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Video January 10, 2021

Part Of Your World from Disney’s Little Mermaid. I chose this song for Friday’s kitchen disco after party as I thought the lyrics sounded like someone longing to be back in a world where we can meet. But then again it might just be a song about a mermaid wanting to grow legs. Either way, enjoy!

Video January 08, 2021

Happy new year darlings! Here we are again but we’re here to dance away the stress with you. From Bowie to a Ballroom Blitz it’s our Kitchen Disco 14! 💃 🕺

Video December 21, 2020

My final podcast episode of the year ( and of series two! It’s the musician Roisin Murphy. I was so happy she agreed to chat to me for spinning plates. I’ve known Roisin for years and she’s wonderful. Her ma likes to describe her as a creative ‘bag of baldoons’ - a phrase her mum uses to conjure up what she’s like when she’s working on multiple projects. She is also mum to 10 year old Clodagh and 8 year old Tadhg. We talked about savouring every moment while your children are little and elaborate bedtime tucking-in routines. I also heard Roisin’s reasoning for why I get asked about my childcare situation more than she does..! Anyhoo she’s always a delight and I hope you enjoy it. I’m in the midst of recording series 3 and any suggestions gratefully received. You guys had some great ideas for this series! Let me know your thoughts and thanks for being so supportive of spinning plates. It’s been a lovely part of my life this year. Thanks also to my producer claire jones and richard who has edited every one even though he has loads of other stuff to do! X

Video December 20, 2020

This year has been a *little* challenging to say the least, but we have danced through it together so let’s continue to do so. Happy Christmas to all the dancing Queens out there. Xx

Video December 14, 2020

I’m so excited to have you listen to this one ( Let me introduce you to Carrie Reichardt.  She’s an artist who lives round the corner from me in west London, Chiswick.  She has completely covered her home with mosaic so that it’s now an eye-popping work of art.  I mean COMPLETELY. It looks incredible and I knew the house long before I met Carrie. I used to stare at it with richard and just marvel at the detail and the exciting beauty of it. I met her when I bought one of her plates, which is coveted for a while. She’s refreshingly honest and brave. She says that as a post-menopausal woman, she now feels more like a teenager than she ever has before.

Video December 07, 2020

This week’s guest for Spinning Plates ( is Sali Hughes who is a beauty writer and co-founder of the Beauty Bank which distributes toiletries, self care products and make up to people who can’t afford them. She’s also been vocal on the subject of trolling which she experienced herself recently.  She’s a mum of two teenage boys, who she is proud of and loves spending time with. Our chat really resonated with me as sali has raised her sons with the extended family of step-parents on both sides after she split up with the father of her boys - something that I am the product of. It’s nice to hear it talked about so positively and it will definitely inspire anyone embarking on the same journey. From my part I always feel like I’ve had 4 parents, not 2 and it’s quite a defining thing. Sali speaks a lot of wisdom on the subject. Enjoy! X

Video December 04, 2020

Out today! My new Christmas version of My Favourite Things, which you can stream / download from Julie Andrews is so right, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad. Lots of love from me and the Von Trapps Xx

Video November 30, 2020

This week on Spinning Plates ( I meet ‘Hurricane Holly’. Real name Holly Tucker, she is the small businesses guru who founded Not on the High Street. If there’s ever been a year when small businesses have needed a champion, it’s surely this one and Holly is completely passionate about helping people with a dream to run their own business achieve that aim. She has helped many creative people start to sell from their homes and reach a wider audience.  Holly has one son and many 'business babies’. And if you want to hear her recipe for following your dream, she shares it near the end of our chat! Xx ps I am also hoping that hearing this podcast will help anyone who is shopping small this Christmas know how brilliant their choice is!

Video November 23, 2020

This week on Spinning Plates ( I’m talking to Jessie Cave who has many strings to her bow.. writer, performer, cartoonist, comedian and soon-to-be author (she’s just finished her first work of fiction). She’s an ex-national tennis player, she’s played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter, and she refuses to be pigeon-holed. We talked about the impact of grief, as tragically Jessie lost her brother last year. We also talked about the amazing story of getting pregnant after a one-night stand with comedian Alfie Brown (this beats me and Richard’s record of 6 weeks of dating before knowing sonny was one the way..!). At the time of recording she was just about to have her third baby with Alfie and now Donnie (6) and Margot (4) have little brother Abraham in the house. Enjoy! Please continue to leave comments and feedback about the podcasts and ideas for future guests.. I’m recording series 3 at the mo and I’ve already got some splendid folk involved! Thanks for sharing this little podcast journey with me. I’m hugely enjoying myself. Xx

Video November 16, 2020

This week’s Spinning Plates guest is Sophie Robinson ( who has a house filled with colour, light and laughter. I first became aware of interior designer Sophie back in 2014 when she was a judge on the Great Interior Design Challenge and I thought she was brilliant. Not just because her love of bright colours in homes resonated with me, but also she also came across as warm, smiley and supportive to the competitors. I visited her beautiful home in between lockdowns to talk about how she fell back in love with home styling after having her son, the online courses that she now runs and how the way your home looks influences your mood. All this chat came with her infectious laugh - even when we spoke about the difficulty she faced trying to have a second baby. Sophie is a really positive person and i found myself giggling and smiling a lot while we spent time together. Enjoy! #SpinningPlates