Sunday Last Post Service

Join us for the Last Post service every Sunday at 4.45pm on the Shrine's Sanctuary to honour veterans and all Australian service people.
The service includes:
• a wreath-laying
• recitation of The Ode
This service will also be streamed on the Shrine's Facebook page.
To learn how to take part in the Last Post Service, visit
The Last Post Service is supported by the Victorian Government.

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Video Transcript
Good afternoon and welcome to the Shrine of Remembrance last post service each week We pause to remember the service and sacrifice of more than 400 Victorian 400000 Victorians. I should say who have served and who continue to serve our nation. My name is Peter Life governor of the Shrine of Remembrance Today we remember 30 years to the day the beginning. On the first golf war in 1991, I'm privileged to be joined by Robert Milton, a veteran of the first Gulf War Robert is joined by a member of his family. Thank you, Robert and the family for your participation today The Shrine of Remembrance is held in care by the shrine trustees on behalf of all Victorians we recognize and embrace the diversity of our community and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet and. Speaks to their elders past present and emerging. The shrine was dedicated in in to commemorate the 119000 Victorians, who enlisted in the first World war of 89000 deployed to war in 19000 died. Our purpose now is to honor the service and sacrifice of all Victorians and Australians who have served in war peace, making and peacekeeping We welcome all veterans and members of the Australian defense Force and the families that love and support them and to all of you welcome. I'm pleased to introduce the shrine God the shrine God has protected and provided ceremonial support to the shrine since 1935 they were. Form similar to that at the Australian White horse during the first World War, a legacy of those first trying guard, all of whom were veterans of that war. Shrine God take post my god. We commence our service with the Australian national anthem if you are able, please stand and join in singing the anthem. Oh my god so. Please be seated. Our lives are relative, peace and freedom have been hard by the men and women of the Australian defense Force whose actions founded and now foster the spirit they have protected our national values and our way of life for more than 100 years. We honor their love of country sense of duty and courage in difficult times today marks the 30 years since the beginning of the first four coalition force. Began 42 days of the airstrikes on Iraq military targets on the seventeenth of January 1991. 91800. 91872 Australians from land air and sea forces served in the first Gulf war. It was the first time Australians had gone to war since Vietnam. Their roles included intelligence work reconnaissance medical support and scuba diving to clear underwater minds they aircraft and ships patrolling the Persian Gulf to enforce sanctions against Iraq and rendered humanitarian aid to Kurdish and refugees. The Australian forces suffered no casualties but to this day many veterans experience ongoing impacts to their health well-being and Troops coalition losses in the war were 166. We are honored to be joined by Robert Today, a veteran of the first Golf war Robert joined the British Army, a was 22 years of service in the Scotts guards rose to master sniper before joining the Australian Army as an instructor in 2007 injuries sustained in Iraq were made worse by an accident an armored personnel carrier and Robert was in out of three after 3 years of service in the Australian Army. Today, Robert will lay a wreath on behalf of those who served alongside in the first Gulf war. My god. It's a grown up hold as we are left grow old aid shall not weary them nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them. Love So long. Less we forget. The shrine belongs to all Victorians, it is a symbol of their love and enduring commitment representing the suffering and loss of a nation and the sacrifice of those who have served in the face of conflict and carried scars today. You have joined us in giving remembrance on behalf of the shrine trustees. Thank you. I also thank our veteran Robert Milton our Timothy Wilson. Piper Barry Moore and the shrine guard if any wish to you may come forward at the end of the service to place your personal floral tribute with the wreath at the stone of remembrance that concludes this afternoon's last post service. Thank you for joining us. I wish you a good afternoon. Fuller. A long