Sergio Parra reveals a world of truth that seems like a lie - Tira Milles -

Sergio Parra reveals a world of truth that seems like a lie – Tira Milles

The world is so big and so full of unexplored wonders

strangers that appear to be a lie or taken from a fictional book.

But fiction is not a pale reflection of reality. you just gotta know

look, be curious or pay attention to all those things that we don’t usually collect

conventional tourist guides. With this philosophy, it is not necessary

travel to the other side of the world to discover something wonderful: just

pick up a carton of milk at the convenience store to come back with a

good story to tell.

Accompanied by the guide (and a little weird) Sergio Parra, we will travel through

the most curious places on the planet, some far away, others here at

side, but all fantastic, strange, implausible, typical of a

fantastic novel. Places like a street in London that declared the

independence from the uk, a tenth floor hidden housing estate

of a building, a store where you can only buy rubber duckies,

a Turkish province wants its borders to be in the shape of a logo

from Batman, a hotel that guarantees you that it is free of germs or other

where half of the bed is in one country and the other half in another

different, a lake that exists thanks to a nuclear explosion, a city

where people are called Adolf Hitler, Lincoln Stalin or Burger King, or

even a locality whose name contains the greatest number of signs of

exclamations (spoiler: it’s the Canadian municipality of


Author of the book Real places that seem fake, Sergio is

scientific broadcaster, publisher of digital content and curious about the best

meaning of the term (and sometimes also in the worst). Moreover, as himself

he says, he is always attracted by the very large, the very small or…

have Christmas lights. Come travel with him!

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