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Ross Mullan
Mullan at the East Coast Comicon
OccupationActor and puppeteer

Ross Mullan is a Canadian-British actor and puppeteer, known for portraying multiple White Walkers on the HBO television series Game of Thrones in its second through fourth seasons. He has appeared in episodes of Doctor Who and in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans .


Early life

Mullan grew up in Montreal and attended Children’s Theatre in the West End of Montreal. Later he did the theatre program at John Abbott College and then Ryerson University for their Theatre program. [1]


After completing University he moved to Ottawa and worked at the Oddyssey Theatre developing skills in mask and puppet movement theatre.[ citation needed ]

Mullan moved to the UK on a whim after going there on vacation. He immediately started touring with theatre companies all over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia doing musical productions of David Copperfield, Gulliver’s Travels, and Sherlock Holmes. He later transitioned to television doing puppet for a show called Dinotopia, the effects department wanted someone to animate this dinosaur and make it emote like a person.[ citation needed ]

Ross also played Orsino in l, Bath Theatre Royal's production of Twelfth Night , the title role of the Selfish Giant for Leicester Haymarket Theatre and brought the critically acclaimed play Thick from the Edinburgh festival to New York City with sold out performances.

Ross played the role of the 'Numbertaker' in the children's show, Numberjacks. The Numbertaker is a parody of The Undertaker, and is a live-action man (with an exaggerated top hat and a white robe), who removes numbers (or numbers of things).

He also played Nev The Bear as a co-starring actor in Smile (British TV series) in 2002 and again in 2007, alongside Barney Harwood, on another show called, Bear Behaving Badly.

He played Pemphredo, one of the three blind Stygian witches, in Clash of the Titans (2010); one of the werewolves in Howl ; and The Silence and The Teller on Doctor Who . [2]

In June 2012 he played a White Walker in "Valar Morghulis", an episode of the HBO television series Game of Thrones . He would reprise the role in the May 2013 episode "Second Sons", in which he is notably killed by episode killed by Samwell Tarly. He would play a different White Walker in the April 2014 episode "Oathkeeper". [3] [4]

He provided the voice of Nev the Bear on CBBC's Bear Behaving Badly . [2] As of 2018 he is teaching animation at University for the Creative Arts, in Farnham. [5]

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