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La Costa Daurada


From March 23rd to 31th

Welcome to Mundialito, where many international football stars took their first professional steps.


  • A real world cup

    Teams joining us from all around the world, young males and females stars will play the most prestigious youth football tournament.

    Mundialito World (1.200m2) will be full of special areas that you can’t miss, including the official Museum, playground, bars and more!

  • Week of football and fair play

    Mundialito has become a social phenomenon.

    Almost 9 days of football and vacations for families during Easter Holidays.

    Thousands of visitors come every year to enjoy Mundialito, where sporting values are present.

  • La Costa Daurada

    International Capital of Football

    The world meets here! A big reunion of families and thousands of participants.
    La Costa Daurada waits for you with open arms to play an unique tournament and to enjoy all the wonderful places of the Catalan Coast.



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    Stars Factory

  • Stars factory

    We’re on our 30st edition and it’s time to share with the world that more than 100,000 players between boys and girls have played in our tournament, coming from the five continents and almost 100 countries.

    According to our records, there are more than 1,000 players that have become profesional football players and that were part of Mundialito when they were young.

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    Stars Factory

  • 8000










As in previous years, the Football Federation from Catalonia will be in charge of the referees designation.

Breathtaking round of penalties between FC STEAUA BUCAREST and AC MILAN.

Audience success for women’s football in Esport3 broadcasts.


"What a wholesome envy I feel of you! You have an unforgettable week to live! Happy young people playing football, enjoying each other in a marvelous country, in the idyllic Algarve. I can only tell you: enjoy every second, Mundialito is providing you with a football and human experience without comparison. I will try to attend the tournament. I will try to support my son and his team and also. I will try to embrace all of you during this week, the children who have to be the happiest kids in the world. With friendship."

José Mourinho


"Mundialito is a unique experience for children that attend this tournament every year. Competition and winning are left in a second place the important thing is to live something magic with the children of your age coming from other countries and cultures. My best wishes for our team, Atlético de Madrid. I hope everybody enjoys a lot."

Diego (Cholo) Simeone
Atlético de Madrid´s coach


"I would really like to be with you to enjoy this nice experience because, for me, football was, is and will always be my great passion. A big hug from your friend Diego Maradona."

Diego Maradona
Former Football Player. Former Team Director of the Al Wals (UAE)