Search and Destroy (1979 film)

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Search and Destroy
Directed byWilliam Fruet
Produced byJames Margellos
Written byDon Enright
StarringPerry King
Don Stroud
Tisa Farrow
Music byMartin Deller
Cameron Hawkins
Ben Mink
CinematographyRené Verzier
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)

Search and Destroy is a 1979 Canadian action-thriller film directed by William Fruet and starring Perry King, Don Stroud, and Tisa Farrow.[1][2][3]


Members of a Vietnam veteran's old Army unit start turning up dead in Los Angeles and Niagara Falls. Ex-Colonel Kip Moore (Perry King), is pressed by Upstate New York police for details. Meanwhile, a mysterious killer with a black glove is on the loose.



Really Awful Movies called it..."Great Canadian exploitation fun,"[4] while TV Guide said Search and Destroy was an "empty variation on the "let's win in Vietnam" theme that emerged in the years following the American defeat."[5]


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