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When Roger Federer Revealed the Retired Player He Wants to Compete Against

By 2 months ago

Ever since Roger Federer came onto the ATP Tour, he has played against many tennis players. But he has also not had the opportunity to play against many other players especially the tennis legends who played before him. Check out which tennis legend would the Swiss Maestro play against if he had the opportunity.

Who Would Roger Federer Play Against?

Roger Federer was asked if he could play a ‘dream match’ against any other player in the history of tennis in their prime, which player would he play against? He thought about this question for some time and replied by saying,

“There is something intriguing about playing against Bjorn Borg. It’s just because I have heard so much about him and he retired so early. And he was so incredibly good for the game that playing Bjorn Borg would be very very special for me.”

Bjorn Borg was one of the most dominating players of his time. He has won 11 Grand Slams and has also set numerous other records to go along with those trophies. So, it should come as no surprise that Federer would want to play against him if he ever got the chance.

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Interestingly, Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg share an amazing record at Wimbledon. They are the only men to have won the event 5 times consecutively. The Swiss Maestro came very close to going past him in 2008 but sadly, he lost to Rafael Nadal in what has been considered the greatest tennis match ever played.

Right now, Roger is focused on holding another record – the record for the most Grand Slams. This is a record that he has been holding for a very long time but Rafa has gotten extremely close to beating it after his win at the 2019 US Open.

He will definitely be looking to extend his lead but sadly, he will not be doing it this year. This is because he did not successfully recover from knee surgery. But hopefully, he will do it when he returns in 2021.

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