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Oi! The Album
Oi! The Album.jpg
Compilation album by
various artists
LabelEMI, Captain Oi!, Cleopatra

Oi! The Album is a 1980 Oi! compilation album, released in 1980 by EMI, then re-released by Captain Oi! and Cleopatra Records on CD in later years. It was conceived and compiled by then Sounds columnist Garry Bushell who had coined the phrase "Oi!" to denote what he called a new breed of working class punk rock with "terrace" or mob choruses. Of the bands labeled Oi!, Bushell had managed the Cockney Rejects and went on to manage the Blood.

The album was ultimately the first in a series, followed by Strength Thru Oi! (Oi 2, 1981), Carry On Oi! (Oi 3!, 1981) and Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! (Oi/4, 1982), although none of these sequels have been re-released.

Track listing[edit]

Side One
  1. "Oi! Oi! Oi!" - Cockney Rejects
  2. "Rob a Bank (Wanna)" - Peter and the Test Tube Babies
  3. "Wonderful World" - 4 Skins
  4. "Have a Cigar" - The Postmen
  5. "Daily News" - The Exploited
  6. "Generation of Scars" - Terrible Twins
  7. "Guns for the Afghan Rebels" - Angelic Upstarts
  8. "Sunday Stripper" - Cock Sparrer
Side Two
  1. "Last Night Another Soldier" - Angelic Upstarts
  2. "Chaos" - 4 Skins
  3. "Here We Go Again" - Cockney Rejects
  4. "Isubleeeene" - Max Splodge & Desert Island Joe
  5. "Beardsmen" - The Postmen
  6. "Where Have All The Bootboys Gone" - Slaughter & The Dogs
  7. "Bootboys" - Barney and The Rubbles
  8. "Intensive Care" - Peter and the Test Tube Babies
  9. "I Still Believe in Anarchy" - The Exploited

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