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Zhang Jingchu
天机富春山居图 (张静初).jpg
Zhang Jing (張靜)

(1977-02-02) 2 February 1977 (age 44)
Yong'an, Fujian, China
Other namesJingchu Zhang, Xiao Jingchu
Alma materCentral Academy of Drama
Years active2002–present

Zhang Jingchu (Chinese: 张静初; pinyin: Zhāng jìngchū, born 2 February 1977) is a Chinese film actress. Zhang is best known for winning the China Film Media Award Best Actress award for the 2005 film Peacock, which was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival. Zhang most recently appeared in the 2018 film Project Gutenberg.

Early life[edit]

On 2 February 1977, Zhang was born as Zhang Jing in Yong'an, Fujian province, China.[1] Zhang was brought up in a middle-class family in the countryside.


Zhang studied English in Beijing New Oriental Institute, a private language educational school in Beijing, China.[2] Zhang graduated in Directing from Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China.[1]


Zhang's acting career began in both film and television in 2000. In 2005, she transitioned into an international films. Zhang came into international prominence through director Gu Changwei's debut film Peacock, which won the Silver Bear at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival. She was picked from 1,000 applicants for her role as a petulant, conniving homebound daughter who tries to chart her own course in life.[3] Following which, she got a role in Tsui Hark's martial arts film Seven Swords, which opened the Venice Film Festival in August 2005.[4][5]

Zhang shed her gentle and quiet image to play the rebellious and gusty protagonist in Huayao Bride in Shangri-la (2005), and won the Beijing College Student Film Festival for Best Actress.[6][7] She was named one of "Asia's Heroes" by Time magazine.[2][8]

In 2006, Zhang was cast as the tough-talking heroine in the Finnish-Chinese kungfu movie Jade Warrior, directed by A. J. Annila.[9] The same year, she starred in romantic drama The Road directed by Lu Chuan.[10] Zhang won over the audience with the maturity she shows in her acting, and her extraordinary ability to touch hearts by interpreting the different stages of a Chinese woman's life. She won the Best Actress award at the 30th Cairo International Film Festival.[4][11]

Zhang then starred in Derek Yee's smug drugging film Protégé (2007). Her portrayal of a woman who is forced to struggle between drug addiction and herself won praises from both the audience and critics.[12][4] The same year, she made her Hollywood film debut in Rush Hour 3 alongside Jackie Chan.[4]

Zhang worked with German director Florian Gallenberger in the film John Rabe (2008), where she plays a college student whose family suffers in the Japanese invasion of Nanjing.

She then starred in Ann Hui's film Night and Fog, a social commentary film which sheds light on Hong Kong immigrants from China. Her portrayal of the protagonist Ling, a woman who struggles with an abusive husband won rave reviews from critics and was described as a "turning point" in her career.[13][14] The same year, she starred in Red River where she played a mentally-challenged Vietnamese girl.[15]

Zhang next starred in Feng Xiaogang's disaster film Aftershock (2010), playing a girl who separates from her mother after the Tangshan earthquake and becomes a rescue worker.[16] Zhang also takes part in earthquake relief efforts in real life. She is the ambassador of the charity SiyuanAOC Rainbow Plan, founded by China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and AOC Monitor.[17]

Zhang then took a six-month break from the entertainment industry, stating that she was disappointed by the commercial nature of her recent roles. During this time, she served as a jury member at the Shanghai International Film Festival.[18] She returned to the screen in the romantic comedy Laucana (2012) co-starring Shawn Yue.[19]

In 2013, she starred in the action thriller Switch alongside Andy Lau.[20] She also starred in the Italian film The Mercury Factor alongside Luca Barbareschi.[21] In April 2013, Zhang was on location in Jerusalem, where she starred in The Old Cinderella.[22] Since China and Israel established diplomatic relations, this was the first joint film project.[23] Zhang next featured in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) alongside Tom Cruise.[24] The same year, she was cast in the film adaptation of the best-selling novel, The Three-Body Problem.[25]

In 2017, Zhang was cast in the thriller film Once Upon a Time in Northeast China;[26] as well as crime action film Wings Over Everest.[27]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2000 Affection Double Days 情义两重天 Mengmeng
2003 Suo Miya's Choice 索密娅的抉择 Suo Miya [28]
2005 Peacock 孔雀 Sister
Huayao Bride in Shangri-la 花腰新娘 Fengmei
Seven Swords 七剑 Liu Yufang
Seven Nights 七夜 Gui [29]
2006 The Road 芳香之旅 Li Chunfang
Jade Warrior 玉戰士 Pinyu
2007 Protégé 門徒 Jane
Rush Hour 3 尖峰時刻3 Soo Yung Han
2008 Beast Stalker 证人 Ann Gao [30]
2009 Red River 红河 Tao
John Rabe 拉貝日记 Langshu
Night and Fog 天水圍的夜与霧 Wong Hiu-ling
Overheard 窃听风云 Mandy Yam [31]
2010 The Double Life A面B面 Liu Yue [32]
Flirting Scholar 2 唐伯虎點秋香2之四大才子 Qiuxiang [33]
Aftershock 唐山大地震 Fang Deng / Wang Deng
City Under Siege 全城戒備 Xiuhua [34]
2011 The Man Behind the Courtyard House 守望者:罪惡迷途 Hong [35]
The Law of Attraction 萬有引力 Xuelian [36]
2012 Lacuna 醉後一夜 Tong Xin
Casino Moon 賭城月色 Casino dealer Short film[37]
2013 Switch 天机·富春山居图 Lin Yuyan
Running Shadows 我的影子在奔跑 Tian Jiafang [38]
The Mercury Factor 危情黑吃黑 Jiazhen
2014 The Old Cinderella 脱軌時代 Xu Ke [39][23]
2015 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 碟中諜5 Lauren
I Am Somebody 我是路人甲 Cameo
2016 Murder at Honeymoon Hotel 蜜月酒店殺人事件 Pei Er [40]
For a Few Bullets 快手枪手快枪手 Li Ruoyun [41]
Sky on Fire 沖天火 Gao Yu [42]
2017 The Adventurers 俠盜聯盟 Amber [43]
2018 Project Gutenberg 无双 Yuan Wen [44]
Miss Puff 泡芙小姐 Cameo
2019 Love Song to the Days Forgone 东北往事之二十年 Cui Zhu [45]
Wings Over Everest 冰峰暴
TBA The Three-Body Problem 三体 Ye Wenjie

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2000 Sword Master 三少爷的剑 Zhu Qianqian
2001 Qin Shi Huang 秦始皇 Princess Mindai [46]
Love Dictionary 爱情宝典 Zhan Shujuan
The Great Love in Your Life 你的生命如此多情 Yan Yu [47]
不回家的男人 Lu Tong
2002 The Cricket Master 蟋蟀大師 Xiaocui
Imperial Guards 英雄 Ye Min [48]
2005 Purple Jade and Gold Sand 紫玉金砂 Pan Lingyu [49]
2006 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 南少林三十六房 Li Menglin
2016 Let's Fall in Love 咱们相爱吧 Lin Xiaoxiao [50]
Huajinghu 2 画江湖之不良人2 Empress [51]
2020 Together 在一起
2021 Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 Song Xiaoke


Year Award Category Nominated work Ref.
2005 12th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actress Huayao Bride in Shangri-la [7]
11th Huabiao Awards Outstanding New Actress [52]
14th Shanghai Film Critics Awards Best Actress Peacock [53]
2006 6th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actress [54]
30th Cairo International Film Festival Best Actress The Road [11]
2009 16th Beijing College Student Film Festival Students' Choice Award for Favorite Actress Red River [55]
2013 5th China Image Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Switch [56]
2016 3rd Jackie Chan Action Movie Awards Best Action Movie Actress For a Few Bullets [57]


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