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Best mattress for Sciatica?

Posted by4 days ago

Best mattress for Sciatica?

Hello all! I’m trying to decide on a new mattress. My current mattress is 15 years old. I know, it’s way over due for a replacement. So I’ve recently experienced horrible back and leg pain and was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs with sciatica. Any recommendations on what kind of mattress might be good for my back? I’m heavier, and a side sleeper. I’ve looked into memory foam, but so many people say they sleep hot, and as someone who is hot most of the time anyways, I don’t want to be super hot every night. Although, I’ve also heard memory foam can be good for back pain. Any recommendations you all could give me would be appreciated. There’s almost too many mattress choices these days. The decision is a tough one.

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I posted this in a other thread, but my hubs and I were in the same boat. He started hurting really bad in November and wasn't able to sleep in our prior bed. We have since discovered sciatica issues and is still going to physical therapy for it.

PREV POST : I just switched my Tuft and Needle for the latex hybrid from Brentwood Home. To me, it does feel more firm but still comfortable. In the T&N I would sink a little and sweat like crazy. In the 3 nights I've been on this one, I haven't sweated. It also has better support on the edge which is great for me since my husband and dogs all roll into my side and almost push my off nightly. It came rolled up in a box but good lord it was SO HEAVY! I have Ehlers Danlos and dislocated my shoulder and pulled something in my rib area pulling it out of the box. It has a year trial period as well and is decently priced. I did buy a different base than what I had before, so I dont know if my old mattress would feel different setting on this, but oh well. My husband has been sleeping better on this mattress as well. He has a really bad sciatica issue and has been sleeping on the couch since Thanksgiving but is now sleeping in the bed again. For size reference, I am 5'7 195 lbs and hubs is 6' 220 lbs. I sleep still and he violently tosses and turns (but not as much lately, thank god...I felt like I was sleeping on a gym mat while gymnasts were training). I hope this helps!

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195 lbs is 88.53 kg

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I think memory foam is best for most chronic pain patients I talk to. That said it every chronic pain patient likes it. But you can get it with cooling then put a natural fiber pad & sheets on with a fan blowing (just in the room, mine isn't pointed at me) to circulate air. I find phase change the best cooling tech but that's a personal preference. I think many times people say memory foam sleeps hot without acknowledging 1. Any type of bed can sleep hot it's about the specific bed, & 2. If you're willing to make small tweaks memory foam can sleep cooler.

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My best suggestion is a hospital bed, I just had my back surgery for the same thing but mine was L5-S1.. All jokes aside I would recommend a softer memory foam with cooling , that is what I have and it really helped me before my surgery. I am also a side sleeper and I too sleep hot.. Best bed I have ever got.. its not a name brand bed.

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Could I ask where you bought it? I'm just curious

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Posted by6 days ago

At the end of last year, I ordered a Purple 4. I returned it and documented the reasons for that here (

I considered a few different beds and opted for the Queen sized Winkbed Softer. The experience has been exceedingly positive. I'm over a quarter of the way through my sleep trial but I have no plans to return the mattress at this time.

I'm an athletic 32 year old male. Primary side sleeper, 5'10" and my weight varies between 165-180lbs depending on how I've been eating and my level of physical activity. I'm pretty active physically: military vet, bartending on weekends, full-time college student, gym 5 days a week.

The issues I had with the Purple 4 have been solved with the Winkbed. In particular, the upper back pain ceased immediately and that's likely due to the softer top and bottom zones combined with the firmer middle zone that make up the zoned support of this particular model.

While the surface of the Winkbed is all around much softer than the Purple 4 (for someone of my height/weight), the support for the hips/lower back is excellent. In the past, I've had issues with memory foam models (especially the Tempurpedic Cloud Lux Breeze) which failed to support my lower back/hips. That led to considerable lower back pain. This potentially contributed to the development of some disk issues as well. The solution was to sleep with a pillow between my legs which led to a moderate improvement in comfort and pain relief. This was not a viable long term solution, though. It led to heat retention which was already an issue since I was sleeping on memory foam. With the Winkbed, I'm happy to report that I do not sleep with a pillow between my legs and have perfect support for both my lower back as well as my upper back.

Now lets discuss sleeping hot and I have to go off on a bit of a tangent here. I have always been a very hot sleeper. Last year, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. It had been going on for many years but I didn't realize what it was. I didn't wake up "choking" (a common symptom) but I was constantly waking up from my own snoring or waking up in a sweat, breathing hard, fight or flight response fully engaged. This would often occur right after I entered a REM cycle and had started dreaming. I thought I was dealing with some post-military issues, having bad dreams, or maybe I was just weird. Since addressing the sleep apnea, my hot sleeping has been almost completely fixed. I say all of this as a PSA for the hot sleepers out there. You may just be a hot sleeper but consider other potential causes for your hot sleeping. Fixing them could lead to a dramatic improvement in your quality of life.

As for hot sleeping and the Winkbed specifically, it absolutely sleeps warmer than the Purple. The Purple grid is unparalleled in it's ability to sleep cool. You're essentially sleeping on a type of plastic. It simply does not retain heat like other materials. That being said, between addressing my sleep apnea and sleeping with a fan on low (mostly for the white noise and the comforting feeling of a slight breeze on my face) the Winkbed does not sleep hot for me. The comfort and softness of the upper layer combined with the pain relief that I've experienced make the Winkbed a tremendously better sleep experience despite retaining more heat than the Purple. If you got the Luxury Firm or Firm models, it would likely sleep even cooler than my Softer model. It should also be noted that the Winkbed does not retain nearly as much heat as the full memory foam beds that I've owned in the past, especially the Tempurpedic. This is certainly due to the Winkbed's hybrid design.

Some other things I've noted:

- Winkbed makes these beds to order. I ordered it on Wednesday, February 5th and I received it Friday, February 19th. Decent turn around considering potential COVID constraints and the 'made to order' nature of the process.

- UPS delivered the bed to my apartment complex. They did not deliver it to my apartment. I had to flip it end over end to get it up my stairs. The package weighs about 100lbs (queen size) and I probably could have just hoisted it without flipping it over and over but the exterior of the package was falling apart due to melting snow from where UPS left it (a real USPS kind of move if you ask me). Plan for such an eventuality if you live in an apartment/condo complex.

- Winkbed's customer service chat was responsive and helpful.

- If you're around my height and approaching 190lbs or more, you should probably opt for the 'Luxury Firm' model. 250lbs+: probably the Firm model. If you're around my height and less than 190, the softer model may be for you. Always remember that reviewers who talk about weight are only telling you half the story if they don't also mention height. If you're 6'5", 190lbs, you may want a softer bed. If you're 5', 190lbs, you probably need more support. Consider this when you buy.

- The Winkbed's pillow top has a number of valleys and grooves. I don't know if there's a technical name for these. You can plainly see what I'm talking about if you look at photos of the bed. These are imperceptible when you're laying on the bed EXCEPT when it comes to your feet and ankles. This is actually a good thing. It allows me to move my legs around to areas the bed that perfectly support the angles of my calves and feet. Hopefully that makes sense.

- The Purple 4 had incredible bounce. If mattress reviewers had a category for 'Best Bed For Sex', the Purple 4 should probably be towards the top of that list. The Winkbed Softer does not nearly that level of bounce. It's not as completely static as a memory foam bed but the response is considerably more subdued like most hybrid beds.

- Building on responsiveness, on a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being almost no motion transfer and 10 being an earthquake every time you move, I would give the Winkbed a four. My previous Tempur Cloud Lux Breeze was close to a one. The Purple 4 was closer to a five.

- I bought sheets from Purple when I purchased the bed last November. I wash my sheets once a week. The sheets are already falling apart. They have small holes and are coming apart at the seems. DO NOT BUY SHEETS FROM PURPLE.

- I'm still using the Purple mattress protector and it seems to be working quite well.

That's it. Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there. Comment if you have a question and I'll try to get back to you. Good luck with your mattress shopping!

Posted by2 days ago

I've been looking around for mattresses on sale, especially tempurpedic, and couldn't find them on sale.

A matress firm employee told me that they have a hard say on sales, and pricing and I believe him. It's tough to find a good deal on them, but:

Someone on here recommended I try going to an AAFES or whatever we have on base (I'm in the Navy and we have NEX/Same deal as AAFES)

Right now the NEX is running a sale 15% off most home furniture, but if you spend $2,000 they'll give you 25% off.

What was originally $2099 on a queen tempuradapt medium mattress I saved a little over $500 on, thanks to you guys, and didn't pay taxes either. (So I bought it for $1600)

For anyone who can't go on base the next best recommendation would be Costcos version of Tempurpedic, or google"TempurpedicSale" which is a site ran by Tempurpedic on brand new close out models.

I almost pulled the trigger on one of those.

Anyways thank you sooooo much for the recommendations guys.

(Here's proof too)

Posted by4 days ago

I am looking for a new king mattress. I’ve been sleeping on a queen size nectar for about a year and a half now. I have never really been a fan. I am an athletic build(dense) 205lb, 6’4” with broad shoulders and any time I sleep on my side for more than about 30 minutes my shoulders start to hurt and my arms start to go numb. I have been reading about Purple but I am open to any suggestions! Can anyone recommend a more pressure relieving mattress that sleeps cooler?

Posted by2 days ago

Currently doing research for a new mattress.

Insanely overwhelmed and also discouraged the more I learn about how much smoke-and-mirrors there are in this industry. It seems like no matter what, you’re probably getting ripped off or not getting what your sold.

Because of the above, I kinda want to just buy a tempur pedic because they seem like the industry standard.

Are they? Or am I missing something?

Posted by5 days ago

We have a tuft and needle (original) queen sized bed but are looking to upgrade to a king. My wife prefers really firm beds, but also just wants to buy a mattress in a box because she loathes salesmen and wont step foot into a mattress store.

So we are starting to look at all of our options and I have read a couple articles about hybrid beds being more firm than foam beds, but i was wondering how they're shipped. My T&F was just rolled up in a box which was pretty sweet, but since hybrids are filled with springs I was wondering how they were shipped. Are they shipped flat or somehow rolled up?

Also - are they in fact more firm than foam beds? I myself am leaning into my late 30s and my lower back is starting to ache when I wake some mornings so I might need something supportive than what we have.

Posted by1 day ago

Person #1: Male, 53 years, 175#, 5’7” mostly side sleeper, back snorer, sometimes on stomach when pushed over (by me;) Now has neck and shoulder pain.

Person #2: Female, 52 years, 140#, 5’ 4” start out on side, tosses and turns all night. Now have shoulder pain. Used to have hip and shoulder pain. Night sweats now too!

*Getting old is hell...

For 20 years had a coiled mattress (no idea the firmness). 2 years ago, got a mattress, (again no idea the firmness-but started the pain in my hips and shoulders. And...the dips in our sleeping sides rolled me and him into the middle. For 6 months have been sleeping on a firm Tempur-pedic and convinced this is what’s causing our aches in the neck and shoulders.

Open to 4K IF IT IS THE RIGHT MATTRESS? We do not want dips! I need to stay cool.

I have no idea and, like you, overwhelmed! Please help? Thanks to all who reply :)

Posted by6 hours ago

Does it really work? Do you miss you on finishing details that affect the mattress over time? Do you ideally need to sew or have some expertise with other forms of DIY?

It sounds so inexpensive and appealing to have control over the quality of materials and be able to swap them out. But does it really work?

Is it hard to get things shipped? Do you need a truck?

Do the layers slide around?

Does it look strange without sheets (I know part of the purchase is a cover, but still)?

I’m very tempted to consider this route, but skeptical of how easy it sounds when it’s mentioned in the comments. Would love to hear your real experiences!

I’m a 200lb side sleeper with back pain who wants to make a switch from an original (2015) Queen Casper.

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Posted by14 hours ago

Hi all, no dedicated pillow sub so posting here. 5'11 side sleeper with average frame looking to spend u to $150. Any advice on the best pillows out there?


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