2022 MAMA Awards

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2022 MAMA Awards
Logo of 2022 MAMA
DateNovember 29–30, 2022
VenueKyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Hosted byJeon Somi (Day 1)
Park Bo-gum (Day 2)
Most awardsBTS (6)
WebsiteOfficial website
Television/radio coverage
NetworkMnet, across CJ E&M channels, and other international networks
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The 2022 MAMA Awards ceremony, organized by CJ E&M and broadcast through its music channel Mnet, was broadcast live on November 29 and 30, 2022. The ceremony was held at the Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan.[1] The theme for the ceremony is titled "K-POP World Citizenship" with sub-themes per night, "The world we build together" for day 1, and "We are K-POP" for day 2. The ceremony is the first to carry the new rebranded name, the first to take place overseas during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 24th in the show's history.

This year's ceremony saw the addition of the MAMA Platinum award which will be given to artists who've won all 4 daesangs (Grand Prizes). BTS was the first, and so far only, artist to receive the award, by virtue of winning all of the four daesangs in the previous 3 editions.[2]


On August 23, 2022, CJ E&M announced that the "Mnet Asian Music Awards" would be rebranded as simply the "MAMA Awards" going forward.[3] On October 26, Mnet announced the first line up of artists for the ceremony. On November 9, Mnet announced the second line up of artists for the ceremony.[4] On November 16, Mnet announced the hosts of the ceremony, Jeon Somi will be hosting day 1 while Park Bo-gum will host day 2. They also announced that BTS member, J-hope, will perform and collaboration stages.


Day 1[edit]

List of 2022 MAMA Awards day 1 performances
Artist(s) Song(s) Stage theme title Ref.
Jeon Somi and Leejung Lee (with YGX) Songs From Worldwide Fans' Choice Nominated Artist[a] "The New Passion"
Nmixx "O.O", "Dice" "Downside Up"
DKZ "Uh-Heung" "The Final Destination" [5]
Hyolyn "Layin' Low" "Two Women"
Bibi "Bibi Vengeance"
Bibi + Hyolyn "Youknowbetter", "Law"
JO1 "SuperCali" (MAMA version) "I Am, I Wish, I Will"
Le Sserafim "Antifragile", "Fearless" "Dear You Who Wish for My Fall" [6]
Kep1er "The Girls (Can't Turn Me Down)", "Wa Da Da" "The Girls WaDaDa to Dream"
Forestella "Fake Love" (BTS cover), "Save Our Lives" "Live a Life of Love"
Street Man Fighter and Kang Daniel "World Changer" "Dance Makes One"
Ive, Kep1er, Nmixx,
Le Sserafim, NewJeans
"Eleven",[b] "Wa Da Da",[c] "O.O",[d] "Fearless",[e] "Hype Boy",[f] "Cheer Up" (Twice cover) "LINNK the Next Generation"
Tomorrow X Together "Opening Sequence", "Lonely Boy", "Good Boy Gone Bad" "Goodbye Romeo"
Kara "Lupin", "Step", "Mister", "When I Move" "Kara Is Back" [7]
Stray Kids "Venom" (MAMA version), "Maniac" (MAMA version) "Do You Want to Be Oddinary?" [8]

Day 2[edit]

List of 2022 MAMA Awards day 2 performances
Artist(s) Song(s) Stage theme title Ref.
Jung Jae-il "Parasite", "Squid Game" "The Letter from Music"
Jung Jae-il, Tiger JK and 3Racha "Music Makes One"
Tempest "Dragon" "Fly High"
NewJeans Intro,[g] "Hype Boy", "Attention" "NewFriends"
Enhypen "Blessed-Cursed", "Walk the Line", "Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)" "Manifesto: 革命"
Ive "Eleven", "Love Dive", "After Like" "God Is Alive"
NiziU and INI "Yuki no Hana" (Mika Nakashima cover), "Clap" (Seventeen cover) "Into the Universe"
NiziU "Clap Clap"
INI "Spectra"
Treasure "Volkno", "Jikjin", "Hello" "We Don't Need Way Back"
(G)I-dle and Jaurim "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One", "Tomboy" & "Boxing Helena", "Beeswax Angel" "We Never Die"
Jaurim "Hahaha Song"
(G)I-dle "My Bag", "Tomboy"
Itzy "Cheshire", "Sneakers" "Birth of a Queen"
Lim Young-woong and Monika "If We Ever Meet Again" "Good, Bye"
Zico, Street Man Fighter and Soyeon of (G)I-dle "New Thing", "Freak" "Freakout"
J-Hope "More", "Arson", "Future" "I'm Your Hope" [9]


Day 1[edit]

  • Ahn Hyun-mo, Nam Yoon-su and Gabee – Red Carpet Hosts[10]
  • Joo Jung-hyuk – Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • Kang Han-na – Favorite New Artist and Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • Kwak Yoon-gy and Gabee – Yogibo Chill Artist Award
  • Nam Yoon-su and Mio Imada – Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10 and Favorite New Artist
  • Park Sung-hoon – Favorite New Artist and Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • Pak Se-ri – Favorite Asian Artist and Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • Lee Jae-wook – Favorite New Artist and Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • Seo Ji-hye – Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • Park Bo-gum – Yogibo Worldwide Icon of the Year

Day 2[edit]


All songs that have been released from November 1, 2021, to October 21, 2022, are eligible to be nominated.[12]

On November 9, 2022, Mnet announced that due to the changes in Twitter which makes securing and collecting data impossible, they will remove all Twitter votes from the Worldwide Icon of the Year and Worldwide Fan's Choice category without making adjustments to the other sources.[13][better source needed]

Division MAMA professional panel
(Local and foreign)
Digital sales Record sales Global music video view counts Online voting
Artist of the Year 40% 30%
(20% South Korea + 10% Global)
Categories by Artist[h]
Song of the Year 40% 60%
(40% South Korea + 20% Global)
Categories by Genre[i]
Album of the Year[j] 40% 60%
Best Music Video 70% 30%
Worldwide Icon of the Year[k] 10%
  • 50% (Mnet Plus)
  • 30% (Spotify votes)
  • 10% (Twitter)
Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10[k]

Winners and nominees[edit]

Winners and nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Winners listed first and highlighted in bold.[14]

The nominees were announced during the live announcement last October 24, 2022 at 6PM KST. Voting opened an hour after.[15][better source needed]

Main awards[edit]

Yogibo Artist of the Year
Yogibo Song of the Year
Yogibo Album of the Year
Yogibo Worldwide Icon of the Year
Best Male Group Best Female Group
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
Best Dance Performance – Male Group Best Dance Performance – Female Group
Best Dance Performance – Solo Best Vocal Performance – Solo
Best Vocal Performance – Group Best Collaboration
Best New Male Artist Best New Female Artist
Best OST Best HipHop & Urban Music
Best Band Performance Best Music Video

Favorite awards[edit]

Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
Favorite New Artist Favorite Asian Artist
Favorite Female Group

Special awards[edit]

Category Winner
Yogibo Chill Artist Stray Kids
Bibigo Culture and Style J-Hope
Inspiring Achievement Jaurim
Global Music Trend Leader Zico
Most Popular Male Artist J-Hope
Most Popular Group Stray Kids
MAMA Platinum BTS

Professional Categories[edit]

Category Winner Work
Breakout Producer Min Hee-jin New Jeans

Multiple awards[edit]

The following artist(s) received three or more awards:

Awards Artist(s)
4 Ive
3 Blackpink
Stray Kids


The ceremony of the 2022 MAMA Awards will be broadcast live worldwide from Mnet in South Korea, to simulcast across CJ E&M channels (where available); other international networks, and online via Mnet K-pop, Mnet TV, M2, and KCON's YouTube account.[16][better source needed] The red carpet will be broadcast live 2 hours before the main ceremony.

Country Network
Worldwide[l] YouTube (Mnet K-Pop, Mnet TV, M2 and KCON Official)
South Korea Mnet, tvN Show (awards show only), TVING
Japan Mnet Japan, Mnet Smart+, au Smart Pass
Singapore Channel U (live highlights), MeWATCH tvN Asia
Taiwan FET Friday Video, FET Mobile Circle app (Far EasTone)
Malaysia TonTon (awards show only)
Vietnam FPT Play
Philippines tvN Asia (via Smart GigaPlay & Cignal (PLDT Group))
Hong Kong tvN Asia
Sri Lanka


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