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King K Rool.jpg Shiver me timbers!
The Numbertaker is about to be sucked up by the King K. Rool Cannon!


The Numbertaker, formerly known as Ross Mullan, is an insane guy who stole clothes from a B-rate rock band. The Numbertaker takes numbers, and does bad things to them.


At some point, Ross went insane, went to an asylum, broke out of an asylum, and stole clothes from a rock band. He later learned to teleport, and taught Baldi how to do it. At some point he offended the Numberjacks, who somehow need reminding who he is every time he shows up.

Eventually, he discovered that, if he teleported onto somebody, he could send that person to Dimension 666, and people would somehow think he was the guy who vanished. He used this power to become a Pedophile, first trying to date a married woman, then trying to take a kid by impersonating their teacher. On both attempts, he was defeated by the Numberjacks, and was eventually chased out of the school by a man in a bear suit (actually the real Pedo Bear, who was protecting his turf).

The Numbertaker later participated in The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and was one of the people who killed C2, but was eventually executed by Mr. Rogers. He was revived a few days later but a few years later he died again from childhood obesity and hasn't been revived since.

the number takers song

Number taker, Number taker, have you seen the Number taker?

Taking all the numbers he can see?

Picking, nicking, getting, netting

He’s as mean a Numbertaker as can be.

With his number-sucker-upper,

He’s a number f**ker-upper

He’s as mean a Numbertaker as can be!

Taker or maker?

Sometimes, he’s been observed adding numbers instead of subtracting. His intentions are far from benign, though; he still changes numbers to cause misery.

Ways to defeat him

  • Make him spin too fast
  • Make a clone of him, then have the two Numbertakers suck each other
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