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'The abolition of quality smothers the exceptional man in his youth and turns him into a cynic' November 2021

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We continue our journey in which I have various people on to read and comment on Harold Saltzman's 1972 book, Race War in High School: The ten-year destruction of Franklin K. Lane High School I welcome Thomas777 for Part 4 this Friday the 21st at 8PM EST
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The Ancient Family/City is a great read on the development of culture. What we see as rights generated by the enlightenment today were initially developed over centuries of myth and tradition. The enlightenment disposed of myth and tradition and claimed the development of rights
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My latest at Substack “We ignore culture at our own peril”
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The amount of libertarians that ignore culture and family has always been bizarre to me. I do believe it's the foundation for prosperity, especially for children. Ignoring how important that is to the average person can only hurt.
Diversity is our strength
This is someone who has no idea what culture is From first-hand experience, when you are under the delusion that you are an anarchist, or that anarchism will ever be a thing, you limit what you read to what exists in the anarchist milieu Step out and read Spengler and Yockey
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Replying to @undercrownt52
What if I told you Culture is a real thing, but what you believe to be your Culture has been so conditioned by government you no longer have a spontaneous cultural identity?
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