Actor Mike Mitchell Dies of Heart Attack 7 Days After Pfizer COVID Vaccine Booster

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Actor Mike Mitchell Dies of Heart Attack 7 Days After Pfizer COVID Vaccine Booster

Actor Mike Mitchell, a former Mr. Universe who went on to appear in films such as Braveheart and Gladiator, died Friday, July 23rd of a heart attack at the age of 65, just one week out from his 3rd COVID vaccine dose.

The bodybuilder lived on a boat in Turkey with his wife. He recently announced he was proud to take part of an experiment to ‘save lives’, by getting the much-mentioned “booster dose” of the COVID vaccine on July 16th.

Boosters are being talked about because the vaccine’s real world effectiveness is lower than previously advertised.

He was found dead just 7 days later.

Early reports called his death natural causes, which is now stating heart attack. There is nothing natural about a heart attack 7 days after a vaccine.

According to his facebook, the actor’s first 2 doses were Sinovac, and the third was Pfizer because, “That’s what they recommend.”

According to TMZ, the rep says:

“It was very hard to believe … The sudden death of an international actor we managed, an honest person, a real actor, a true friend, my dear friend, has saddened us deeply. I’ve always been honored to be your manager. I wish patience to you wife, dear Denise Mitchell, and your children. Getting to know you and gaining your friendship is invaluable. Sleep in the lights. RIP.”

In light of recent news from the CDC that an outbreak in Massachusetts produced more cases in the vaccinated, than unvaccinated, it’s confusing that health authorities are promoting more vaccine doses for people, and that people are falling for it.

A person is being asked to bear all the very serious risks of the vaccine AND the infection they are more likely to contract.

There is no data that vaccinated people are experiencing a lower overall mortality rate than unvaccinated. A vaccinated person may not die of COVID-19, because they may never be diagnosed with it because of their vaccine status, but they may also die from something like a blood clot or a heart attack.

The vaccinated most likely have a much higher overall mortality rate than the unvaccinated at this time, because COVID deaths in people younger than 65 represent a very small percent of total deaths.

More and more reports of heart attacks and heart inflammation have been occurring in close temporal association to the COVID vaccines, which use an mRNA technology that instructs your body to produce the spike protein, the “S” protein that is expressed on the Sars-CoV-2 virus’ surface, and what is the part of the virus that causes disease.

The spike protein competes for the ACE-2 receptor, and once attached can infect the cell. It is thought that the spike protein which attaches to various sites in the body can itself cause harm, with or without the virus.

It was previously thought that most of the vaccine contents stay at the injection site, but we know this not to be true. In fact, even classical vaccines do not stay at the injection site.

The spike proteins your cells make from the mRNA does in fact circulate and has been causing heart issues and clotting issues in people of all ages.

Heart attacks are caused by the blood supply to the heart being suddenly interrupted, usually by a blood clot.

Vaccine reactions and injuries, like so many health injuries, take time to evolve and grab your attention.



The injuries caused by smoking and alcohol build over time. I don’t know why people expect a vaccine injury to be immediate. Everything takes time. In this case, the blood clots that are formed inside your body may be imperceptible at first, but they are no less dangerous.

Although some physicians are performing post vaccine D-Dimer tests to see if clotting occurs, and about half of patients tested show signs of blood clotting.


Watch this video to learn more about blood clots:



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