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Subsidiary Gods refer to the Angels that follow the eight Ancient Gods. Each Ancient God has multiple subsidiary gods. It is a similar concept as King of Angels, although subsidiary gods can be just ordinary Angels without power exceeding normal sequence 1 like a King of Angel. The list of each subsidiary gods is as follows.

Giant King AurmirEdit

God of Dawn Badheil Edit

Aurmir's eldest son. He was involved in collaboration with the secret organization of the human race. He later became God of Combat.

God of Glory Bladel Edit

Bladel was Aurmir's youngest son. He was cursed for publicly insulting the Ancient Sun God.

Goddess of Harvest OmebellaEdit

Aurmir's wife, queen of the Giant Court. The City of Silver was following her. She was involved in collaboration with the secret organizations of the human race. Later, her identity was stolen by Lilith, while she was killed.

Dragon of Imagination AnkeweltEdit

Dragon of Wisdom HerabergenEdit

He later became Wisdom Angel. After Ancient Sun God's death, he became God of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Dragon of Nightmares AlzuhodEdit

Eldest son of Ankewelt. He is of sequence 1, while Ankewelt being sequence 0 of the same pathway. The Pen of Alzuhod shares the same name as him.

Alzuhod was actually created by Ankewaelt with his sequence 1 characteristic and one of His identity as a part of his revival plan.

Elf King SoniathrymEdit

God of LuckEdit

Killed. No one remembers his name.

Queen of Calamity CohinemEdit

Wife of Soniathrym. One of her remains was discovered by Sea God Kalvetua. She is still alive, hiding with her characteristics split up in two because she did not want to submit to Lord of Storm.

Sanguine Ancestor LilithEdit

Goddess of Beauty AuerniaEdit

Turned to Elf King after Lilith was killed. She later became the wife of Night Emperor in the fourth epoch.

Goddess of LifeEdit

Killed. No one remembers her name.

Devil Monarch FarbautiEdit

Phoenix Ancestor GregraceEdit

God of the Dead SalingerEdit

Turned to Gregrace after Flegrea's death. He later became Death.

Mutated King KvastirEdit

God of WarEdit

Dead. No one remembers his name.

God of Spiritual Creatures TolznaEdit

Vanished after Kvastir's death and became one of the Rose Redemption.

Annihilation Demonic Wolf FlegreaEdit

Goddess of Misfortune AmanisesEdit

Vanished after Flegrea's death. She later became Evernight Goddess.

God of the Dead SalingerEdit

Turned to Gregrace after Flegrea's death. He later became Death.

God of Wishes Kotar Edit

Still alive, currently hiding in Forsaken Land of the Gods

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