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Color Key[edit]

This is a quick key to help show what each color means for each article.

Color Description
Green Article is of good quality and does not need much improvement.
Yellow Article is good but could still be improved.
Red Article needs a lot of improvement.
Blue Article has not yet been written.
No color Not yet rated

General Articles[edit]

Article Description
GNU/Linux naming controversy An article on the controversy of the GNU/Linux name.
Linux History and information on the Linux Operating System.
Linux From Scratch A book about how to build Linux from its source.
List of Linux distributions A long list of many different distributions for Linux.
Linux International Information on Linux International.
Criticism of Linux
History of Linux
SCO-Linux controversies
Linux adoption
Linux Mark Institute
Linux User Groups

Core Low-level Software[edit]

Kernel space
Software Description
Linux Kernel The kernel of all Linux based systems.
Linux console A core system TUI.
Linux framebuffer A kernel interface to framebuffer, also known as fbdev.
Loadable kernel module section on Linux modules.
User space
Software Description
Busybox The most used user-space environment for embedded Linux installations.
Dejagnu A Testing suit used in most core Linux software.
GNU Binary Utilities Main tools used for object code manipulation and linking.
GNU C Library Main Linux distributions backward-compatible C library.
GNU Compiler Collection The group of compilers used in compiling most of Linux distributions sources.
GNU Core Utilities Basic Unix-compatible GNU system packages.

Syscalls and Kernel Features[edit]

Category:Linux kernel features

Syscall Description
epoll event notification system
seccomp process sandbox
procfs /proc
sysfs /sys

Core Language Interpreters[edit]

Language Interpreter Description
Awk A tool for processing text based records. A basic block for all distributions.
GNU Bash Core Unix shell in most Linux distributions.
Perl A language Heavily used in Linux distributions for text processing.
Python High level language that also enjoys heavy use in Linux distributions.
Sed Utility for parsing text files. It can be considered a language of its own.

Technical Underpinnings[edit]

Underpinning Description
Common Unix Printing System for Printers
deb (file format) Debian .deb package format
Mesa 3D userspace parts of the device drivers and OpenGL
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
X Window System
Wayland is about to replace X Window System
GTK+ user interface library of GNOME/GNOME Shell, Cinnamon and others
Cairo (graphics) renders (in 2D) for GTK+/FLTK/GNUstep/WebKit/Firefox and others more
VDPAU API for video acceleration e.g. UVD, PureVideo, Quick Sync Video
GStreamer multimedia pipeline for doing things with audio and video
PulseAudio notorious for problems during adoption phase; makes life simpler

Desktop Environments / Window Managers[edit]

Desktop Environment Description
Beryl A 3d window manager.
Cinnamon (user interface) A desktop environment made by the Linux Mint team based on gnome-shell and designed to have more customizability and functionality, as well as eye-candy, than gnome-shell.
Compiz A 3d Windows Manager
Enlightenment A windows manager.
GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) A desktop environment
MATE (desktop environment)
Openbox A Blackbox style window manager.
Unity (user interface)
Windowmaker A window manager that emulates NeXTstep's look and feel
Xfce A light weight desktop environment which began as a clone of Unix's CDE

See also X window manager, Comparison of X Desktop Environments, and Comparison of X window managers


Applications Description
Blender a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software product
Bootsplash kernel level splash screen implementation - superseded by splashy
CNR (software)
Emacs Non arguably one of the best editors in the world
Envy (software) ATI/NVIDIA driver installation script
Geany fast and lightweight editor / IDE, uses GTK+
Gedit GNOME-based Text Editor
GIMP and ingimp Photoediting tool
Kate KDE-based Text Editor
Kdenlive KDE Non-linear Video Editor
Kolf Computer Game.
Ktorrent Bit torrent client
Leafpad Lightweight editor with similar look to Notepad.
nano A simple text editor that we do not have to argue about.
NEdit A little-known graphical user interface-based editor with roots from the Motif project.
Pidgin Instant Messenger.
Rhythmbox GNU-based iTunes clone
Splashy advance user level splash screen implementation
usplash usplash userspace splash screen implementation
Vim Non arguably a better editor than emacs
Wine Wine stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator"

See also Category: Linux software

Linux Security Modules[edit]

Item Description
Apparmor An LSM adopted largely by Novell, OpenSuze and Ubuntu
Selinux An LSM largely adopted by redhat-based distributions
SMACK A new LSM that aims for simplicity



Base distributions[edit]

Distribution Description
Arch Linux A minimalist, rolling release distribution.
Debian release every 2 years, stable, security holes are patched quickly, 37000 packages
Fedora by Red Hat, new release every 6 months, base for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Knoppix "Live", i.e. use from optical disk without installing to hard disk
Linux Mint / LMDE pre-installed codecs that provide .mp3 and DVD playback; known for Cinnamon
Mandriva Linux
openSUSE known for YaST
Puppy Linux minimalist approach
Slackware A class apart distro on its own
Ubuntu known for Ubuntu Software Center, Unity; infamous for mir

Other distributions[edit]

Distribution Description
CentOS Free clone of RHEL, compiled from sources of RHEL without the redhat's propriotory stuff
CAOS_Linux Free clone of RHEL, now discontinued.
CrunchBang Linux Lightweight Debian distribution with Openbox or Xfce as the default Destop environments
Gentoo Linux
Kubuntu KDE + ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu with KDE as default desktop
Linux Deepin Based on Ubuntu and tailored for Chinese users.
Linux Mint Based on Ubuntu
Linux XP
Lubuntu LXDE + ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu With LXDE as default desktop
Parsix GNU/Linux
Puppy Linux
Ubuntu (Note: This article was featured on the Main Page on August 5, 2006)
VA Linux
Vector Linux


Company/Community Description
Canonical Ltd.
Red Hat


Person/Icon Description
Bunk, Adrian
Cox, Alan Lead contributor for Linux Kernel
Drepper, Ulrich
Ettrich, Matthias
Ewing, Larry
de Icaza, Miguel
Morton, Andrew
Shuttleworth, Mark Ubuntu originated due to the efforts of this person
Torvalds, Linus Creator / Author of LINUX kernel


Item Description
MySQL An open source database on Linux.
Linux Terminal Server Project An add-on package.
Fedora Project. Maintainers of Fedora Core.
Comparison of netbooks Netbooks are the next major market for linux