The Crown’s producer hints the series could return with spinoff featuring ‘fairly tawdry events’ | Evening Standard

The Crown’s producer hints the series could return with spinoff featuring ‘fairly tawdry events’

Producer Andy Harries said various scandals were left out of the Netflix drama due to them taking ‘the high road’
First-look images released by Netflix, from part two of the final season of the glossy royal show (Netflix/PA)
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Lisa McLoughlin 6 December 2023

A producer for The Crown has hinted that the Netflix series could be set for a spinoff featuring “fairly tawdry events” of other royals.

Andy Harries, the co-founder of Left Bank Pictures, revealed that members of “the circle around the royal family” had been in contact with scandalous stories that could eventually make their way to the small screen.

Speaking on the Have You Seen? podcast, the 69-year-old said many events, including Fergie’s famous toe sucking, were left out of the series as they “took the high road”.

He shared: “I think one day Peter [Morgan] or any other producers might reveal many of the stories which we decided not to feature.

“Fergie doesn’t feature heavily in the series. We didn’t do the toe sucking story.

“It wasn’t because it wasn’t a good or interesting story, but it was not central to the theme of the show... it was a sideshow and I think we have done well to avoid the silly sideshows.”

Andy Harries, a producer of The Crown, has teased a potential spin-off
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Harries also shared that one of Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriends had got in touch to offer their help with making the series.

He revealed: “Koo Stark rang me up, she got straight through to me and offered her services. She was briefly a girlfriend of Prince Andrew.”

The actress met the Duke of York after being introduced by a mutual acquaintance on his 21st birthday in 1981.

Their relationship was discovered a year and a half later, and Stark was subjected to frenzy of media attention. He went on to marry Sarah, known as Fergie.

The former royal couple welcomed two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, together but divorced in 1996 after a decade of marriage.

They remain close and still live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

The Crown Season Six Part Two is available on Netflix from 14 December