2023 Major League Baseball season

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2023 MLB season
LeagueMajor League Baseball
DurationMarch 30 – November 1, 2023
Number of games162
Number of teams30
TV partner(s)Fox/FS1
MLB Network
Streaming partner(s)Apple TV+
Top draft pickPaul Skenes
Picked byPittsburgh Pirates
Regular season
Season MVPNL: Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL)
AL: Shohei Ohtani (LAA)
AL championsTexas Rangers
  AL runners-upHouston Astros
NL championsArizona Diamondbacks
  NL runners-upPhiladelphia Phillies
World Series
ChampionsTexas Rangers
  Runners-upArizona Diamondbacks
World Series MVPCorey Seager (TEX)
MLB seasons

The 2023 Major League Baseball season (MLB) began on March 30.[1] The 93rd All-Star Game was played on July 11, hosted by the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, with the National League winning, 3–2.[2] The regular season ended on October 1, and the postseason began on October 3, and ended with Game 5 of the World Series on November 1. This season saw the introduction of several rule changes: in an effort to create a quicker pace of play, a pitch clock was introduced along with other minor changes, while limits on defensive shifts and larger bases were also introduced.


On August 24, 2022, Major League Baseball released its 2023 schedule. There are 162 games scheduled for all teams. This will be the first MLB season of a new balanced schedule in which every team will play each other at least once, similar to the NBA and NHL. The new balanced schedule includes 13 games against their division rivals, totaling 52 games. Each team will play six games against six opponents and seven games against four opponents in the same league for a total of 64 games. Each team will also play 46 interleague games, including a four-game home-and-home series against their designated interleague rival.[3]

As part of the "MLB World Tour", the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres played a two-game series at Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium in Mexico City on April 29–30, while the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs played a two-game series at London Stadium in London on June 24–25. The 93rd All-Star Game was played on July 11, hosted by the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.[3] The MLB Little League Classic featured the Philadelphia Phillies against the Washington Nationals on August 20. The Nationals won the game 4–3.[4]

Opening Day, March 30, featured all thirty teams, the first time since 1968 that every team has started their season on the same day.

The MLB at Field of Dreams game was not held in 2023 due to the construction of a new youth baseball and softball complex at the Field of Dreams site near Dyersville, Iowa.[5]

Rule changes[edit]

On September 8, 2022, MLB announced a set of rules changes that will take effect in 2023.[6]

  • A pitch clock was introduced, with these requirements:
    • A standardized period of 30 seconds between batters within each half-inning.
    • A timer between pitches of 15 seconds with the bases empty, and 20 seconds with at least one runner on base.
    • The pitcher must start his motion before the expiration of the pitch clock. A violation will result in an automatic ball.
    • The batter must be in the box and alert to the pitcher with no less than eight seconds remaining. A violation will result in an automatic strike.
    • With runners on base, the timer resets if the pitcher attempts a pickoff or steps off the rubber (collectively called a "disengagement").
    • Only two disengagements are allowed per plate appearance; however, this count resets if a baserunner advances. Mound visits, injury timeouts, and offensive team timeouts do not count against this.
    • On a third disengagement, an unsuccessful pickoff attempt will cause that runner to advance one base.
    • If a team has used up all of its allowed five mound visits by the ninth inning, it receives an extra visit in the ninth.
    • Umpires can provide extra time if circumstances warrant.
  • Infield shifts are restricted:
    • The defensive team must have no fewer than four players in infield positions, with at least two on each side of second base.
    • All infielders must have both feet on or inside the outer edge of the marked infield while the pitcher is on the rubber.
    • Infielders cannot switch sides of the infield before a pitch is released.
    • If infielders are improperly aligned at the time of the pitch, the offensive team may choose to accept the result of the play or receive an automatic ball.
  • All three bases will increase in size from 15 to 18 inches (38 to 46 cm).

Further changes were announced on February 13:[7]

  • In regular-season games, the WBSC softball extra innings rule will be in effect, with each extra inning starting with a runner on second base. WBSC, the global governing body of baseball, implemented tiebreakers at international tournaments starting in 2008, and in MLB regular season play, was first used in the COVID-abbreviated 2020 season and again in the lockout-shortened 2022 spring training.
  • The rule that regulates when position players can pitch was tweaked. Previously, position players were allowed to pitch when either team had a lead of at least six runs. Starting with this season:
    • The leading team can only use a position player in this role in the ninth inning and with a lead of at least 10 runs.
    • A team behind by eight or more runs can use a position player to pitch at any time in the game.
    • The use of position players as pitchers in extra innings is unrestricted, as it was under the previous rule.

Spring training[edit]

Spring training for the 2023 season began in late February and lasted through March. Teams began workouts and practice for spring training beginning in late February. Pitchers and catchers reported first, followed by position players a few days later.[8]

Prior to the start of the regular season, each team played between 23 and 32 spring training games, beginning on February 24. There were several times during spring training where a team had two different squads playing different teams simultaneously. In addition to spring training games, teams occasionally played exhibition games with non-MLB teams, such as Minor League Baseball teams, independent teams, or college teams. These exhibition games were not counted in spring training standings. Spring training ended on March 28, two days before the Opening Day.



The Postseason began on October 3 and ended with Game 5 on November 1.[9]


Wild Card Series
Division Series
Championship Series
World Series
1 Baltimore 0
4 Tampa Bay 0 5 Texas 3
5 Texas 2 American League5 Texas 4
2 Houston 3
2 Houston 3
3 Minnesota 2 3 Minnesota 1
6 Toronto 0 AL5 Texas 4
NL6 Arizona 1
1 Atlanta 1
4 Philadelphia 2 4 Philadelphia 3
5 Miami 0 National League4 Philadelphia 3
6 Arizona 4
2 LA Dodgers 0
3 Milwaukee 0 6 Arizona 3
6 Arizona 2

Managerial changes[edit]

General managers[edit]


Team Former GM Reason For Leaving New GM Notes
Detroit Tigers Al Avila Fired Jeff Greenberg On August 10, 2022, Avila was fired after a seven-year tenure as the general manager of the team. Sam Menzin was named interim general manager. On September 21, 2023, Greenberg was named the new GM of the Tigers.[10]
San Francisco Giants Scott Harris Hired by the Detroit Tigers Pete Putila Harris left the Giants for the president of baseball operations role in the Tigers organization. On October 10, 2022, Houston Astros assistant general manager Pete Putila was named the new general manager of the Giants.[11]
Seattle Mariners Jerry Dipoto Promoted to director of operations and front office Justin Hollander Dipoto resigned from his general manager role and was promoted to the director of operations and the front office. On October 2, 2022, assistant general manager Justin Hollander was named the new general manager of the team.[12]
Houston Astros James Click Contract expired Dana Brown On November 11, 2022, the team announced that Click will not be retained. On January 26, 2023, Dana Brown was named the new general manager of the Astros.[13]


Team Former GM Reason For Leaving New GM Notes
Chicago White Sox Rick Hahn Fired Chris Getz On August 22, Hahn and executive vice president Kenny Williams were fired. Hahn and Williams had held their respective titles since 2012.[14] On August 31, White Sox assistant general manager Chris Getz was promoted to general manager and senior vice president.[15]

Field managers[edit]


Team Former Manager Interim Manager Reason For Leaving New Manager Notes
Philadelphia Phillies Joe Girardi Rob Thomson Fired Rob Thomson On June 3, 2022, the Phillies fired Girardi. In two-plus seasons as manager of the Phillies, he compiled a record of 132–141 (.484) with no playoff appearances. Thomson, the bench coach, was named interim manager on June 3. This is his first managerial position.[16]

On October 10, the team announced that they had signed Thomson as manager through the 2024 season after he guided the team to the 2022 World Series in the team's first postseason appearance since 2011.[17]

Los Angeles Angels Joe Maddon Phil Nevin Phil Nevin On June 7, 2022, the Angels fired Maddon. In two-plus seasons with the Angels, he compiled a record of 130–148 (.468) with no playoff appearances. Nevin, the third-base coach, was named the interim manager on June 7.[18] This is his first managerial position.

On October 5, the Angels announced Nevin would be retained as manager for the 2023 season.[19]

Toronto Blue Jays Charlie Montoyo John Schneider John Schneider On July 13, 2022, after losing 10 of their last 13 games, the Blue Jays fired Montoyo. In four-plus seasons with the Blue Jays, he compiled a record of 236–236 (.500) with one wild card playoff appearance in 2020, losing in the Wild Card Series.

Schneider, the bench coach, was named the interim manager on July 13. This is his first managerial position.[20] On October 21, Schneider got the permanent job, and he was signed to a three-year deal.[21]

Texas Rangers Chris Woodward Tony Beasley Bruce Bochy On August 15, 2022, the Rangers fired Woodward. In three-plus seasons with the Rangers, he compiled a record of 211–287 (.424) with no playoff appearances and no winning records. Beasley, the third-base coach, was appointed the interim manager on the same day. This is his first managerial position.[22]

On October 21, the Rangers announced Bruce Bochy as the 20th manager in franchise history, signing a three-year deal. In 25 seasons as the manager of the San Diego Padres (1995–2006), and San Francisco Giants (2007–2019), Bochy compiled a 2003–2029 (.497) record with six division titles, eight playoff appearances, and a playoff record of 44–33 (.571), winning three World Series championships with the Giants.[23]

Miami Marlins Don Mattingly None Contract expired Skip Schumaker On September 25, 2022, the Marlins announced that Mattingly will not return to manage the team in 2023 after seven seasons with the team and only one playoff appearance in 2020.[24]

On October 25, St. Louis Cardinals bench coach and former Major League Baseball player Skip Schumaker was named the new manager of the team.[25] This is his first managerial position.

Chicago White Sox Tony La Russa Miguel Cairo Retired Pedro Grifol On October 2, 2022, the White Sox announced that La Russa would retire because of health issues. He guided them to the 2021 AL Central Division title, making his only postseason appearance with the team in his second stint.[26]

Grifol was hired on November 1. Previously an assistant coach for the Kansas City Royals, this is his first managerial position.[27]

Kansas City Royals Mike Matheny None Fired Matt Quatraro On October 5, 2022, hours after the season ended, the Royals announced that Matheny would not return to the team for a fourth season after three years with the team and no playoff appearances.[28] Matheny ended his three-year tenure with a record of 165–219 (.430).

On October 30, Tampa Bay Rays bench coach Matt Quatraro was named the new manager of the team.[29] This is his first managerial position.


Team Former manager Interim manager Reason for leaving New manager Notes
San Francisco Giants Gabe Kapler Kai Correa Fired Bob Melvin On September 29, the Giants fired Kapler. In four seasons as manager of the Giants, he compiled a record of 295–248 (.543) with one playoff appearance in 2021.

Correa, the bench coach, was named interim manager on September 29 for the remainder of the season. This is his first managerial position.[30]

Melvin was hired on October 25. This will be his fifth managerial position, previously managing in Seattle, Arizona, Oakland, and San Diego, compiling a lifetime managerial record of 1,517–1,425 (.516).[31]

League leaders[edit]

American League[edit]

National League[edit]



  • Trayce Thompson (CWS)/(LAD):
    • As a member of the Dodgers, in his season debut on April 1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Thompson drove in eight runs. He is the first player in Major League history to drive in eight or more runs in their season debut since the RBI became an official statistic in 1920.[32]
  • Anthony Volpe (NYY):
    • With Volpe's stolen base in the seventh inning against the San Francisco Giants on April 2, Volpe became the fifth player since 1901 to steal a base in each of his first three Major League games.[33]
  • Jordan Walker (STL):
    • With a ninth-inning single on April 12 against the Colorado Rockies, Walker has now recorded a hit in each of his first 12 consecutive games to begin his big league career. He joins Eddie Murphy, who accomplished this in 1912, as the only Major League players since 1900 to accomplish this feat before their 21st birthday.[35] Walker's streak ended on April 13 against the Pittsburgh Pirates at 12 consecutive games.[36]
  • Josh Naylor (CLE):
    • Became the first player since at least 1961 to hit a go-ahead home run in the eighth inning or later in three consecutive games, on May 12, 13 and 14 against the Los Angeles Angels.[39]
  • Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL):
    • Became the first player in Major League history to tally 30-plus stolen bases and 15-plus home runs within the first 70 games of a season with his steal on June 16 against the Colorado Rockies.[41]
    • Became the first player in Major League history to record 40-plus stolen bases, hit 20-plus homers, and record 50-plus RBIs before the All-Star break with his steal on July 3 against the Cleveland Guardians.[42]
    • Became the first player in Major League history to record 50-plus stolen bases and hit 20-plus homers before August 1 with his stolen base on July 29 against the Milwaukee Brewers.[43]
    • Became the fourth player in Major League history – joining Rickey Henderson, Joe Morgan, and Eric Davis – to record 20-plus homers and 60-plus steals in a season with his steal on August 28 against the Colorado Rockies.[44]
    • Became the first player in Major League history to record 30-plus homers and 60-plus steals in a season on August 31 with a home run against the Los Angeles Dodgers.[45]
    • Became the fifth player in Major League history to record 40-plus homers and 40-plus steals in a season on September 22 against the Washington Nationals. He joins Jose Canseco (1988), Barry Bonds (1996), Alex Rodriguez (1998), and Alfonso Soriano (2006). Acuña, with this 40th home run, became the first member of the 40-homer/50-stolen base and 40-homer/60-stolen base clubs.[46]
    • With his second stolen base of the game on September 27 against the Chicago Cubs, Acuña reached 70 stolen bases this season. He becomes the first player to join the 40-homer/70-stolen base club.[47]
  • Bobby Witt Jr. (KC):
    • With his 20th home run of the season on August 4 against the Philadelphia Phillies, Witt Jr. became the first player in Major League history with at least 20 home runs and 30 stolen bases in each of his first two big league seasons.[51]
  • Davis Schneider (TOR):
    • On August 6, Schneider became the first player in Major League history to collect at least nine hits and at least two home runs over their first three big league games.[52]
  • José Altuve (HOU):
    • Recorded his 2,000th career hit with a single in the fifth inning on August 19 against the Seattle Mariners. He became the 296th player to reach this mark.[53]
  • Julio Rodríguez (SEA):
    • Set a Major League record for most hits in a four-game span with 17 after his four-hit performance on August 19 against the Houston Astros. Rodríguez broke the record of 16 that was set in 1925 by Milt Stock.[54]
    • Hit his 25th home run of the season on September 4 against the Cincinnati Reds becoming the first player in Major League history to register at least 25 homers and 25 steals in each of his first two seasons.[55]
  • Corbin Carroll (AZ):
    • With his 40th stolen base on August 27 against the Cincinnati Reds, Corbin became the fourth rookie in Major League history to amass at least 20 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a season. He joins Tommie Agee (1966), Mitchell Page (1977), and Mike Trout (2012) to accomplish this feat.[56]
    • Became the first rookie in Major League history to compile 25 or more home runs and 50-plus stolen bases in a season. He accomplished this feat on September 20 against the San Francisco Giants with two stolen bases and a home run.[57]
  • Aaron Judge (NYY):
    • Hit his 250th home run in his 810th career game becoming the fastest player in Major League history to hit the milestone. Judge set the record on September 1 against the Houston Astros, breaking the record that was held by Ryan Howard who accomplished this in 855 games.[58]
  • Giancarlo Stanton (NYY):
    • Recorded his 400th career home run in the sixth inning on September 5 against the Detroit Tigers. He became the 58th player, and fourth fastest in games, to reach this mark.[59]
  • Royce Lewis (MIN):
    • With his grand slam that he hit on September 15 against the Chicago White Sox, Lewis became the first player in Major League history to hit five grand slams within his first 16 career home runs.[60] Lewis also became the first player to hit four grand slams in a span of 18 games or fewer. The prior shortest span in which a player had hit four grand slams was 39 games, by Don Mattingly in 1987.[61]
  • Mookie Betts (LAD):
    • With a two-run double on September 23 against the San Francisco Giants, Betts set the Major League record for most RBIs for a leadoff hitter in a season with 105. He broke the record, of 103, which was set in 2017 by Charlie Blackmon.[62] He finished the season with 107 RBI from the leadoff position.
  • Esteury Ruiz (OAK):
    • Set the American League rookie record for most stolen bases in a season with 67. Ruiz broke the record that was set by Kenny Lofton in 1992.[63]


Perfect games[edit]


  • Matt Manning / Jason Foley / Alex Lange (DET):
    • Combined to throw the ninth no-hitter in franchise history, and the 20th combined no-hitter in Major League history,[70] by defeating the Toronto Blue Jays 2–0 on July 8. Manning went 6+23 innings, throwing 91 pitches with 57 for strikes. He walked three and struck out five. Foley went the next 1+13 innings, striking out one with his 15 pitches (12 for strikes). Lange closed out the no-hitter with ten pitches (nine for strikes) and struck out one.[71]
  • Framber Valdez (HOU):
    • Valdez threw the sixteenth no-hitter in franchise history, and the first by a left-hander, by defeating the Cleveland Guardians 2–0 on August 1. Valdez threw 93 pitches, 65 of them for strikes, while facing the minimum amount of batters, despite allowing a walk. He struck out seven.[72]
  • Michael Lorenzen (PHI):
    • Lorenzen threw the 14th no-hitter in franchise history, and first since 2015, by defeating the Washington Nationals 7–0 on August 9. Lorenzen threw 124 pitches, 76 for strikes, while walking four and striking out five.[73]

Other pitching accomplishments[edit]

  • Tim Herrin (CLE):
    • In his Major League debut on April 2 against the Seattle Mariners, Herrin faced four batters and struck them all out. Herrin became the first pitcher to face at least four batters in his debut and strike all of them out since the mound was moved to its current distance in 1893.[74]
  • Bryce Miller (SEA):
    • Became the third player in Major League history to record 10-plus strikeouts and zero walks in his debut on May 2 against the Oakland Athletics, joining Stephen Strasburg and Johnny Cueto.[78]
    • Became the first pitcher, since 1901, to go at least six innings in his first three Major League starts while giving up one run or less, three hits or fewer, and one walk or fewer in all three games.[79]
  • Justin Verlander (HOU)/(NYM):
    • With his victory against the Cincinnati Reds on May 10, Verlander became the 21st pitcher in Major League history to defeat all 30 teams.[82]
    • Recorded his 250th career win on July 30 against the Washington Nationals. He became the 49th player to reach this mark.[83]
    • Started his 500th career game on August 11 against the Los Angeles Angels, becoming the 50th player in Major League history to reach this mark.[84]
  • Gerrit Cole (NYY):
    • Recorded his 2,000th career strikeout by getting Jorge Mateo, of the Baltimore Orioles, in the second inning on May 23. Cole became the third-fastest pitcher in Major League history to reach this mark (in terms of games pitched and innings) and the 87th pitcher all-time.[86]
  • Craig Kimbrel (PHI):
    • Recorded his 400th career save by closing out the victory on May 26 against the Atlanta Braves. He became the eighth player to reach this mark and also the third fastest (in terms of appearances).[87]
  • Andrew Abbott (CIN):
    • On June 17 against the Houston Astros, Abbott became the first Major League pitcher since 1893 – when the mound was moved to its current distance – to begin his career with three scoreless starts of at least five innings.[88]
  • Eury Pérez (MIA):
    • On June 25, at 20 years and 71 days old, Pérez became the youngest player since at least 1901 to record three consecutive scoreless outings of six-plus innings.[89]
  • Spencer Strider (ATL):
    • Struck out 13 batters on July 20 against the Arizona Diamondbacks and became the first pitcher in Major League history to strike out at least 350 batters in his first 40 career starts. He has totaled 354 strikeouts in his first 40 professional starts.[90]
    • On August 1, Strider became the fastest pitcher in Major League history to amass 200 strikeouts in a season. Strider accomplished this feat in 123+13 innings, breaking the record he set in 2022 in 130 innings.[91]
  • Yu Darvish (SD):
    • With his sixth-inning strikeout of Baltimore's Ramón Urías on August 14, Darvish became the all-time Major League strikeout leader among pitchers born in Japan. With his 1,919th strikeout, Darvish passed the record that was held by Hideo Nomo.[92]


  • Tampa Bay Rays:
    • With a win against the Oakland Athletics on April 9, the Rays won their first nine games by at least four runs, which is the longest such streak to begin a season in the modern era and the longest in Major League history since the 1884 St. Louis Maroons,[96] The Rays defeated the Boston Red Sox 1–0 on April 10, ending this streak at nine games.[97]
    • Won their 13th consecutive game to start a season by defeating the Boston Red Sox on April 13, tying the modern-era Major League record. They became the third team in history to start the season with 13 wins, joining the 1982 Atlanta Braves and the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers.[98] On April 14, the winning streak came to an end in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays.[99][100]
    • With a home run from Randy Arozarena against the Chicago White Sox on April 22, the Rays set the Major League record to hit at least one home run in each of the club's first 21 games of a season. They broke the record of 20 games that was set by the 2019 Seattle Mariners.[101] They did not hit a home run on April 24 against the Houston Astros, ending their Major League record at 22 games.[102]
    • With their win against the Houston Astros on April 24, the Rays set the modern-era Major League record with their 14th straight home win to begin the year. They broke the record of 13 that was set by the 2009 Los Angeles Dodgers. The longest record of all-time is 21 games set by the 1885 Chicago White Stockings.[102] The streak came to an end on April 25 against the Astros.[103]
    • With their win against the Los Angeles Angels on August 18, the Rays became the second team in Major League history to hit into a triple play, give up a gland slam and still manage to win the game.[104]
  • Oakland Athletics:
    • Set the Major League record for the longest streak to start the season without a starting pitcher recording a win at 28 games on April 28 against the Cincinnati Reds, which broke the record that was held by the 2022 Pittsburgh Pirates. The all-time record for the number of consecutive games that a starting pitcher did not record a win is 43 games, set by the 2022 Washington Nationals.[105] On May 5, against the Kansas City Royals, Oakland starting pitcher Kyle Muller was credited with the victory, stopping the streak at 32 games without a win by a starting pitcher from the beginning of the season.[106]
    • Became the third team in Major League history on June 13, and the first since 1895, to win seven consecutive games while entering the winning streak with a sub-.200 winning percentage. The Athletics entered this winning streak with a 12–50 (.194) record. The other teams were the 1895 Louisville Colonels (.192 winning percentage) and the 1885 Detroit Wolverines (.190).[107] Their winning streak came to an end the next night as they lost to the Tampa Bay Rays.[108]
  • Paul Goldschmidt (STL):
    • On June 24, Goldschmidt became the first player in Major League history to play a regular-season game in five different countries: United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and England.[111]
  • Atlanta Braves:
    • Set the National League record for most home runs hit in a month when they clubbed 61 during June. This total was also the third most in Major League history for any month.[112]
    • With their 167th home run on July 7 against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Braves set the Major League record for most home runs hit before the All-Star break. The record was held by the 2019 Minnesota Twins with 166 home runs.[113] The Braves finished with 169 home runs before the All-Star break.
    • On August 13, Sean Murphy hit his 20th home run of the season, becoming the sixth Brave to reach that mark. The Braves set a Major League record with six players having at least 20 home runs in the fewest team games of 117.[114]
    • Broke the National League record for most home runs in a season when they hit their 280th of the season on September 12 against the Philadelphia Phillies. They broke the record that was set in 2019 by the Los Angeles Dodgers.[115]
    • Became the second team in Major League history to have five players hit at least 30 home runs during a season on September 16 against the Miami Marlins. They tied the record that was set by the 2019 Minnesota Twins. The five Braves are: Ronald Acuña Jr., Ozzie Albies, Matt Olson, Marcell Ozuna, and Austin Riley.[116]
    • Became the first team in Major League history to have four players hit at least 35 home runs during a season on September 17 against the Miami Marlins. The four Braves are: Ronald Acuña Jr., Matt Olson, Marcell Ozuna, and Austin Riley.[117]
    • Set the Major League record for most first-inning home runs in a season on September 28 against the Chicago Cubs with 47. This broke the record of 46 that was set in 2019 by the Cincinnati Reds. Matt Olson two-run homer set the record.[118]
    • Tied the Major League record for most home runs by a team in a season with 307. The Braves tied the record that was set in 2019 by the Minnesota Twins.[119]
    • Set a Major League record as they ended the season with a .501 slugging percentage, breaking the record that was held by the Houston Astros.[119]
  • Major League Baseball:
    • Twelve teams scored 10+ runs on July 18, setting the Major League Modern Era record (since 1900) for most teams to post double-digit runs on the same day.[121]
  • Chicago Cubs:
    • Became the first team in Major League history to record 10 extra-base hits and five homers in back-to-back games. The Cubs accomplished this feat on August 1–2 against the Cincinnati Reds.[122]

Awards and honors[edit]

Regular season[edit]

Baseball Writers' Association of America Awards[126]
BBWAA Award National League American League
Rookie of the Year[127] Corbin Carroll (AZ) Gunnar Henderson (BAL)
Manager of the Year[128] Skip Schumaker (MIA) Brandon Hyde (BAL)
Cy Young Award[129] Blake Snell (SD) Gerrit Cole (NYY)
Most Valuable Player[130] Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL) Shohei Ohtani (LAA)
Gold Glove Awards[131]
Position National League American League
Pitcher Zack Wheeler (PHI) José Berríos (TOR)
Catcher Gabriel Moreno (AZ) Jonah Heim (TEX)
1st Base Christian Walker (AZ) Nathaniel Lowe (TEX)
2nd Base Nico Hoerner (CHC) Andrés Giménez (CLE)
3rd Base Ke'Bryan Hayes (PIT) Matt Chapman (TOR)
Shortstop Dansby Swanson (CHC) Anthony Volpe (NYY)
Left field Ian Happ (CHC) Steven Kwan (CLE)
Center field Brenton Doyle (COL) Kevin Kiermaier (TOR)
Right field Fernando Tatís Jr. (SD) Adolis García (TEX)
Utility Ha-seong Kim (SD) Mauricio Dubón (HOU)
Team[132] Milwaukee Brewers Toronto Blue Jays
Platinum Glove[132] Fernando Tatís Jr. (SD) Andrés Giménez (CLE)
Silver Slugger Awards[133]
Designated Hitter Bryce Harper (PHI) Shohei Ohtani (LAA)
Catcher William Contreras (MIL) Adley Rutschman (BAL)
1st Base Matt Olson (ATL) Yandy Díaz (TB)
2nd Base Luis Arráez (MIA) Marcus Semien (TEX)
3rd Base Austin Riley (ATL) Rafael Devers (BOS)
Shortstop Francisco Lindor (NYM) Corey Seager (TEX)
Outfield Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL)
Mookie Betts (LAD)
Juan Soto (SD)
Luis Robert Jr. (CWS)
Julio Rodríguez (SEA)
Kyle Tucker (HOU)
Utility Cody Bellinger (CHC) Gunnar Henderson (BAL)
Team Atlanta Braves Texas Rangers

All-MLB Team[edit]

Players are selected through fan votes (50%) and votes from a panel of experts (50%). The winners is selected based on merit, with no set number of nominees per position and no distinction between leagues.

All-MLB Team[134]
Position First Team Second Team
Starting pitcher Gerrit Cole (NYY) Kyle Bradish (BAL)
Zac Gallen (AZ) Nathan Eovaldi (TEX)
Shohei Ohtani (LAA) Sonny Gray (MIN)
Blake Snell (SD) Kevin Gausman (TOR)
Spencer Strider (ATL) Jordan Montgomery (TEX)
Relief pitcher Félix Bautista (BAL) Emmanuel Clase (CLE)
Josh Hader (SD) Devin Williams (MIL)
Designated hitter Shohei Ohtani (LAA) Yordan Álvarez (HOU)
Catcher Adley Rutschman (BAL) Jonah Heim (TEX)
1st Base Freddie Freeman (LAD) Matt Olson (ATL)
2nd Base Marcus Semien (TEX) Ozzie Albies (ATL)
3rd Base Austin Riley (ATL) José Ramírez (CLE)
Shortstop Corey Seager (TEX) Francisco Lindor (NYM)
Outfield Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL) Adolis García (TEX)
Mookie Betts (LAD) Aaron Judge (NYY)
Corbin Carroll (AZ) Kyle Tucker (HOU)

Other awards[edit]

Fielding Bible Awards[141]
Position Player
Pitcher Zack Greinke (KC)
Catcher Gabriel Moreno (AZ)
1st Base Christian Walker (AZ)
2nd Base Andrés Giménez (CLE)
3rd Base Ke'Bryan Hayes (PIT)
Shortstop Dansby Swanson (CHC)
Left Field Steven Kwan (CLE)
Center Field Kevin Kiermaier (TOR)
Right Field Fernando Tatís Jr. (SD)
Multi-position Mookie Betts (LAD)

Monthly awards[edit]


Wholesale changes[edit]

  • Starting with this season, all Major League teams are limited to four uniform options plus a City Connect uniform. The four uniform options include a home, away, and two alternate uniforms. This excludes throwback and special uniforms that were worn for only one game.[142]
  • The Diamondbacks retired their primary white home uniform without teal elements and replaced it with the alternate teal-trimmed white uniform to comply with the new 4+1 rule.[143]
  • For the 2023 season only, the Marlins announced they would wear their 1993 throwback home uniforms and teal caps for Friday home games, excluding Lou Gehrig and Roberto Clemente Day, in celebration of the franchise's 30th anniversary. The throwbacks would serve as the team's second alternate uniform alongside the black alternate as part of Nike's 4+1 rule.[144]
  • The Twins have made changes to their logo and their uniforms, including a home white set, a primary road gray set with pinstripes, and two new alternate jerseys, one navy blue and one cream, the latter which features "Twin Cities" across the chest for the first time in franchise history.[145][146]
  • The Royals added powder blue pants to wear with the powder blue uniforms in select games.[147]
  • Due to the aforementioned limit on team uniforms, the Mariners retired the gray road uniform and promoted their navy blue tops with gray pants as the primary road uniform. On games where the home team wears a navy alternate, the Mariners would don their Northwest Green alternates.[148][149]
  • The Rangers retired the red alternate home uniform due to the aforementioned uniform limit.[150]
  • The Rays retired the gray road uniform and promoted their navy blue tops with gray pants as their primary road uniform; the Columbia blue alternate tops would be worn if the opposing home team wears black or navy blue uniforms. The 1998 Devil Rays throwback home uniform was promoted to a second alternate, to be used on Friday home games.[151]

City Connect uniforms[edit]

Six additional teams unveiled new City Connect uniforms during the season.[152]

  • The Braves' City Connect uniform featured a modified version of the team's 1974 home uniform, including "The A" script on the left chest and white-paneled blue caps with the blue "A". This uniform paid homage to Hank Aaron's historic 715th home run during the season.[153]
  • The Rangers' City Connect uniform featured a mythical-like creature titled a Peagle, which represents the metro area's two minor league baseball teams before the arrival of the team, the Fort Worth Panthers and the Dallas Eagles. Along with the Peagle, the uniform also features a typographic "TX" on the hat and across the chest, as this is similar to the uniform of the Eagles.[154]
  • The Mariners' City Connect uniform featured a patch on the jersey sleeve featuring Mount Rainier, as well as the letters "PNW", an acronym for Pacific Northwest. The uniform also features the colors of Amarillo, Rush Blue, and Sundown, representing the inaugural colors of the team, as well as the word "Seattle" across the chest in the lettering style of the city's first Major League Baseball team, the Seattle Pilots.[155]
  • The Reds' City Connect uniform features a diamond-shaped "C" on the cap and the jersey sleeve. It also features the word "CINCY" (short for Cincinnati) across the chest. On the collar of the jersey, it features an Ohio Buckeye and the motto of Cincinnati, "Juncta Juvant" ("Strength in Unity" in English).[156]
  • The Orioles' City Connect uniform features an italic "B" (commonly seen on the Orioles Road Jersey) on the cap and the sleeve of the jersey. For the jersey, it features the word "Baltimore" across the jersey. On the collar of the jersey, it features the colors and shapes of Baltimore's Neighborhoods.[157]
  • The Pirates' City Connect uniform features gold jerseys and black pants. The jersey features the abbreviation "PGH" across the chest with a checkered pattern influenced by the city seal that contains the symbols of an inverted "Y", representing the three rivers that meet in Pittsburgh (Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio), and the asteroid, or the diamond star shape, taken from the famous "Steelmark" logo.[158]

Uniform advertisements[edit]

Starting with this season, teams may add advertisement patches to their uniforms.[159] The following teams have announced their uniform advertisements:

Anniversaries and special events[edit]

Team Special occasion
All Teams Jackie Robinson Day (April 15)[176]
Pink Ribbons for breast cancer awareness (May 14, Mother's Day)[177]
Patch for Armed Forces Day (May 20) and Camouflage Caps for Armed Forces Day Weekend (May 19–21)[178]
Poppy for Memorial Day (May 29)[179]
"4–ALS" patch for Lou Gehrig Day (June 2)[180]
"Play Ball" patch in partnership with USA Baseball and USA Softball (June 9–11)[181]
Blue Ribbons for prostate cancer (June 18, Father's Day)
Gold Ribbons for childhood cancer (September 3)
#21 patch for Roberto Clemente day (September 15)
"MLB Debut" patch for players who play their first Major League game[182]
Arizona Diamondbacks 25th Anniversary season[183]
Baltimore Orioles 40th Anniversary of 1983 World Series championship
#5 patch in memory of Brooks Robinson (since September 27)
Boston Red Sox 120th Anniversary of 1903 World Series championship
105th Anniversary of 1918 World Series championship
10th Anniversary of 2013 World Series championship
5th Anniversary of 2018 World Series Championship
Cincinnati Reds 20th Anniversary of Great American Ball Park
Cleveland Guardians Memorial Patch of Longtime fan John Adams (April 7, August 24)[184]
Colorado Rockies 30th Anniversary season
Detroit Tigers Final season of slugger Miguel Cabrera
Houston Astros 2022 World Series championship (March 30)
Los Angeles Dodgers 35th Anniversary of 1988 World Series championship
Miami Marlins 20th Anniversary of 2003 World Series championship
30th Anniversary season
New York Yankees 25th Anniversary of 1998 World Series championship
45th Anniversary of 1978 World Series championship
100th Anniversary of the opening of original Yankee Stadium
Oakland Athletics 50th Anniversary of 1973 World Series championship
"SAL" patch in memory of Sal Bando (white jersey only) (since May 15)[185]
"VIDA" patch in memory of Vida Blue (white jersey only) (since May 15)[185]
Philadelphia Phillies 15th Anniversary of 2008 World Series championship
St. Louis Cardinals #42 patch in memory of Bruce Sutter[186]
San Francisco Giants #36 patch in memory of Gaylord Perry[187]
#14 patch in memory of Vida Blue (since May 15)[188]
Seattle Mariners 2023 MLB All-Star Game
Tampa Bay Rays 25th Anniversary season
Toronto Blue Jays 30th Anniversary of 1993 World Series championship
Washington Nationals "TNL" patch in memory of owner Ted Lerner[189]


The Padres wore 1948 Pacific Coast League throwbacks on April 17 in honor of Johnny Ritchey, who integrated the PCL.[190]

The Pirates wore Homestead Grays throwbacks August 13 in the second game of a doubleheader.[citation needed]

The Giants wore San Francisco Sea Lions throwbacks on August 26.[191]

The Astros and the Royals wore Negro Leagues throwbacks September 16. The Astros wore uniforms of the 1950 Houston Eagles, and the Royals wore Kansas City Monarchs uniforms.[citation needed]

Other uniforms[edit]

All teams and umpires wore #42 on April 15, the 76th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's debut in the majors. For the second consecutive year, all teams wore the #42 in Dodger Blue font. Players who normally wear their number on the front did not have them.[192]

Broadcast rights[edit]



This was the second year of the existing seven-year deals with ESPN, Fox, TBS, Apple TV+, and MLB Network; and the second year of a two-year deal with NBC Sports/Peacock:[193]

Linear television[edit]
  • Fox continued to air their Baseball Night in America slate of exclusive Saturday evening games beginning in May, along with Saturday afternoon games in April, and Thursday evening games in the latter part of the season where Saturday games would conflict with Fox's college football obligations. The network also aired the 2023 MLB All-Star Game. FS1 also broadcast non-exclusive games on Saturdays at times when no game was on the broadcast network, along with some irregularly scheduled weeknight games, mostly on Monday nights.[194][195] Jason Benetti joined Fox as a play-by-play announcer, replacing Aaron Goldsmith.[196][197] Derek Jeter joined Fox Sports as a studio analyst.[198]
  • TBS broadcast 26 MLB on TBS Tuesday Night games.[199]
  • ESPN broadcast Sunday Night Baseball, with the option to show alternate broadcasts. The package also included five additional national games, including one on Opening Day, and the Home Run Derby. ESPN+ streamed daily games, but they were blacked out in the home markets of the teams playing.[200]
  • MLB Network broadcast games daily. While most games were simulcasts of the home teams' regional sports network broadcasts, select games were produced by the network under its MLB Network Showcase banner. All games were blacked out in the home markets of the teams playing.[201]
Spanish language[edit]
French language[edit]
  • In Canada, TVA Sports became the new national French-language broadcaster of the league under a three-season deal, carrying a package of 78 regular season games, the All-Star Game, and the postseason. TVA has historically also held French-language rights to the Toronto Blue Jays sub-licensed from Sportsnet, from which the network has sub-contracted some of its sports rights.[206][207]


During the postseason, the ESPN networks (including ABC) broadcast all four Wild Card Series, with Spanish–language simulcasts on ESPN Deportes.[200] TBS broadcast the National League Division Series and the National League Championship Series;[199] TBS' postseason games were also made available on the streaming service Max's new Bleacher Report Sports Add-on tier which launched on October 5,[208] and Spanish-language coverage was simulcast on MLB Network. Fox Sports broadcast the American League Division Series, the American League Championship Series, and the World Series, with games shown on Fox and FS1, with Spanish-language simulcasts on Fox Deportes.[194]


AT&T Sportsnet closure[edit]

On February 24, 2023, the AT&T SportsNet regional sports networks sent a letter to the Rockies, Astros, and Pirates saying they had until March 31, to reach an agreement to take their local television rights back. Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), the owner of the networks, intends to leave the regional sports networks business. If a deal is not reached the networks will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Root Sports Northwest is not affected because the Mariners already own majority control of that network.[220][221] Warner Bros. Discovery and Major League Baseball quietly negotiated a deal to keep the remaining RSNs operational through the end of the season.[222]

In August 2023, Boston Red Sox owner Fenway Sports Group announced its acquisition of AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh from WBD via the co-owned Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL, which subsequently re-launched as the NESN-operated SportsNet Pittsburgh in October. During the offseason, the Pittsburgh Pirates announced they would jointly own the network beginning on January 1, 2024.[223][224][225] In September 2023, the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets jointly acquired WBD's stake in AT&T SportsNet Southwest.[226] Both of those networks rebranded themselves to SportsNet Pittsburgh and the Space City Home Network, respectively, near the end of the regular season. However, with AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain failing to find new owners (either with the Colorado Rockies or some other professional sports team(s) in the area), SportsNet Rocky Mountain shut down services by October 21, 2023.

Diamond Sports bankruptcy[edit]

On February 15, 2023, Diamond Sports Group, owners of the Bally Sports regional sports networks, failed to make a $140M interest payment and entered a 30-day grace period.[227] On March 14, Diamond Sports officially filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.[228] Diamond has missed payments to the Diamondbacks, Rangers, Guardians and Twins.[229][230][231] Diamond also entered grace periods for their payments to the Padres and Reds, which they eventually made.[232][233] On April 5, Major League Baseball filed an emergency motion asking the bankruptcy judge to order Diamond to pay the teams they missed payments to or give the media rights back to the MLB. Diamond argued that because of cord-cutting the contract rate for the media rights of the teams was too high. A hearing on the matter was set for May 31.[234][231][229][235] As an interim, on April 19, the bankruptcy judge ordered Diamond Sports to pay 50% of what the Diamondbacks, Guardians, Twins, and Rangers are owed.[236] On June 1, after a two-day long hearing, the bankruptcy judge ordered Diamond to pay the teams fully within five days.[237]

On May 31, Diamond officially missed a second payment to the Padres, and the Padres' television rights were returned to Major League Baseball. Because Bally Sports San Diego, which aired Padres games, is a joint venture between the Padres and Diamond it is technically not in bankruptcy. Therefore, this missed payment did not have the same bankruptcy protections that Diamond's other missed payments had.[238][239]

Major League Baseball's new local media department, led by former Fox Sports Networks executive Billy Chambers,[240] subsequently took over production of Padres telecasts the same day; Padres games will be available locally via ad-hoc channels on participating television providers in the San Diego area, and via an over-the-top subscription service hosted by MLB.tv.[241][239] The department had already worked with MLB Network staff to prepare for the possibility that it would have to take over a team's regional broadcasts on short notice, including preparing team-specific graphics packages and other elements in advance. Chambers' team was on standby in Miami for the Padres' series against the Marlins, focusing in particular on contingencies for the May 31 game based on the deadline, and having only 24 hours' notice of the missed payment on May 30.[242] The MLB-produced telecasts inherited the Padres' existing broadcast team and other team-contracted staff. Once the team returned to San Diego, MLB Local Media inherited the mobile production units and freelance employees that had been used by Bally.[243]

On June 22, Diamond Sports Group announced its intention to reject its contract with the Diamondbacks on June 30.[244] Diamond and the Arizona Diamondbacks later released a joint statement pushing back the hearing to July 17 and agreeing to continue Bally Sports Arizona's broadcasts of Diamondbacks' games.[245] On July 18, Diamond Sports officially rejected its contract with the Diamondbacks; MLB Local Media subsequently took over production of the team's telecasts in a similar arrangement to the Padres.[246][247][248] After losing the rights earlier in the year to the Phoenix Suns and later in the year to the Arizona Coyotes to Gray Television and Scripps Sports respectively, Bally Sports Arizona began to wind down operations in October 2023, shutting down for good on October 21 that same year.[249]

TV rights status for teams with a missed payment
Team Payment(s) missed Status
Cincinnati Reds April 2023 Paid through 2023[250]
Cleveland Guardians April 2023 Paid through July[251]
Arizona Diamondbacks March 2023, July 2023 TV rights returned to MLB[245]
Texas Rangers April 2023 Paid through 2023[252]
San Diego Padres March 2023, May 2023 TV rights returned to MLB[238]
Minnesota Twins April 2023 Paid through 2023[253]





The following players and coaches retired during the 2023 season and before the start of the 2024 campaign:

Retired numbers[edit]

See also[edit]


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