M. Ward - Coyote Mary's Traveling Show (Live)
M. Ward - Along The Santa Fe Trail (Live)
M. Ward - Migration Of Souls (Live)

I first heard Lady In Satin in a mega-shopping mall somewhere in San Francisco. I was about 20 years old and didn’t know much about Billie’s records or her life or how her voice changed over the years. Anyway, the sound was coming from the other side of the mall and I remember mistaking her voice for a beautiful perfectly distorted electric guitar -some other-world thing floating there on this strange mournful ocean of strings and I was hooked for life. ‘Think Of Spring’ is a... reimagining, filtering the songs and strings from Lady In Satin through a single acoustic guitar using various alternate tunings and a minimal amount of textures and studio manipulation. It’s out December 11th on ANTI- Records, and we’ve partnered with PLUS1 for Black Lives for this release; proceeds from sales will be going to DonorsChoose in Harlem and Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles. Listen to “For Heaven’s Sake” here:

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This is “All The Way” from my new album ‘Think of Spring,’ out next Friday, Dec. 11. No doubt the idea of “When somebody loves you / It's no good unless they love you all the way” inspired the idea of "Poison Cup." The concept of ‘Think of Spring’ is to filter the songs and arrangements from Billie Holiday’s 'Lady In Satin' through a single acoustic guitar and vocal, inspired by Billie, Ray Ellis, J.J. Johnson, John Fahey and Robert Johnson all the way.

Thank you for listening, stream + preorder here: