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Spiritual Power (霊力, Reiryoku; Viz "Spiritual Energy") is a type of energy possessed by Souls.


Ichigo's emitted Spiritual Power takes shape.

Spiritual Power is generated in a Soul's Hakusui (魄睡, Soul Sleep) and boosted by their Saketsu (鎖結, Binding Chain). It can be increased by learning to control one's Soul body. Likewise, the more Spiritual Power one has, the better they can control their Soul body.[1] Spiritual Power can be built up even faster by putting a Soul in a life-or-death scenario.[2] The strength of a Soul is determined by its physical potential.[3] The abilities of Shinigami and Hollows cannot go beyond that limit. However, by using something like the Hōgyoku to remove the barrier that separates Shinigami and Hollow, that limit can be surpassed.

Humans have some small degree of Spiritual Power. Those with large amounts can see Souls and Shinigami. Souls who generate large amounts of Spiritual Power are also capable of becoming Shinigami by training their bodies to a sufficient level.[4][2] Once a Soul reaches the level of a Shinigami, they are capable of using their Spiritual Power to preform Spiritual Techniques (霊術, Reijutsu).[3][5]

The phenomenon of spiritual energy moving or wavering is referred to as Spirit Movement (魄動, Hakudō).[3]

Spirit Classes

The Soul Society ranks the Spiritual Power of a Shinigami using a class system. According to Ganju Shiba, his brother Kaien Shiba's Spiritual Power was "sixth class" (六等霊威, Rokutō Reii; Literally meaning "Sixth Rank Spiritual Might"), which qualified him to be a lieutenant in the Gotei 13.[6]

Spiritual Pressure

The General-Commander exerts his Spiritual Pressure.

Spiritual Pressure (霊圧, Reiatsu) is the physical sensation generated by a Soul's Spiritual Power. Spiritual beings can control the output of this pressure to achieve certain effects. For instance, a battle between Shinigami is a battle of Spiritual Pressure. Whosever is greater will always win.[7] When two Spiritual Pressures collide, the weaker of the two takes damage.[8]

Souls have microscopic vents on their wrists that control the release of Spiritual Pressure. Shinigami must be careful not to block these vents, as they could be incinerated from the inside by the build up of their own Spiritual Power.[9]

Spiritual Pressure can be detected with two different techniques. The first is Reikaku (霊覚; Literally meaning "Spiritual Sense"), which is used by Shinigami and Quincies.[10] The other is Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキス), Pesukisu, Spanish for "Inquiry", Japanese for "Probe Circuit") used by Arrancar.[11]

Spiritual Pulse

Spiritual Pulse (霊脈, Reimyaku)[12][13] is an energy associated with a dimension.

According to Ichibē Hyōsube, the members of the Royal Guard have their Spiritual Pressure fused together with the Spiritual Pulse of the Soul King Palace. As such, their lives are linked to the palace itself. So long as the palace exists in some form or another, Ichibē is able to revive them even from the brink of death by calling their names.[12]

The ninety-ninth Hadō spell, Gōryūtenmetsu, is said to possess tremendous power in comparison to the other forbidden Kidō spells because it creates dragons of Reishi from the Spiritual Pulse of the earth. When it was performed by Kisuke Urahara, he circulated his Hadō into the atmosphere and hacked into the Spiritual Pressure of the souls being manipulated by Aura Michibane; utilizing that Spiritual Pressure as a substitute for the Spiritual Pulse of the Material World.[13]

Therefore, it is suggested that Spiritual Pulse is in fact synonymous in nature with that of Spiritual Pressure.


  • Spiritual Pulse is likely an allusion to Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku), the flow of energy in the planet also known as ley lines. This is a concept which appears often in works of fantasy, particularly those with Japanese cultural motifs.
    • Many dimensions are suggested throughout the series to possess a Spiritual Pulse of their own. The environment of Hueco Mundo, for example, induces a notable effect on spiritual beings that possess Hollow powers, such as Ichigo Kurosaki and Yasutora Sado. However, whether this is a case of Spiritual Pulse or not is highly speculative.


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