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Animated TV shows originating in the Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc.), Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand. Some of these entries are actually compilations of theatrical shorts assembled for broadcast; the vast majority, though, are original creations made for television.

These are frequently Dom Coms (The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Flintstones) or Adventure Series (Jonny Quest, Justice League), and generally follow the conventions and tropes of their genre (and may exaggerate them).

Note that during the 1970s, many prime-time series both current and cancelled acquired animated versions broadcast as part of the network's Saturday morning kidvid block; The Ricky Gervais Show, based on the podcast of the same name, would be a recent example. Many of these are noted in the entries for the live-action show.


Most of the modern animated television series on this page are created, written, and acted in the west, but the actual animation is outsourced to Korean studios to save money (In other words, unless the idea or sources, etc. were outside of the West, a Western animation made outside of the Western world doesn't make the series/cartoon non-Western. This is only done to save money, as mentioned previously). This is after most series in the '90s were outsourced to Japan, but Korea is cheaper. Only films by major studios or the occasional flash cartoons are still animated in the west.

Not to Be Confused with an animated western.

For non-Western animation, see Anime, Asian Animation and Eastern European Animation.

Animated shows have developed their own dialect of cliches and devices; see Animation Tropes for a listing.


Feature films belong in the Animated Films index.

Western Animation Shows:

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