Generations of sports fans will collide next week at Liberty University when legendary football head coach Lou Holtz comes to Convocation Wednesday, Feb. 19, followed by Super Bowl champion and current Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz Friday, Feb. 21.


Dear Liberty,

My daughter is my one and only, born after the hard loss of my first husband from cancer. Her name is Tirza, which means, "she will delight". After visiting a few other college campuses it was decided that perhaps we should re-visit LU and ask to visit on a more personal level and talk with the administration. Despite my attempt to change the date, our scheduled visit was set for January 28, 2015.


The week of our visit was devoted to special speakers at Liberty speaking about young women and their Christian walk of faith. Several women speakers were lined up to speak on different topics. However, on this particular day, Pastor Terry Crist, of Grace Church, brought the message. After being introduced on stage, he opened in prayer and then proceeded to say something to the effect of, "If you have your Bible with you, please turn with me to the book of Numbers, chapter 27. Today, I would like to speak to you about a special young woman in the bible by the name of Tirzah and her sisters".

The moment those words were spoken by Pastor Crist, I looked at my daughter, who looked at me in astonishment, and without speaking any words we knew this was obviously a divine moment and a word from heaven. It was clear, no questions asked, Liberty University became the school of choice.

We asked our guide if we could meet Pastor Crist. Our guide connected us with Pastor David Nasser, who introduced us to Pastor Crist. I shared with him how I tried to reschedule our tour for another day, but found that it wasn't possible. He shared with us how he wasn't supposed to speak that day; that he was originally scheduled to speak Monday, but that date was changed to Wednesday. More reason to know that the Lord had orchestrated His divine message through His willing messenger!

My daughter, Tirza, will be graduating May 2020 with a nursing degree and taking with her the message of the cross; the message of hope and healing to a hurting world.

Robin V.

Thank you, Robin, for your story of restored joy and the reminder that God cares deeply for our personal callings! We love you too!

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