Matt Vogel: Speaker & Educator


Speaker & Educator

Presenter Matt Vogel provides honest, engaging, wellness-based programs on a variety of health related topics.  He can facilitate programs with college students, high school students, professionals, and community groups.  

Matt does not take a fear or shame-based approach to his presentations; rather, he encourages personal empowerment, critical thinking, and community health.


Matt Vogel, MA, has worked in higher education for 17 years in both student and academic affairs. He teaches university courses related to substance use and health. Matt is a lively and sought-after speaker, and regularly presents at conferences, universities, and high schools on a variety of health-related topics, including substance use, relationships, harm reduction, sleep, and stress. In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, being physically active, engaging conversations, challenging his own views, and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.


Having lived in the world of higher education budgets I’m sensitive to money spent on programs.  Who you bring to campus is an important decision and should consist of careful consideration.  My fees are generally based on what is expected of me on a campus, travel logistics, etc.  To get the process started please contact me by email.  

In return for my speaking fee you will be provided with high quality programs that connect with your specific campus needs and student population.  Most of the schools I’ve presented at have had me return for follow-up presentations.

In addition, it’s always nice if I can get a pass to your campus recreation center.  This allows me to have informal interaction with some of your students, and most importantly I can move my body after traveling.

I intentionally don’t work with a representative agency because I like direct communication with schools I visit.  

You can be ensured I will effectively communicate with you in order for my visit to be smooth.  


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  • TCU - March 2020 - multiple presentations for student groups, psychology classes, and student affairs professionals
  • University of Florida  (remote session) -February 2020 Student Affairs graduate students - current trends in substance use 
  • Illinois Higher Education Center - December 2019 - Webinar facilitator - Synthetics 101: An Exploration of Trends and Impacts
  • University of Missouri - Beta Theta Pi Fraternity - November 2019 - Substance Use, Mental Health, and College Life
  • University of California - Riverside; Voicing Collegiate Recovery - November 2019 - Webinar facilitator: Cannabis 101: Current and Future Considerations for College Students
  • The Winchendon School - November 2019 - 4 student sessions, 1 faculty training - mix of health-related topics
  • Oregon Episcopal School - October 2019 - student sessions on media literacy and health, parent session on substance use
  • The Barstow School - September 2019 - 4 student sessions, 1 faculty training, 1 parent session - mix of content related to substance use, relationships, impacts of technology and social media on health, loneliness, and social connections
  • Madrone Trail Charter School - September 2019 - Media Mindfulness presentation for faculty and parents
  • Oregon Episcopal School - Senior, Junior, and Freshmen Retreat(s) keynote speaker - September 2019 - multidimensional topics with all grades
  • Jackson County Transition Center - July 2019 - Staff Retreat keynote speaker - Stress | Sleep connection and impacts
  • La Clinica staff training - June 2019 - full day substance use education training for approximately 50 health-care professionals
  • Illinois Higher Education Center full day training - May 2019 - Substance use education training with professionals across the Illinois Higher Education system
  • NE Oregon Tour - April/May 2019 - 11 lectures in 4 days. High Schools, professional trainings, community groups in Wallowa, Grant, and Baker Counties
  • Real Talk Drug Education Series; Ashland High School - Feb/March 2019 - 5 part educational series for high school students and families
  • The Siskiyou School - February 2019 - Sleep Revisited: Impacts on Academics and Performance
  • NASPA Webinar facilitator - November 2018- Say Know: A Contemporary Look at Cannabis and the College Environment  
  • Eastern Oregon University – October 2018 – 2 presentations. One for general student population and one for all student-athletes. “Wellness and Substance Use 101”
  • La Grande High School – October 2018 – “Substance Use and 12th grade, next steps in life”
  • Union County Safe Community Coalition – La Grande, Oregon – October 2018 – “Cannabis and Youth professional training”
  • The Winchendon School – October 2018 – 4 presentations for each high school grade; focus on health/technology/substance use. Faculty training on “Sleep Health and Adolescence”
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – October 2018 – “Bystander Intervention, Healthy Relationships” – Junior Class Relationship Retreat
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – October 2018 – Freshmen Wellness Day speaker – “Substance Use 101”
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – September 2018 – “Substance Use 101, Health/Wellness, and Social Constructs of College Life” – Senior Class Retreat
  • TCU – April 2018 – multiple substance use related presentations for staff, one for students.
  • NASPA Strategies Conference – January 2018 – “The Highs and Lows of Collegiate Cannabis Prevention Efforts: Lessons Learned from Two Adult States”
  • University of Redlands – November 2017 – “Substance Use and College Life” – Staff training and large campus presentation
  • Florida Atlantic University – October 2017 – “Substance Use and College Life” – Staff training and large campus presentation
  • Queens University of Charlotte – October 2017 – mix of topics (Relationships, Substance Use, Bystander Intervention)
  • The Winchendon School – Winchendon, MA – October 2017 – A number of different presentations to students, faculty, and staff
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – September 2017 – “Substance Use 101 & Social Constructs of College Life” – Senior class retreat
  • American College Health Association National Conference – June 2017 – Conference presenter – “Cannabis on Campus: Practical Approaches to Prevention”
  • Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery – May 2017 – Webinar facilitator – “Exploring the Changing Landscape of Marijuana Prevention & Education”
  • Union County Schools – April 2017 – Multiple presentations and a community/parent training – Cyberbullying, Responsible Technology Use, Current Substance Use Trends
  • Hybrid Learning Consortium Conference – April 2017 – “Current Trends in Substance Use” and “The Adolescent Brain and Technology”
  • Eastern Oregon University – January 2017 – multiple presentations with specific student groups (Student-Athletes, general student population)
  • The Winchendon School – Winchendon, MA – October 2016 – A number of different presentations to students, faculty, and staff
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – September 2016 – “Substance Use 101 & Social Constructs of College Life” – Senior class retreat
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – Junior class relationship retreat – October 2015
  • Madrone Trail School – September 2015 – Media and the Developing Child – Medford, Oregon
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – September 2015 – “Substance Use 101 & Social Constructs of College Life” – Senior class retreat
  • The Barstow School (Kansas City) – March 2015 – mix of topics (Substance Use, Healthy Relationships)
  • Interlochen Center for the Arts – November 2014 – mix of topics (Substance Use, Healthy Relationships)
  • Queens University of Charlotte – October 2014 – mix of topics (Relationships, Substance Use, Bystander Intervention)
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – Junior class relationship retreat – October 2014
  • Pacific Coast College Health Association conference – October 2014 – 2 presentations - Current Trends in Substance Use
  • GOBHI Behavioral Health Summit – Pendleton, OR – October 2014
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – September 2014 – “Substance Use 101 & Social Constructs of College Life” – Senior class retreat
  • 2014 GOBHI Spring Behavioral Health Conference – Bend, OR – May 2014 – “Just Say Know: Exploring Young Adult Challenges & Opportunities”
  • University of Nevada – Reno – April 2014 – A series of presentations and small-group sessions relating to Health, Relationships, Bystander Intervention
  • Virginia Alcohol & Beverage Control; A Different Kind of Buzz College Tour Conference – April 2014 – Bystander Intervention & Community Health
  • Hearts with a Mission – March 2014 – group discussion with teens about substance use, health, and brain development
  • Eastern Oregon University – February 2014 – four presentations; substance use, relationships, media literacy
  • NASPA Region 1; Men & Masculinities Conference – University of New England – October 2013 – “Gender Dynamics and Substance Use”
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – September 2013 – “Substance Use 101 & Social Constructs of College Life”
  • Eastern Oregon University – May 2013 – Mix of topics, mostly Alcohol/Drug related
  • Oregon Institute of Technology – May 2013 – Health Relationships and Communication
  • Oregon Episcopal High School – Portland, OR – October 2012 – “Media, Relationships, and the Developing Adolescent Brain”
  • Oregon Institute of Technology – October 2012 – “Alcohol, Consent, and Safety: What’s the Connection?”
  • Pacific Coast College Health Association conference – Las Vegas, NV – October 2012 – “The Reemergence of Psychedelic Research and the Implications for Prevention and Treatment”
  • Oregon Institute of Technology – May 2012 – “Bystander Intervention: How to Help”
  • University of Nevada – Reno – February 2012 – multiple presentations; Greek Life, Football Team, Marijuana training with staff
  • January 2012 – NASPA National AOD/Mental Health Conference – Atlanta, Georgia – “The Reemergence of Psychedelic Research and the Implications for Prevention and Treatment”
  • University of Wisconsin – La Crosse – December 2011 – Two presentations; Alcohol and College Life, and keynote for the Res Life Leadership and Sustainability Conference
  • Central Michigan University – November 2011 – “Just Say Know: Alcohol, Drugs, and College Life”
  • University of Dubuque – September 2011 – multiple presentations related to Alcohol and Other Drugs as well as Sexual Health
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee: August 2011 – Drug/Alcohol and Bystander Intervention training for Residence Life staff
  • University of Nevada (Reno) – March 2011 – “In the Know: Drinking and College Life”: 3 total presentations (2 staff trainings, and an evening presentation for students)
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee: February 2011 – Training for Residence Life staff: Examining Bystander Behavior related to alcohol, drugs, relationships, and wellness
  • The APPLE Conference: Promoting Student-Athlete Wellness and Substance Abuse Prevention – Charlottesville, VA: January 2011 – “Adderall® to Zoloft®: Prescription Drugs and Student-Athletes”
  • U.S. Department of Education: Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools National Meeting – National Harbor, Maryland: October 2010 – “From Just Say No to Just Say Know: Why College Students need Pragmatic, Honest, and Realistic Drug Education Programs”
  • UW-La Crosse National Residence Hall Honorary Induction – May 2010 – “Connecting Wellness and Leadership”
  • University of Wisconsin – Green Bay – February 2010 – “Weed, Speed, and Beyond: Drugs and College Life”
  • University of Wisconsin Board of Regents – December 2009 – “Alcohol and College Life”
  • International Drug Policy Reform Conference – November 2009 –  “Schools, Education and the Drug War”
  • University of Wisconsin System Symposium – September 2009 – “Trends in non-Alcohol Drug Use”
  • Onalaska School District – May 2009 – “Sustaining a Health Life”
  • Wisconsin College Personnel Association (WCPA) conference – September 2008 – “Alcohol and Today’s College Student”


I like to present on a variety of health topics, but I do have my favorites.  Due to the intersecting nature of most health topics, many of the following topics can be combined. 

I am not protective of my time as a speaker.  I’ve done everything from a single campus presentation to four presentations over the course of two days.  If you’re interested in bringing me to your campus I encourage you to communicate directly with me your needs, and how I can serve your organization best.


  • First-year students for orientation programs
  • General student population
  • Student-Athletes
  • Greek-affiliated students
  • RA trainings
  • Classroom visits
  • Trainings with student leaders and/or staff & faculty


  • One of my favorite topics
  • Harm reduction, non-preachy perspective
  • Can tailor each presentation to target audience (ex: first-year students, student-athletes, Greek-affiliated students)
  • Don’t present this topic in a vacuum – many connected topics such as media literacy, relationships, safety, and critical thinking
  • I’ve taught upper-division substance-use classes for years and stay current with trends


  • This presentation is tailored based on the age of the audience
  • Snapshot of current research
  • Overview of new/trending products
  • Can present to youth
  • Can facilitate a professional training on this topic


  • A summary of current research related to sleep & stress
  • Impacts on cognitive & physical performance
  • Tools for stress management & sleep health


  • Exploration of how pop-cultural representations impact our behavior and perception around interpersonal relationships
  • Impact of technology/social media on interpersonal connection and relationships


  • An overview of health from a multidimensional perspective and how they overlap (ex: mental health and physical health)
  • Can focus more on specific dimensions of health based on desire of the school
  • Focus on balance & quality of life


Bianca Newton

Program Manager, Alcohol & Drug Education

Texas Christian University

Kevin Meier

Coordinator of AOD Education and Outreach Northwestern University

Alicia Jordan

Dean of Students

Humanities Faculty

The Winchendon School

Matt is easy to work with and a wealth of knowledge.  Our students enjoyed his presentation, which was engaging, packed full of information and relatable for college aged students.  He also facilitated staff training which were well received and sparked a lot of conversations on our campus.”

"Matt is the most open-minded, nonjudgmental, down to Earth person I know. I believe it is these traits that allow him to be so well received when speaking on the topics of alcohol, drugs, and other areas of wellness.

He has the ability to engage and inspire many to think critically about health and wellness issues, and leaves a lasting impression on those he interacts with. Having the privilege of learning from and working with Matt during graduate school is the reason I am in the field of health promotion today."

"Matt Vogel is a gifted orator, presenter, and professional.  Without a doubt, he will deliver an engaging, inspirational, and up to date and timely presentation with students or faculty.

From the outset, Matt will tailor his work with what your organization needs; he is a pleasure to work with and very accommodating.  We have had exceptional experiences each and every time he was on campus."

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