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Andrew Disney to Direct Intramural

Ralph Smyth Entertainment and producers Russell Wayne Groves, Andrew Lee, David Ward, Red Sanders, and Tucker Moore have announced the start of production for Intramural , a comedy about a fifth-year college senior who assembles a team of misfits for one last epic run in intramural football before moving on to marriage, graduation and the real world. Andrew Disney ( Searching for Sonny ) will direct a script written by Bradley Jackson and a cast that includes Jake Lacy ("The Office"), Nikki Reed ('The Twilight Saga'), Kate McKinnon ("Saturday Night Live"), Jay Pharoah ("Saturday Night Live"), Nick Kocher ( Much Ado About Nothing ), Brian McElhaney ( Much Ado About Nothing ), D.C. Pierson ( Mystery Team ), Michael Hogan ("Battlestar...
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Searching For Sonny (2011)

  • Planet Fury
Directed by: Andrew Disney

Written by: Andrew Disney

Featuring: Jason Dohring, Minka Kelly, Masi Oka, Nick Kocher, Brian McElhaney, Michael Kagan, Michael Hogan, Clarke Peters

Been to your high school reunion lately? I haven't. I was there for my fifth but, for the tenth and the fifteenth, I politely declined. It wasn't that I intensely disliked anyone from that period of my life (anymore…) or was worried about my status. I just decided that I didn't have any unfinished business, and if I did, well, I just hate the parking situation in that area, okay?

Elliot Knight (Jason Dohring, Moonlight and Veronica Mars), the protagonist of writer/director Andrew Disney's feature-length debut, Searching For Sonny, has plenty of unfinished business. When he gets a postcard about his tenth reunion, seemingly containing a message from his former high school pal Sonny Bosco (Masi Oka, Heroes and Hawaii Five-0), he decides to head home,
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Free Samples and Sleeping Around Land at Red Sea Media

Red Sea Media has assembled a robust slate in the last few months, including two new projects that the sales company has acquired worldwide sales rights for. Red Sea will be introducing the projects at the upcoming Afm, which feature A-listers and rising stars such as Jesse Eisenberg, Michael McKean, Jason Ritter, and Jess Weixler. Red Sea Media's sales office will be located at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Suite 732.

Red Sea has acquired the offbeat romantic comedy Free Samples, which marks the feature film debut of director Jay Gammill. Written by Jim Beggarly (The Kitchen), and produced by Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKelheer for Film Harvest, the film tells the story of a law-school dropout who fills in as a server at her friend's ice cream truck, doling out free samples to locals and oddball friends alike, including a man courting her who she barely remembers from the night before.
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"Searching for Sonny" Takes You on a Fun and Colorful Roller Coaster Ride

In his first feature film, writer/director Andrew Disney craftily churned out Searching for Sonny, which features Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars) as Elliot, a freshly minted 28 year-old who is depressed and down on his luck, after having another lackluster birthday party, he goes through what some may term, a mini existential crisis. A post card from his old high-school best friend who Sonny Bosco, played by Masi Oka (Heroes) has him leave town for his ten-year high school reunion, while there, he sees and reconsiders his past muse, Eden, played by Minka Kelly. We also meet actors Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, perhaps better known from their Internet fame as the comedy duo of BriTANicK, playing the roles of Gary, a more accessible Kip (Napoleon Dynamite), and Calvin, a “self-proclaimed badass”, Elliot’s brother.

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This Week In Discs: Headhunters, Battleship, The Viral Factor, The Walking Dead and More

Welcome back to This Week In Discs! As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. Searching for Sonny Elliot reluctantly heads home for his ten-year high school reunion, but instead of the expected disappointments he discovers a missing friend, a murder and a mystery. Writer/director Andrew Disney’s feature debut is an indie rarity in that it’s as funny as any big screen comedy. The laughs come in part due to Disney’s sharp and witty script, but credit should also go to the main cast of Jason Dohring, Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney. The trio has a smooth and perfectly timed chemistry together, and they help make the film a joy to watch. The lovely Minka Kelly helps in that department as well. [Extras: Commentary, additional scenes, bloopers, featurettes] Also available on Blu-ray. Headhunters Pitch: Don’t wait for Mark Wahlberg’s remake… Why Buy? Roger (Aksel Hennie) is short on stature but
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Exclusive: Masi Oka Talks Searching for Sonny

Exclusive: Masi Oka Talks Searching for Sonny
Masi Oka discusses playing the mysterious title character in Searching for Sonny, hitting limited theaters, Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD platforms August 28

In today's landscape of independent film, it isn't uncommon for a movie to be released in theaters and other platforms simultaneously. Searching for Sonny is the latest to take advantage of these multiple venues, arriving in limited theaters, Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD August 28. Fans can clickHere to request a screening through Tugg. This comedy centers on a group of friends who reunite at their 10-year high school reunion, only to discover they are the prime suspects in the disappearance of their old friend Sonny (Masi Oka). They realize that these unfolding events bear an uncanny similarity to a play once written by Sonny himself.

I recently had the chance to speak with Masi Oka over the phone about his character in writer-director Andrew Disney's new comedy. Here's what he had to say.
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Contest: Win a Searching for Sonny Signed Poster!

Contest: Win a Searching for Sonny Signed Poster!
Red Productions is releasing Searching for Sonny on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD August 28. Jason Dohring, Nick Kocher, and Minka Kelly star as three friends who become the primary suspects in a murder mystery at their high school reunion. We have a contest lined up where fans can win a poster signed by cast members Jason Dohring, Nick Kocher, Brian McElhaney, and writer-director Andrew Disney. These prizes are extremely rare, so hurry and enter this contest today.

Winners Receive:

Searching for Sonny poster signed by cast members Jason Dohring, Nick Kocher, Brian McElhaney, and writer-director Andrew Disney

Here's How To Win!

Just "Like" (fan) the MovieWeb Facebook page (below) and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

If you already "Like" MovieWeb, just leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

Searching for Sonny is a hilarious comedy that follows reunited friends,
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'Searching for Sonny' Tour Hits Austin Next Week


The Texas-produced feature film Searching For Sonny is on tour around Texas this month as part of the Texas Independent Film Network's Fall 2012 program. It returns to Austin after having its world premiere at Austin Film Festival 2011. After winning 13 major awards on the festival circuit -- including the Best of Fest at the Hill Country Film Festival -- writer/director Andrew Disney (pictured above) will be at the screening when the roadshow lands in Austin next week.

You can buy tickets now to see the Fort Worth-shot movie at the Violet Crown Cinema on Tuesday, August 21 at 7:30 pm. I saw it at Aff and my review describes it as "kinky and subversive, dark and outrageous." Here's my synopsis from that review:

"Jason Dohring stars as Elliot Knight, an unsuccessful 28-year-old pizza delivery driver. Jason receives a surprise invitation to his 10-year class reunion from his estranged best friend,
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FilmBuff and Red Productions Partner to Release Murder-Mystery Comedy 'Searching For Sonny'

  • Indiewire
FilmBuff has partnered with Red Prods. for the digital release of Andrew Disney's directorial debut, "Searching For Sonny." The film stars Jason Dohring, MInka Kelly (of "Friday Night Lights" and "The Roomate" fame), Michael Hogan ("Battlestar Galactica"), and Emmy and Golden Globe Nominee, Masi Oka ("Hawaii Five-o" and "Heroes"). Rounding out the principal cast are NIck Kocher and Brian McElhaney, known for their outlandish short "Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses,, which screened at the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival.  In "Searching For Sonny," a group of friends convene at their 10-year high school reunion, only to find themselves at the center of a murder mystery involving the disappearance of a mutual friend, Sonny (Misa Oka). Crime-solving shenanigans ensue as the friends uncover a scandal involving shady businessmen and crooked school officials.  "Searching For...
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Exclusive: Searching for Sonny Blu-ray Clip

Exclusive: Searching for Sonny Blu-ray Clip
We have an exclusive clip and the trailer for Searching for Sonny, a new comedy from Red Productions arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD August 28. Jason Dohring, Minka Kelly, and Nick Kocher star as three friends who discover they are the primary suspects in a murder at their 10-year high school reunion. Take a look at this scene where Gary confesses his love for Eden (Minka Kelly) while trying to solve the murder of their shared high school friend and onetime playwright Sonny.

Searching For Sonny - Exclusive Gary Declares Love to Eden

Searching For Sonny - Trailer

Searching for Sonny is a hilarious comedy that follows reunited friends, Elliott (Jason Dohring), Calvin (Nick Kocher) and Eden (Minka Kelly), who find themselves chief suspects in a murder mystery at their ten-year high school reunion. Ironically, the events surrounding the disappearance of their friend Sonny (Masi Oka), is reminiscent of a
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Aff Review: Searching for Sonny

I was discussing Austin Film Festival with a friend yesterday and surprised to learn he had never heard of BriTANick, the wildly hilarious duo Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher. The two have been writing, acting and producing comedic short films online for several years and last year brought Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses (which you can and should watch online) to SXSW. They have begun to appear in TV and feature film roles, including the upcoming Joss Whedon surprise Much Ado About Nothing. They came to Aff this year with the outstanding Searching For Sonny, written and directed by Ft. Worth native Andrew Disney.

Jason Dohring stars as Elliot Knight, an unsuccessful 28-year-old pizza delivery driver. Depressed by his lack of accomplishments, Elliot's neuroses include envy of Jesus Christ for being wildly successful before the age of 30.

Jason receives a surprise invitation to his 10-year class reunion from his estranged best friend,
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“The Descendants,” “Shame” leading pack of Austin Film Fest selections – Awards Alley

By Sean O’Connell A handful of stellar titles with Oscar aspirations have been programmed into this year’s Austin Film Festival schedule, which begins on Oct. 20 with an as-yet-unnamed Opening Night selection.

In between, Aff audiences will get their first looks at Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants,” Steve McQueen’s “Shame,” Lynne Ramsay’s “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” Rodrigo Garcia’s “Albert Nobbs” and Sean Durkin’s “Martha Marcy May Marlene” – all films with awards hopes that will screen as part of the festival’s Marquee category.

“We’re proud to be taking our program in some exciting new directions while maintaining our focus on strong writing and engaging stories,” said new Film Programmers Stephen Jannise and Stephen Belyeu.

In addition, the fest has set up special screenings of “Toy Story” (presented by John Lasseter), an “Edward Scissorhands” screening, and a tribute to Polly Platt
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Grading the Post-Show Careers of the "Veronica Mars'" Cast

  • Pajiba
Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars).

Post-"Vm" Highlights -- "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Couples Retreat," and "You Again." She's also scheduled to return to television next season in a Showtime series about a consulting firm.

Grade: B+. "Be Cool, Soda Pop."

Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennell)

Post-"Vm" highlights: Fennell has been in one episode of three different basic cables series, "In Plain Sight," "Raising the Bar," and "Southland." He is set for a small part in a Robert Townsend film and C.L.A.S.S., what looks like a straight-to-dvd film with Tom Sizemore.

Grade: D-. "I suddenly feel like I'm in a scene from The Outsiders."

Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)

Post-"Vm" highlights:a regular in the short-lived series, "Moonlight," and episodes of "Lie to Me" and "CSI." He also has a movie coming out this year with several other TV cast-offs, including Minka Kelly, Clarke Peters, Michael Hogan, and Masi Oka. It's called Searching for Sonny.
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The new wave of fan films

A couple of clicks away on the web are scores of films made by fans – by turns hilarious, ingenious and ambitious. Lurking among their makers might be Hollywood's next generation.

Many still regard them as flatulent waste products of the socially deficient unemployed-layabout community. In most cases, they're pretty much right. But it looks increasingly likely that some of the amateur fan films that pervade YouTube and other online broadcasters will one day be cherished by movie-lovers as the formative works of the next generation of cutting-edge film-makers.

The idea of the fan film – an amateur, not-for-profit work inspired by a commercial movie, TV show or comic book – isn't new. Even before science fiction conventions in the 1970s began to provide sizeable audiences for homemade homages to much-loved sci-fi/fantasy franchises, teenage movie geeks such as Hugh Hefner and Batman fan Andy Warhol were finding their film-making feet making short
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