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    Beverly Hills, CA, US

    Saban Theatre

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    Staten Island, NY, US

    St. George Theatre

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    West Palm Beach, FL, US

    Kravis Center - Dreyfoos Hall

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  • Neil Sedaka is a singer and songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, New York, U.S who was born on March 13th, 1939. Since 1957 he has since become one of the most acclaimed and succesful songwriters of his generation, and still tours the world performing live while well into his seventies.

    Born to a Jewish family in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, Neil Sedaka was recognised as a musical prodigy from a young age. After working for six months at a branch of Abraham and Straus, Sedaka’s mother saved up enough to buy a piano for the young Neil to practise on, and it’s safe to say that it proved to be a wise investment. Sedaka was soon playing his piano in every moment he could, and even successfully auditioned to study a weekend course for children at the Julliard School of Music, however he was not interested in playing the classical music that Julliard, not to mention his mother, wanted him to play. He was becoming obsessed with pop music, and while his mother disapproved, he soon was making a career out of it when a neighbour of his introduced him to Howard Greenfield, an aspiring poet. Together the duo began writing songs, and soon afterwards they had become a songwriting duo in New York City’s legendary Brill Building, the birthplace of pop music.

    The late 50’s and early 60’s were especially kind to Sedaka, who also became a recording artist in his own right in 1957. He released his debut solo single “The Diary” in 1958, which was the first in a long string of smash hit singles that would continue throughout the following decade thanks to hits like “Oh Carol!” and “I Go Ape”, which was his first top ten hit in the U.K. While also recording and releasing hit singles as a solo artist, Sedaka was also active in writing for other artists like Connie Francis and Jimmy Clanton. This would save his career in the mid to late 60’s, when the British Invasion of bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones kneecapped his career and caused him to be dropped from his label as a solo artist. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 1970’s that his career as a musician would pick up again, beginning with commercial success in Australia, then the United Kingdom, before finally achieving success in his homeland again with the album “Sedaka’s Back” and the number one single “Laughter In The Rain”.

    Ever since then, Sedaka has remained one of the most lasting successes the pop music world has ever seen. He continues to release album after album and embarks on tour after tour, and while the success of them has varied, he always finds a way back to the top in the end. The 21st century alone has seen him enjoy a stint as a guest judge on American Idol, and was even more succesful back in the U.K. His and Howard Greenfield’s song “(Is This The Way To) Amarillo” became one of the biggest hits of the decade thanks to the comedian Peter Kay using it as the 2005 Comic Relief charity single. Clearly, Sedaka is the very definition of both an artist and a star, we’ve always been lucky to have him around, and nearly 60 years after his debut in pop music, he still comes highly recommended.

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Live reviews

  • Neil Sedaka

    The timeless Neil Sedaka has been a staple on American stages since the 1950s. A doo-wop, rock'n'roll and pop icon – he's written over 500 songs, both for himself and for other artists, including “Is This The Way? (To Amarillo)” – the prodigal, Juillard-schooled pianist and vocal entertainer is one of America's most enduring talents. At 75, he's still touring and unleashing the tunes of yesteryear. Endless charisma, disturbing amounts of skill and a knack for pop perfection has cemented Sedaka as a monumental figure in rock'n'roll history. Originally a teen star, Sedaka's career has been tumultuous, stuffed with ups and downs. One thing that has been a constant is his passion and dedication to putting on a live show. He's performed at tiny bars and in front of tens of thousands at the Proms in Hyde Park, and wherever darkness has arrived, he's managed to stumble out clinging to a silver lining. Crooning through his classic tracks like “Oh Carol”, “Calendar Girl”, “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” and “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”, you'd never guess that he's 62 years into his career – famously, he's kept his vocal chords in immaculate nick.

    Neil Sedaka is a living legend, one of the true greats, and one of the few remaining megastars from the '50s and early '60s – seeing as he's still relentlessly trucking around the world, there's really no reason to not catch him perform. He might not be as lithe as he was once upon a time, but he's still able to enthral.

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  • It was a fantastic performance. There was a variety of music...from the old rock and roll classics to some wonderful new additions. I loved the classical piano addition!

    Such a multitalented performer with a genuine, humble and gracious attitude. I hope I will have the opportunity to see him again.

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  • What a brilliant performance! Such a marvellous musician, writer and entertainer. It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend. I would recommend going to see Mr Sedaka if you're lucky enough to still obtain tickets to any of his concerts. A throughly enjoyable evening! Thank you Mr Sedaka!

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  • Excellent show went with my family enjoyed every single minute with Neil . He was worth every Penney and he gave a great wonderful performance from his heart . He broughte back many great memories and he is and always will be one my my favorite singer . God bless him .

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  • Fantastic show, really enjoyed the set list including all his hits and some funny stories thrown in too!

    Wished there was a band to back him up rather than just him and a piano but that being said he is an amazing pianist.

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  • He's still got it! I took my father to this for his 70th birthday and Neil did not disappoint. He has great stage presence and interacts a lot with the crowd. It was a pleasure to see this legend.

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