Dr Julie Potter

The academic experience at Stowe is designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and understanding and independence of thought and expression.

Stoics are asked to be committed and enthusiastic learners, to embrace challenge and to see failure as a necessary step in achieving progress. They are urged to be ambitious, make the most of their academic opportunities and to continually strive to improve their skills.

In addition to the wide range of academic subjects on offer at both GCSE and A Level, there are numerous extra seminars, societies and talks from visiting speakers that Stoics are encouraged to attend, as well as a rich and varied schedule of events through Arts@Stowe.

Through discussion and guidance from their teachers and tutors, Stoics are set specific learning targets and are given a clear understanding of our expectations. Progress is closely monitored and reported back to both Stoics and parents through the reporting system and in the weekly one-to-one tutorial sessions. Academic work is monitored on a whole school bases at least twice per term through our programme of Academic Progress Grades (APGs). Each pupil is awarded an attainment grades by all their subject teachers (A to E scale) which is based on one or more formal summative assessments marked according to examination board assessment criteria. In addition pupils are graded according on a 1-4 scale on their attitude to learning in class and on their commitment and attitude to Prep. The grades are sent to parents by email together with a brief report from their Tutor. Our system provides a vital opportunity for a Tutor to talk about work with the pupils. It also allows staff to compare notes and to work out together how best to help any individual who may be experiencing difficulties.

Teachers across all subjects are available to offer clinics in the evenings, either to help pupils to secure their understanding or to offer extra stretch and challenge.  Despite the historic surroundings, we are well-equipped with the latest technology. All classrooms have access to WiFi and StoweNet (our Virtual Learning Environment) gives Stoics remote access to resources and their assignments from anywhere in the world. 

Dr Julie Potter, Deputy Head (Academic)