Atalaya Mountain (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)

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Atalaya Mountain
Atalaya Mountain.jpg
Atalaya Mountain from Atalaya Trail
Highest point
Elevation9,125 ft (2,781 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence721 ft (220 m) [1]
Coordinates35°40′04″N 105°52′35″W / 35.667693°N 105.876366°W / 35.667693; -105.876366Coordinates: 35°40′04″N 105°52′35″W / 35.667693°N 105.876366°W / 35.667693; -105.876366[1]
LocationSanta Fe County, New Mexico, U.S.
Parent rangeSanta Fe Mountains
Sangre de Cristo Range
Southern Rocky Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Santa Fe
Easiest routetrail hike

Atalaya Mountain is a mountain peak located in the Pecos Wilderness [1] within the Santa Fe National Forest, in northern New Mexico, United States. It is part of the Santa Fe Mountains in the Sangre de Cristo Range, a subrange of the Southern Rocky Mountains. A relevant viewscape from the city of Santa Fe, there are no higher peaks between the city and Atalaya Mountain to the east. Viewed from the city, Atalaya Mountain is framed by Sun Mountain to the right (south), Picacho Peak to the left (north), and Thompson Peak behind it. Atalaya Mountain is accessible by following the Atalaya Trail,[2] or via the Dale Ball Trails from the direction of Picacho Peak and trail marker number 36.

trailhead sign
view from Atalaya

Toponymic Note[edit]

Atalaya is a spanish term meaning Watchtower. Variant names include Cerro Atalaya, and Cerro de la Atalaya. In the Tewa language, Ogapogeping, and Pogeping. [3]


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