Fully healed forearm on @asherdawnwilde . One of my favorite birds in America has been the mourning dove. For past half a decade I have had a bonded mourning dove pair nest on my roof. I love listening to their hooting. I was so happy to finally tattoo one of these beautiful birds. (P.s. here in Southern California it is a full on hooting season. My mourning doves have been fairly quiet since a great horned owl move in the the evergreen on my yard. Big hoots). Done with @bishoprotary packer using their 3rl cartridges
Another day at the forest. My mind rests among the trees. Today the winds blew strong and the mist and low hanging clouds wrapped around the mountains. So serene.
Progress. / / Los Angeles, CA

New full leg predrawn inspired by murder of crows.

Did you know that a group of raven or crows is called “a murder”? There are several different explanations for the origin of this term, mostly based on old folk tales and superstitions. In some folktales crows will gather and decide the capital fate of another crow, as well as predicting the death of humans. But the term “murder of crows” mostly reflects a time when groupings of many animals had colorful and poetic names suc...h as: an ostentation of peacocks, a parliament of owls, a knot frogs, and a skulk of foxes.

There are various legends and superstitions relating to crows. As scavengers crows often circled battlefields and would land on dead shoulders. According to a folktale a crow that would eat the eyes of a dead person would as a gift replace sight of a blind person. This belief fought against the negative stigma that had followed ravens and crows.

Crows through history have appeared in various cultures around the world. Middle Ages they were perceived and feared as allies of witches, or praised by shamans as guiding sprits and ancestors. Part of ancient Finnish shamanistic rituals was to channel the spirit of the crow by placing the brains of 3 crows inside an elongated “magic hat” that the shaman would wear while transforming themselves as part human part crow. Crows were also used to ward off illness and bad luck.

For all questions relating to predawns, custom tattoos, rates, availability and locations (including quest spots) please email me and my assistant Eryn at at or click “contact” button on my IG bio. @ Los Angeles, California

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Progress on underwater leg sleeve - black and grey with heavy black elements. Bottom from a year ago, top fresh. On the top of the thigh you will be able to see outlines of my freehand fishes turning in to their final form and flow. I have been super exited about this project and looking forwards to adding non to it. / Los Angeles, CA @bishoprotary packer machine + @davincineedles 3rl

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