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Complete Mississippi River Cruise

New Orleans, LA to St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN to New Orleans, LA

22 Days / 21 Nights

Cruise Overview

The echoes of riverboat travelers from a bygone era resound as we travel the full length of the Mighty Mississippi. As ten states glide past your vantage point on the sun deck, admire what has been the subject of numerous works of art and the backdrop for countless American novels.

From the vibrant cultural center of the “Big Easy” to the dramatic landscapes of the Upper Mississippi, experience life as it once was on the western frontier.  Our expert guides will take you to the grand southern plantations, stately antebellum houses, and Civil War battlefields of the Lower Mississippi. Taste the finest Cajun and Creole and enjoy mouth-watering Memphis BBQ as you travel to the birthplace of Jazz, Blues, and Rock–n-Roll.

Cruising up the river, Hometown Americana takes center stage. Relive the adventures of Mark Twain’s time on a trolley ride through Hannibal, his boyhood hometown. Experience the legacy of John Deere in Davenport and the Victorian-era elegance of Dubuque. As we continue north, pasture gives way to forest and the wild life of Minnesota and Wisconsin comes into view.

Just as it was in Mark Twain’s day, every cruise on the Mississippi River is unique due to fluctuating river conditions that can have an impact on our itinerary. The river has a mind of its own and our sailing schedules must adapt to it. This is part of the adventure and American Cruise Lines will always work to provide a seamless travel experience.  

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Complete Mississippi River Cruise Itinerary


Inaugurated 2021
Guest Capacity 175
Rooms 91
Common Areas 6
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Complete Mississippi River Cruise

22 Days - 21 Nights One Way 22 Ports of Call

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