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Neo-psychedelia is a broad term referring to developments in Psychedelia since the early 1980s, building on the drug-inspired styles developed in the 1960s. The term initially referred to Post-Punk and Jangle Pop artists like The Soft Boys and The Church who brought in influence from Psychedelic Pop and Psychedelic Rock, combining clean electric guitars and pop songwriting with the use of reverb, distortion, or other effects. Through the decade, neo-psychedelia would parallel developments in Alternative Rock, including a mid-1980s scene in California known as the Paisley Underground, and a Space Rock revival led by groups like Spacemen 3 and Loop. In the late 1980s, it would also contribute to the psychedelic sound of the Baggy / Madchester scenes, which combined a surreal sonic environment with the upbeat rhythms of Alternative Dance and a drug-fueled rave culture, and was a major influence on Primal Scream's landmark 1991 album Screamadelica.

The 1990s featured several strains of neo-psychedelia, though all still remained fairly rooted in its Rock beginnings. In the UK, Shoegaze built on neo-psychedelic techniques and the similarly reverbed Dream Pop, along with the guitar distortion of Noise Pop, to become its own fully fledged genre, but there were also artists like Spiritualized and The Verve with a more purely neo-psychedelic sound that focused on studio effects and grandiose arrangements. Neo-psychedelia would also become a major factor in the American underground with a variety of interrelated styles, from the Elephant 6 collective and The Brian Jonestown Massacre's 1960s pop worship to Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips, whose psychedelic sound was initially noisier and less refined, before shifting to more orchestrated and experimental styles in line with their British counterparts.

The focus of neo-psychedelia would shift in the 2000s, with greater use of Electronic instruments, synthesizers, and effects by artists like Broadcast and, later in the decade, Fuck Buttons. At the same time, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and James Ferraro defined an offshoot of neo-psychedelia that would come to be known as Hypnagogic Pop, whose grimy, lo-fi sound hearkened back to the 1980s. Another key figure in 2000s and later 2010s neo-psychedelia would be Animal Collective, whose eclectic sound drew from Psychedelic Folk before shifting in a more experimental, electronic-inflected direction which often pushed the boundaries of the genre beyond its Pop and rock roots.

In the 2010s, neo-psychedelia continued to be a force in alternative and even popular music, as artists like MGMT and Tame Impala found major success. The more electronic side of the genre would also be a major influence on the rise of Chillwave, which in turn was an influence on the dreamy, reverb-laden sound of Cloud Rap. At present, neo-psychedelia encompasses a wide variety of styles of music and influences, but these are unified by their common origin and similar usage of instruments and effects to create their psychedelic sound.
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Released Artist Title Reviews Ratings Score
1979 The Teardrop Explodes Sleeping Gas / Camera Camera / Kirkby Workers Dream Fades 4 104
1979 The Soft Boys A Can of Bees 19 853
1979 The Teardrop Explodes Bouncing Babies / All I Am Is Loving You 2 96
1980 The Psychedelic Furs Sister Europe / **** 3 183
1980 The Soft Boys Near The Soft Boys 1 52
1980 The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight 91 4,270
1980 Plasticland Mink Dress / Office Skills 11
1980 The Teardrop Explodes When I Dream / Kilimanjaro 3 125
1980 The Delmontes Tous Les Soirs 1 14
1980 The Soft Boys I Wanna Destroy You / (I'm An) Old Pervert (Disco) 5 221
1980 The Church She Never Said / In a Heartbeat 1 48
1981 The Salvation Army AM Radio
1981 The Delmontes Don't Cry Your Tears / So It's Not to Be 1 15
1981 The Salvation Army Happen Happened 1
1981 Green on Red Two Bibles 29
1981 Various Artists A Splash of Colour 1 47
1981 F. Yasumura Pre-Chaos 9
1981 Nick Nicely D.C.T. Dreams / Treeline 1 44
1981 Plasticland Color Appreciation / The Mushroom Hill 4
1981 The Frantic Elevators Searching for the Only One / Hunchback of Notre Dame 5
1981 The Deep Freeze Mice Teenage Head in My Refrigerator 3 118
1981 The dB's Dynamite / The Fight 45
1981 Plasticland Vibrasonics From Plasticland 4
1981 MAL Compendium Maleficarum 1 18
1981 Belle Star Be In / Sweet Paranoia 2
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