The last statistics update is null, and now?

Miguel Gavinhos 211 Reputation points

Why is StatisticsUpdatedate is null? How to fix it ?

The script is :

SELECT *, OBJECT_NAME(object_id) AS [ObjectName]
,[name] AS [StatisticName]
,STATS_DATE([object_id], [stats_id]) AS [StatisticUpdateDate]
FROM sys.stats;

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  1. Miguel Gavinhos 211 Reputation points

    I can observe that user tables without records get StatisticUpdateDate = null, but I have user tables with records that StatisticUpdateDate = null.

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  1. Tom Phillips 17,606 Reputation points

    That is perfectly normal. It just means the stats have not been updated since they were created.

    Are you having an issue of some kind?

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  2. Miguel Gavinhos 211 Reputation points

    It looks by design, and I can see that I have a bunch of user tables with a persistent statistics update date = 'null' that by no method can I get it changed from null to a date. I'm not saying that it is always or never I have no data to support this statement. The methods are and sp_MSforeachdb 'use [?]; exec sp_updatestats'. I'm I missing something?