Interviewing Rúben Dias was A Dream Come True | India

Interviewing Rúben Dias was A Dream Come True

Ruben Dias

The opportunity to work with GOAL as a trainee Manchester City correspondent for the business end of the 2021/22 Premier League season, has been an invaluable and a surreal experience from start to finish.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this campaign becoming a part of my professional learning curve, was something that I could not have even dreamt of. It has given me the perfect platform to kickstart my potential career in the field of sports journalism.

A holistic learning experience

The campaign was primarily focused on sports writing and audio-visual content creation in the modern age of social media. Throughout the campaign, I wrote articles on general as well as detail-oriented topics. From Manchester City’s Elite Youth Development squad’s PL2 title-winning season, and their academy’s overall dominance in the English footballing pyramid, to writing detailed statistical comparisons between players from the past and the present.

The audio-visual content comprised of previews and reviews of City’s matches in the Premier League, a quiz, prediction-style videos, and the highlight of my campaign, interviewing Ruben Dias himself. Undoubtedly one of my core memories, his inspiring words made me believe in my potential abilities, alongside understanding the importance of discipline, consistency, and hard work to achieve success.

Learning from the very best

Under the watchful guidance and mentorship of GOAL’s Global Manchester City Correspondent Jonathan Smith and GOAL India’s correspondent Soham Mukherjee, I learned the various techniques and subtle nuances of writing articles and acquiring the skills required to become a successful journalist. A journalist whose writing is clear, effective, based on thorough research, and optimized for the internet.

To sum it all up, this campaign has been an unforgettable journey for me. I’m extremely grateful for being provided with this opportunity, one which has instilled tremendous self-belief and equipped me with the tools to fulfill my dreams in the future.