All actors were perfectly cast and played their characters flawlessly, especially little Noah Jupe as Nicky.

Cinematography and editing were on point. Although I'm not a fan of slow-paced films, this one managed to hold my attention and interest really well.

I've seen many bad films - by overall production, and in certain aspects of development that had way too high of ratings/reviews. Yet this little gem got slammed for no reason, as not too many can see the production value and details that have gone into it, revealing an interesting and unique crime/mystery story told really well.

A very deserving 9/10 from me!
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An Enjoyable Movie Unless You Look For Hidden Reasons to Hate Everything
snakeye80829 January 2018
This movie is right in line with other dark comedies by the Coen brothers and a great addition to an outstanding resume. It is sure to delight fans of their previous work, so why the unusually low rating? After skimming the reviews of those who gave it a low-rating, it became obvious they did not really have criticisms of the movie per se, but rather just kept saying it was too "liberal" while being unable to explain what exactly was liberal about it. I did not find the movie to be political one bit, but it seems right-wingers desperately search for any reason to whine about movies and boycott them. Crybaby conservatives are triggered verrrrrry easily.

In this case, it appears they were angry that this movie is set in a neighborhood of white supremacists who are angry that a black family moved into the neighborhood. Needless to say, this is a fictitious movie with fictitious characters so it shouldn't bother anyone, yet conservatives, specifically the biggest racists, like to ironically pretend racism does not and has never existed, so they freak out and throw a tantrum whenever someone points out racism or portrays it in a work of art.

I almost feel bad for conservatives because they are incapable of enjoying much of anything nowadays. They boycotted Wonder Woman because they claimed the main actor wasn't American enough for the role, then they boycotted Star Wars because neither a black man or woman should be allowed to be a Jedi. Now they are boycotting Suburbicon, which I suppose is because the black family isn't savagely murdered and that left them disappointed. Basically anything that doesn't display white men as superior to minorities and dominant over what they perceive as their female servants is off limits and triggers an emotional response that makes them throw a tantrum and shout "boycott!"

While racism certainly did and does exist, that isn't a reason to like or dislike this movie because it's not supposed to be a documentary of racism; it just happens to be set in an over-the-top neighborhood of racists which is the kind of satire the Coen brothers are known for. Ultimately, if you're not a radical right-winger/white supremacist, and if you're a fan of the previous work by the Coen brothers or dark comedies in general, you will like this movie. Enjoy it for what it is: a non-political, fun, amusing, fictitious movie, and don't get caught in searching for political drama that has nothing to do with this movie.
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Making Dark Comedies Great Again
stardog674 November 2017
I'm very thankful I somehow avoided the many negative reviews from both users and film critics for this one before committing to seeing the film this morning. All I knew was Clooney directed it, Matt Damon starred in it, and it was probably a dark comedy about a murder investigation. But it's so much more than that. Like Get Out, this is a perfect little indictment of the #MAGA hats, only this one aims for the MAGAs content with selling out their democracy... as long as they get to pin all of their own faults on non-whites.

I've heard critics call it a mess because of the way it mixes genres but that's entirely by design. It felt very much like the stuff David Lynch does mixing genres just with less pubic hair and vomit. It's audacious. It's not an empty film where a bunch of liberals are up there farting around getting paid. I think many people will hate it because they walk out thinking they should have laughed more.

There is a specific scene which I won't give away that is the perfect moment to recalibrate a viewer's expectations. It's the one which left my jaw on the floor and made me confident I was in a secure artist's hands. It's the least funny scene in the film but one in which I agreed to surrender to the many laughs and shocks that followed.
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Pretty Good Dark Movie
INmovielady16 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why all the bad reviews on this film. I thought it was pretty good. Yes it was dark and disturbing, but still good. The beginning is filled with such terrible people that I was getting nervous and I had to look up the film on line to see the plot and how it ended. I just wanted to make sure the bad people got their just rewards. I hate movies where the bad characters win. And I still watched it to the end. Matt Damon is excellent. Just when you fall in love with him playing a wonderful, kind character, he goes and plays a terrible character that you just hate. What range! The actor that plays his son is wonderful and Julienne Moore is sooooo bad. You love to hate her. Anyway, it's worth a view. I liked it a lot.
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It's a Misguided, Mismatched Disaster
Jared_Andrews28 October 2017
George Clooney's latest directorial effort, overflows with Oscar-level talent both on camera and off. A quick glance at the credits list on IMDb would make moviegoers flush with excitement. But sadly, Suburbicon is one of those cases in which a movie with a loaded cast teamed with a star director and writers turns out awkwardly, embarrassingly wrong. It's unfunny, ill-fitting, frustrating, pretentious, tone deaf and abysmal. In other words, this movie is a disaster.

In addition to Clooney directing and the Coen brothers writing, the movie features the tremendously talented Julianne Moore and Matt Damon, who both feel like they're going through the motions of a walk-through day at practice. The stoicism of Moore and Damon's dorky dimwitted schtick both feel tired—been there done that. Given the limitations bestowed on them and their stiff characters, their half-hearted efforts are understandable, but nonetheless disappointing.

Suburbicon's greatest flaw is its mismatched identity. It doesn't know what it wants to be. Attempting to weld together two incompatible story lines, it throws the audience for a loop. Is it a socially conscious tale of racial mistreatment with the backdrop of a "perfect" all-white 1950s neighborhood, or is it a satirical Fargo-like family scam gone darkly and comically awry? A movie can't be both, so it succeeds at neither. Simply put, it just doesn't work.

Clooney and Coen brothers have produced sweet music on past projects, but they have different goals here. The Coens provide a zany violent spice as Clooney strives for an earnest political commentary zest. The combination leaves the movie with an incongruous and unpleasant flavor.

Mercifully, there are a few highlights. The consistently excellent Oscar Isaac provides a charming liveliness and the promising young Noah Jupe delivers a helping of humanity to a movie that is mostly starved of decency.

Alongside the scam family's disarray, a more disturbing story takes place as the town's first black family arrives (remember, this is the 1950s). The quiet and respectable family is tormented, subtly at first, rapidly escalating to a mob scene complete with violence, vandalism and fire. What is this disgusting side story doing in the movie? What purpose does it serve? Seemingly none. It's condescending and obnoxious. The father of the tormented family doesn't even receive a single speaking line. This story's inclusion a clumsy attempt to depict racism that uses the black actors as mere showpieces, rather than meaningful, developed characters.

The racial subplot is so vague and shallow that it winds up feeling empty. The rest of the movie isn't much different. This movie was not worth any of these stars' time and it's certainly not worth yours.
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matthewssilverhammer3 November 2017
Suburbicon is weird. Like, really weird. And not in a good way. Like drinking coffee out of a beer can that's also spiked with orange juice. And man, is it trying its darndest to make something unique and intentional. Unfortunately, I don't know if I've ever seen a movie swing so hard and end up whiffing even harder. Suburbicon is not just weird; it's also just plain bad. To describe it would be an act of futility. It's sort of about a family dealing with death. It's sort of about racism. It's sort of a mafia comedy. It's sort of a satire of the American dream. It's sort of a familial thriller. It has some great production design, and Oscar Isaac is a blast in his short screen time. Otherwise, it's one of the most obnoxious critiques of the dark suburban underbelly I've ever seen. I have no idea how someone is supposed to plug into this movie. Predictable when trying to be sneaky, dull when trying to be exciting, awkward when trying to be funny; it gives us no character to latch onto, no story to intrigue us, no humor to overcome its darkness, and no clarity or focus to its themes. Honestly, Mr. Clooney, what is this movie? Is it a quirky comedy? Is it a dark thriller? Is it a corny message on love, or a cynical study of American justice? Whatever it is, I'll tell you what it isn't: a movie worth watching.
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How Bad Could it Be?
prisberg-4071827 October 2017
Let me start by saying I love movies, I love Coen Bros, Wes Anderson style cinema. My family has watched at least 2 Coen Brothers movies each holiday season for many years. We quote lines literally, all of the time. Suberbicon is so slow, so meaningless, so gratuitous, that it is actually confusing to me as to why Matt Damon and George Clooney would have consented to the screenplay. Do the Coens now possess such cult like power that they can make a movie this bad, with great actors who must just shrug and say, "It must be great. otherwise the Coens would not film it"

Why is it so bad? It is slow, not funny or satirical, but sad and predictable, with dialogue straight out of a Marvel Comic book, and character development to match. Walking out of the theater, the comments were far more interesting than the movie. My favorite, a simple loud booo when the credits started to roll. Clearly, the worst effort the Coen Brothers have hatched.
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Deeply Disappointing
glavonnetay27 October 2017
Full of unresolved conflicts and senseless scenarios. Drags along with no payoff on any level. One of the main issues throughout this movie was never hinted at in previews I saw. Had I known this topic would be so pervasive, I'd had never considered seeing this movie.

Potential for a good movie was lost by failure to bother tying in, resolving, explaining, or reconciling any of the multiple story-lines. I could find no redeeming qualities in this movie. Moreover, it's an unforgivable waste of Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, and my time.
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Glad the ticket was free, wish I got paid to endure it though.
akinchris8424 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I just got out of the advanced screening of this movie, I saw the IMDb ratings drop a few points in the time it took me to drive home. I can't blame the voters. In fact, as we were leaving the staff asked if we had any comments about the movie, I winced as if in pain, my buddy was perplexed, and the guy in front of us said and I quote, "Don't make a part two."

This movie should not hit theaters, maybe go to cable t.v. On a boring Tuesday night when nothing else is on.

Now, I put the spoiler warning and I bet you are wondering what the movie was about. Well, that is how you feel in the movie. The plot takes forever to kick in.

The quick run through, 1950's/60's suburbia (can catch that in the name) black family moves in the town. Town goes in an uproar, someone breaks into Matt Damon's house kills his wife.

Yes, there is zero correlation between the black family moving in and Matt Damon's wife getting murdered. In fact, you watch the movie and you will see the black family actually plays no significant part in the movie, they are just there for filler and to politicize the movie.

So now the wife is dead and you are wondering why. You actually spent the first half of the movie wondering why. Spoiler, life insurance scam.

Matt falls in love with his wife's sister, Matt hires hit-man, hit- man kill wife, Now the hit-man want their money, the life insurance company sees through the scam. People start dying, and the credits begin rolling.

You have no connection to the characters on the screen, you try to feel bad for the kid in the movie, but he is so emotionless you can't really feel bad for him. It makes it even more difficult to feel bad when your brain is confused because the writers/actors/director can't decide if they want the movie to be funny or serious. In fact the only person I thought was even remotely interesting was Uncle Mitch, but he only has about 2 minutes of screen time.

If I could speed summarize this movie, I would almost want to call it a murder mystery with a men who stare at goats twist, but it doesn't really click with whatever this movie was.

Rated 2 because the acting was decent at least.
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Delightful dark comedy watch for Oscar Isaac
phd_travel9 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly I don't understand the bad reviews of this movie. It's the first Cohen Brothers movie I enjoyed since Fargo. To the critics - I don't get the vitriol. The plot is actually quite cohesive and things come together and things happen for a reason. Much more so than other Cohen Bros movies. The racial discrimination is exaggerated but in the same way other things are heightened in this movie so it isn't that out of place. It's just part of the 50s social situation. The story is involving from the beginning. The perfect community followed by the tense home invasion. The POV of the kid as he discovers the conspiracy is well done by George Clooney. It's exciting and I like the way you can kind of guess just before something happens what is going to be the outcome and the anticipation is quite delightful. The way the villains are dispatched of is Cohen Bros in the best way without excessive gruesomeness.

Julianne Moore is good here - she has been playing sweet but dastardly as in Kingsman recently and does a good job. Matt is alright. Oscar Isaac delivers a delicious Christoph Waltz type wickedly funny character. If only there were more of him in this movie he would deserve a nod. What a highlight.

For someone who isn't a huge Cohen Bros fan I really liked this movie.
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This film was a surprising delight
mgamper-56-90453517 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't know what I expected going into this film but IT WASN'T THAT. So the trailers were very misleading and I believe that's where all the dislike for the film is coming from. So hopefully they learn from that hiccup. But if you watch it with an open mind, it's twisting, it's thrilling, it's cunning, and most of all, it's multi layered. This film could of been made by Quinton Tarantino. It's angry, and it's graphic and it's surprising. Following the cunning Matt Damon and his wife's sister who *spoilers* plot to murder Damon's wife together and live off the insurance money, just can't seem to pull it off, the plot gets thicker the deeper they get, the darker the characters get and the more gruesome deaths that have to occur. It seems its a grave the two of them just keep digging. Meanwhile their black neighbors who have just moved to the neighborhood are struggling with racism and backlash that continues to grow and grow throughout the movie until it's threatening their lives. Everyone is so focuses on this black family moving in, that no one knows that the real cunning crimes are being committed RIGHT NEXT DOOR. And even when the crimes of all of Damons scandals are found, the public blame it not on the actual culprit, but the black family. Saying "nothing like this ever happened in suburbicon before they moved here". It was the perfect cover. Your so busy being caught up in all this addicting drama of Damons life and his character as he grows darker and darker, but the layer of miss directed racism is fabulous. I love Clooneys work and I love this movie.
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Not a film for TRUMPets
carl-axness20 June 2018
I'm afraid this is a film that is a political litmus test for the American population. If you are a red-blooded American who would give a 10 rating to "Independence Day" or "Top Gun" this is not your film. You should skip seeing it, and not bother to make a wishy washy argument with phrases such as "it doesn't come together", etc. of why you don't like it, when in reality ypu dislike the perhaps the underlying idea that America is slipping back into a suburbicom with the present political administration, and that does jive with political persuation.

For everyone else I suggest that you watch this well thought out Coen Brothers film that didn't dissappoint me one iota. There are a number of twists and a good dose of irony. Having grown up in the 1950s, I found the cinematography, costumes, hairdos, excellent. The acting was excellent, especially that of Julian Moore, the child actors and Karimah Westbrook's portrayal of a young black mother standing up to a racist mob. The movie is a dark thriller and I think it has the potential of becoming a cult classic.
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an audacious film about conservative white America
CineMuseFilms5 November 2017
Nothing riles the commentariat more than dashed expectations. With George Clooney at the helm of Suburbicon (2017) many expected something special but instead are using much less charitable words. The almost unanimous condemnation of this film is difficult to fathom. When a movie is so widely panned it means either it is a disaster or that it pricks a collective raw nerve somewhere, for some reason. This movie is not a disaster.

Controversially, the film comprises two apparently unrelated plot lines, part of which is based on a true story.  Set in 1950s middle class America, Suburbicon was a peaceful all-white neighbourhood until the African-American Mayers family moved in. The white community objects and the local progress association builds a fence to wall off the newcomers. Community anger escalates until permanent crowds are stationed outside the new family's home, harassing them to the point of violence, television coverage, and police intervention. This background story inter-cuts to a neighbouring family, the Gardners, who are in the middle of a home invasion. Two thugs tie up then chloroform the family, in the process killing Mrs Gardner (Julianne Moore). Soon her twin sister Margaret (also Julianne Moore) moves in to be with widower Lodge Gardner (Matt Damon) and son Nicky (Noah Jupe). It is not long before questions are asked why the loving husband doubled the life insurance on his wife. Mafia connections, an insurance fraud assessor, and a police investigator start lifting the lid of this perfect Suburbicon family. The two separate story lines are narratively linked only by Nicky and the Mayers son becoming baseball friends.

This is a brave way to frame a movie. Either storyline is enough to power an entire movie but running both in parallel appears muddled and narratively diffuse. However, if the viewer's frame of reference is raised to the overarching level of conservative white American values, then both stories are intensified by their contrast with the other. Keeping the Mayers community racism story in the background and the Gardners domestic crime story in the foreground makes the audience complicit in a glaring social injustice. The Mayers are anonymous, passive victims who are barely seen while we see much of the angry white mob who self-righteously claim the right to live in a white America.  Although the general trajectory of both stories is predictable, there are enough twists and turns to keep the tension rising until the film's finale. Across both stories, there is little subtlety or nuance, and the heavy-handed and obvious symbolism is the film's greatest fault. But for Hollywood cinema, that is not a hanging offence.

This dark comedic drama is engaging and entertaining. It captures the tones, fashions, and décor of the era, and the acting relies on stereotypes rather than character development. None of the characters compel emotional investment, so the space is left open for the action to do the talking. Filming coincided with the 2016 American election and Clooney likes his films to make political statements.  Calling this one a failure is rhetorical hyperbole. It is an audacious and innovative approach to telling a bigger story that just won't go away.
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They tried but failed...
mikipryor-123 October 2017
This was just awful.... tiresome, predictable and boring. I wanted to love it, but there was nothing to even like. Top talent in every category but it fell flat, like a soufflé that did not rise. Satire should be funny, but there were few laughs. Irony may be too sophisticated to pull in an audience. It felt like something was just off - timing? Editing? It dragged on and on without reason. So sad, it coulda been a contender.
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Racism is obviously still rife in 'Merica.
craignewman8123 January 2018
I'm sorry but i am incensed to write this, the amount of people giving this film 1 star due to it being 'liberal' has just got my goat. No wonder the world despises America due to its right wing attitude...this is a film about race and equality (and a tragic premise) yet all you do is harp on about 'liberalism'?? is this such a bad thing? no! on topic, for a first time directorial debut i think Clooney has done a fine job (i studied film at university) his composition is excellent as is the setting/mood/costumes etc and the writing is sound via the Coens...stop being so bloody narrow minded people. learn to love.
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