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Monty is a masculine given name, often a short form of Montgomery, Montague and other similar names. It is also a surname.

Monty may refer to:

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  • Monty Alexander (born 1944), Jamaican jazz pianist
  • Monty Banks (1897-1950), Italian comedian and film producer born Mario Bianchi
  • Monty Beisel (born 1978), American former National Football League player
  • Monty Betham (born 1978), New Zealand boxer and former rugby league footballer and junior world karate champion
  • Monty Brown (born 1970), American retired professional wrestler and former National Football League player
  • Monte Collins (1898-1951), American film actor and screenwriter also credited as Monty Collins
  • Monty Fariss (born 1967), American retired baseball player
  • Monty Grow (born 1971) American former football player
  • Monty Hall (1921–2017), Canadian-born television game show host Monte Halperin
  • Monty Halls (born 1966), English TV broadcaster, explorer and marine biologist
  • Monty Lewis (born 1963), collegiate head football coach from c. the early 1980s to the present
  • Monty Lewis (1907–1997), Welsh-born American artist
  • Monty Montgomery (baseball) (born 1946), American retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Monty Montgomery (producer) (born 1963), American film producer, director, actor and screenwriter
  • Monty Norman (born 1928), singer and film composer best known for composing the "James Bond Theme"
  • Monty Oum (1981-2015), American animator, director, and screenwriter
  • Monty Oxymoron (born 1961), keyboardist for the English punk rock group The Damned
  • Monty Powell (born 1961), American country music songwriter

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