You can join SecondLife via the web page given here:

If you want to invite friends to join, then please do share the link above with them.

The Team

In-World Locations

Help for those new to Second Life may be found here.

If you need help with Firestorm viewer, please refer to this page for the many ways in which you can get help. We also offer classes on how to use the viewer. See this page for the schedule and in-world locations.

Firestorm Beta Testing

Firestorm Gateway for New Residents

The Firestorm Gateway is a Community Gateway for new residents coming into Second Life where we provide a safe and welcoming learning environment. Help is freely given for users on any viewer by our Gateway Helper volunteers.

New Helper Applicants are required to have been in Second Life for at least 1 year and go through a process that includes filling out an application (which requires some knowledge of the Gateway regions and basic knowledge of second life) and following through a series of steps and training. The final step would be an interview with the Gateway HR Manager at which time both sides would discuss and determine if being a volunteer helper is right for you. If both sides agree at this point you would become a member of the Firestorm Gateway Team.

Previous Gateway Helpers that have left the team for any reason: If you have been gone longer than 6 months or more you will need to start the process over again and reapply. If you have been gone for 3 - 6 months, you will need to contact the Gateway HR Manager about coming back. If you are accepted back this will likely include a brief interview and a retake of part of your helper training. If you have been gone under 3 months and are accepted back, you can begin as a helper again after reading through any changes that have been made in your absence.

If you are interested in applying to join as a helper, please complete the form.

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