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Four strangers — a woman on the run, a brave refugee, a driven bureaucrat and a struggling dad — intersect at an Australian immigration detention center.
Protagonistas:Yvonne Strahovski,Jai Courtney,Cate Blanchett
Creado por:Cate Blanchett,Elise McCredie,Tony Ayres
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Drama con Yvonne Strahovski, Jai Courtney y Fayssal Bazzi cocreado por la ganadora del Óscar Cate Blanchett.





Limited Series
  1. Ve The Circumstances in Which They Come. Episodio 1 de la temporada 1.

    Sofie falls in with a shady self-help group. Ameer grows desperate as he tries to get his family to Australia. Cam takes a job at the detention facility.

  2. Ve Incognita. Episodio 2 de la temporada 1.

    As Sofie clings to her new identity, Cam comes to terms with his duties at Barton, Ameer arrives in detention, and Clare attempts to quell a protest.

  3. Ve The Right Thing. Episodio 3 de la temporada 1.

    While Clare looks for a leak inside the facility, Cam faces a moral dilemma over a guard's use of force. Ameer and Sofie grapple with personal traumas.

  4. Ve Run Sofie Run. Episodio 4 de la temporada 1.

    An escape attempt during a protest outside Barton forces Cam to choose sides. The arrival of a detainee troubles Ameer. Sofie tries to outrun her past.

  5. Ve Panis Angelicus. Episodio 5 de la temporada 1.

    Amid flaring tensions at Barton, Sofie's mental state spirals, Cam's job stresses upset his home life, and Ameer's visa application raises questions.

  6. Ve The Seventh Circle. Episodio 6 de la temporada 1.

    With Sofie's sister narrowing down her whereabouts, Cam's control frays, Clare's conscience chafes, and Ameer struggles with an agonizing decision.

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