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[ lounj ]
/ laʊndʒ /
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verb (used without object), lounged, loung·ing.

verb (used with object), lounged, loung·ing.

to pass (time) in lounging (usually followed by away or out): to lounge away the afternoon.




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Origin of lounge

First recorded in 1500–10; origin uncertain
1, 4. Lounge, loll, laze, and loaf can all be used to mean “to pass time idly.” But lounge implies a leaning or reclining posture, and an experience of comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment: When he was home, he preferred to lounge in his easy chair and watch TV. Loll also conveys a leaning posture: Visitors can loll on the grass in beanbag chairs or loungers. Laze suggests no particular posture, but a relaxed indulgence, as in We spent the summer swimming, surfing, and lazing under the sun, while loaf is sometimes used to convey idle wastefulness: I spent all of Sunday just loafing around the house.
loungy, adjective
long, longe, lounge , lunge
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British Dictionary definitions for lounge

/ (laʊndʒ) /


(intr; often foll by about or around) to sit, lie, walk, or stand in a relaxed manner
to pass (time) lazily or idly


C16: origin unknown
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