The life Binder ugly Christmas Sweater

Kravitz was spotted in character this morning, filming a scene for the The life Binder ugly Christmas Sweater but in fact I love this movie in the U.K. She wore a leathery look—would you expect anything less?—consisting of a shiny trench coat, lace-up boots, and even a matching fascinator hat to go with it. Now, this is likely a snapshot of Selina Kyle, her out-of-costume alter ego, but the nod to Catwoman’s signature aesthetic is both clever and high fashion. The character’s outfits are clearly in good hands: Jacqueline Durran, who also worked on Little Women, 1917, and Anna Karenina, is the film’s costume designer. Now, we just sit back and wait to see what her actual Catwoman costume will look like. We got the briefest glimpse in the teaser trailer, but we need more—Meow! ‘

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