Is Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's beef over? 'Lavish' audio leak sparks collab rumors, fans ask 'is this real?'

Fans couldn't believe their ears when a short clip of the collab track, said to be titled 'Lavish', was making the rounds on Twitter

                            Is Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's beef over? 'Lavish' audio leak sparks collab rumors, fans ask 'is this real?'
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The beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, two of the biggest and most successful female rappers in the world, might finally be coming to an end. If latest reports are to be believed, Cardi and Nicki are on their way to end the debate on who's a better rapper by squashing their long-running beef. The news of the two rappers coming to an understanding first surfaced when Cardi teased an upcoming collab on Twitter. She wrote, "Since ya mad ..imma give ya something mad to be about …..This next single and coll- ….Gonna have ya sick….since ya here."


Cardi fans immediately started to guess who the secret collaborator might be with many saying that Nicki will feature alongside the 'WAP' hitmaker in a new track. Now, according to a report by HotNewHipHop, Cardi potentially has a new single with Minaj set to come out soon. This purported track, tentatively titled 'Lavish', had an information page on the hip-hop website Genius before being taken down for unknown reasons.

On Twitter, fans of the rappers couldn't stay calm as news of the upcoming single spread. One excited fan tweeted, "That rumoured Cardi B and Nicki Minaj collab... something to live for i think." But what truly caught the attention of the fans was a small leaked snippet of the track 'Lavish' that made its way online. It hasn't been confirmed by any source if the leaked snippet, which is only a few seconds long, is genuine, but that didn't stop fans from sharing it across social media platforms.

One such fan, tweeting the unconfirmed leaked media, wrote, "Nicki Minaj & Cardi B - 'Lavish' (Produced by Mike Will Made it) leak. Y'all is this real?" while another, sharing a different part of the leak, excitedly said, "I FOUND ANOTHER LEAK!"




One fan said, "I’m literally gonna die of excitement if it is." Another excited fan wrote, "What the world would look like if this collab is for realzeez...the world is NOT ready."





The snippet of the song, though only a few seconds long, has both Nicki’s famous grunt and Cardi’s iconic shout. This is still not enough to confirm that the song is genuine as just about anyone can put together a beat and lace it with the popular ad-libs from both rappers. It is said to be produced by hip-hop hit-maker Mike Will Made It.

Rumors of the song 'Lavish' have also reignited the pleas of fans for Cardi to release her sophomore album. Ever since her last album, 2018's 'Invasion of Privacy', the rapper hasn't released another record due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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