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Life Coach and Holistic Healer
NY, NJ In Office and Online

Uncover the Root of Your Emotional or Physical

Distress and Finally Transform Your Life

Depression Anxiety

Are You Still Suffering from Emotional and/or Physical Pain?

Are You Stuck in an Unsatisfying Job or Relationship or a Life that Lacks Meaning and Purpose?

Are You Frustrated that Traditional Methods have Not Worked?

You don’t need to continue suffering.

Lisa Diamond Rosenthal

Lisa Diamond Rosenthal

I am a Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach in New Jersey helping WOMEN, MEN, TEENS and COLLEGE STUDENTS with life & health challenges, emotional blocks and physical ailments.



Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Energy, Fears & Phobias, PTSD, Lyme Disease, Trauma, Pain Management, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies and more.

Life Decisions


Career Issues, Relationships, School, Work, Social Challenges, Family Dysfunction




Limiting Beliefs, Unconscious Programming & Memories, Life Purpose


I am here to help you


Lisa will get to the root cause of your mental, emotional and physical challenges and help bring you back to your purest and healthiest state which you are meant to be in.  It’s like untangling your past so you can be in charge of re-wiring your future. This sets you free to do what it is you’re actually here to do.”   


How I work –
Transformational Healing

Deep Questioning

Deep Questioning with Active Listening

Explore areas you may have
never addressed


Create Multi-Generational Family Genogram

Identify unexpected patterns
and connections

Non-Invasive Assessments

Series of Non-Invasive Assessments

Are environmental factors or allergies affecting your ability to heal?

Image of Limiting Beliefs

Release Subconscious & Limiting Beliefs

Uncover stories and trauma that are impacting your health

Image of Health Treatments

Treatments for your Specific Needs

Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Color Therapy, Family Constellation, Trauma Therapy, MFT, Psycho-kinesiology, Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, Energy Healing

Image of Support Your Journey

Provide a Plan to Support your Journey

Monitor health and continue healing

Get Your Best Life Back

Uncovering and releasing emotional trauma and unconscious beliefs
can result in profound healing.

Lisa Diamond Rosenthal

“The questions asked went further than I’d been asked before and so touched something much deeper.  And with the last part of our session I was later able to take what we’d done and discover entirely new ways of seeing old patterns.  I was amazed, and I am grateful.”


“We were able to find solutions and apply them with real tools, something very different then just talk therapy. I have since been getting better and better physically and emotionally and better equipped to get myself out of the hole I was in. I do feel better than I have in five years.”