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Creative Guide: SARA FABEL, naked self • tattooed everything

SARA FABEL is an Australia-based Finnish model, illustrator, tattoo artist and actress.

Espoo born and bred she’s been spending her late teenage years in Helsinki. After a while, at the age of 18, Sara started traveling around the world thanks to her studies and working as a model.

After appearing in dozens of magazines and music videos, she’s now part of Reykjavik Boulevard “Creative Guide for Curious People“.

Sara Fabel on Reykjavik Boulevard "Creative Guide for Curious People"

Hell has NO fury is Sara Fabel’s brand that promotes self-awareness along with atheistic and agnostic belief system. But let’s find more about this talented artist in our dedicated interview!

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Pictures credits by Peter Coulson © All rights reserved to the artist, for more browse on Sara Official Facebook Fanpage!

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Your first project, last project and future project: how would you describe them?

I cant really put down what my very first project would have been. Time gets blurred after a while and I lose track of the linear structure of it. Projects merge together and further the past gets from the present harder it gets to separate individual achievements.  

Currently I have multiple projects. Preparing for few art exhibitions, reading and writing essays, as well as writing my book, which is, at the moment still a bud, waiting to blossom in to a flower… If ever, it might end up growing in to something horrific and grotesque. I’m also shooting a movie called Parlor, which is scheduled for theatrical release in 2014.  

For the future, I will keep it open… Life tends to take its own path.

What do you find inspiring and how would you describe your lifestyle?

I don’t particularly find my lifestyle inspiring, but rather exhausting. Constant traveling and burning health and patience from both ends, like a candle you one day know to melt away. 

What would you probably be today if you hadn’t followed your dreams of being an illustrator / tattoo artist apprentice and model, or what is your actual dream?

To be an illustrator wasn’t my dream, merely an escape from a bad situation. I studied to be a teacher but due circumstances wasn’t allowed to teach… I find my life to be a series of unexpected adventures… So I adventure, year to year, not particularly aiming for goals or dreams, but rather flowing through inspirations and projects.

Can you tell us the most interesting artists that you’ve found in your career until now and the best events you took part?

I find inspiration in anybody who can challenge or manipulate the way I think. Truly challenge, not merely offer ideologies and empty words in attempt to shock. Not just artist, but people who posses strong well studied ideologies. I was born in southern Finland and spend majority or my early years between Espoo and Helsinki. Around the age of 18 I moved to Australia due the exchange program I had in my University – from there I kept traveling. 

I can’t really put places in the order of preference. I find good and bad from every place I go to. Depends on the people and circumstances surrounding the travels, which often can blur the experience relating to the actual location. I’ve had fun in places, that normally I would find boring in dull, mainly due the crew I was with. I think I’d love to visit New York again to have a better understanding of the city, as my last visit was merely a slur of work and nighttime adventures. 

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