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MPAA Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Diaz's butt is shown in one scene.
  • Cam's butt is shown in one scene
  • In addition, the film contains frequent sexual references and some scenes of nudity where the side profile of breasts and rear nudity are depicted in both sexual and non-sexual context.
  • Annie leaves a room nude. Jay (Jason Segel) follows, also nude. Both show their bare buttocks and Jay's genitals are briefly seen through his legs.
  • Some depictions of sexual activity shown in a comedic manner.
  • The sex tape is played at the end of the film. Diaz's breasts can be seen very briefly. Both show their bare buttocks in multiple sexual scenarios.

Violence & Gore

  • A man looking for a tablet runs through a mansion, chased by an angry dog that growls, bares teeth, bites him on the calf (no blood) and chases him up a library ladder; the man strikes the dog unconscious on the head with a book and the dog revives and runs to the gym, where it is thrown from a fast moving treadmill, striking the wall hard and passing out; the man thinks the dog is dead, but it revives and chases the man off-screen, growling and barking until we see the dog and the man fall to the ground in a large foyer and we hear two thuds-- the dog is uninjured, but the man has bloody bite marks on his face and a ripped and bloody shirt at the shoulders (he limps like Frankenstein's monster).
  • A man jumps from the balcony of a school auditorium to land on top of a laptop computer on a table that breaks and we hear that he goes to a hospital and at home, and we see that he has an arm in a sling and one leg in a cast from foot to thigh; he limps outside with a cane and has an argument with a neighbor boy.
  • Late at night, a man drives into the garage door of a theater; he and his family enter the place after he tells the kids they are playing a game called Breaking and Entering and they each hold baseball bats or crowbars; the man beats a computer server with a ball bat, sounding alarms and bringing forth the owner and his crew; the owner wants to beat the man up, but after an argument, he settles for $15,000 to pay for damages.
  • A man and a woman argue loudly several times about a sex tape they made and about their marriage.


  • 65 F words and its derivatives
  • 1 use of c**t

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a brief depiction of drug use in the film where a man and a woman are seen sniffing Cocaine.
  • Two men and two women drink wine at dinner.
  • Two men and two women drink wine in a home.
  • A man and a woman drink Scotch in a mansion.

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