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Mike Howe (1965–2021), lead singer for Metal Church

by Linnea Crowther

Mike Howe was the lead singer for the heavy metal band Metal Church.

Metal Church

Howe joined Metal Church in 1988, replacing their previous lead singer, David Wayne. Previously a member of the band Heretic, Howe was with Metal Church when they scored a Billboard 200 hit album with 1989’s “Blessing in Disguise” and when they signed with major label Epic Records in 1991. When Metal Church broke up in 1996, Howe left the music world and worked as a carpenter while raising his family. Later, Metal Church reformed, and Howe joined them in 2015. He recorded two more albums with the band before his death.

Howe on rejoining Metal Church in 2015

“It was awesome for me because my oldest son was 18 when I came back to Metal Church and he came to shows. I took him on the first Monsters of Rock Cruise that I did and that was the greatest thing for me. I could tell he had a great time and it’s something I’ll never forget.” —from a 2020 interview for Loudwire


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