Jo Ling Kent Parents, Age, Salary, Wiki -

Jo Ling Kent Parents, Age, Salary, Wiki

Jo Ling Kent is an actress and news correspondent. She first worked as a reporter for online news on ABC News. Next, Kent worked for Fox Business News from 2013 to 2016. She then tried acting and starred in movies such as Blackout, The Claman Countdown, and Cavuto on Business.


Jo Ling Kent is of American and Asian descent. She has an American father named David Kent. Her mother, named Shean Yen Janice Kent, is originally from mainland China. Kent’s mother has exposed her to the Chinese culture and language while she was growing up. Additionally, she speaks Mandarin very fluently. Her mother has taught her to speak her native language at a very early age.

Salary and Net Worth

Some sources reveal that the net worth of Jo Ling Kent is estimated at around $800k to $1 million. However, her exact net worth is still under review.

Her income source is mainly her job as a journalist. The salary of Kent is between $150,000 to $200,000 per year. She is very well-compensated because of her years of experience as a correspondent. Her work experience in the field of journalist encompasses more than a decade. The net worth of Kent has gradually increased through the years as she gained popularity for her integrity and accurate reporting.

Image of renowned journalist, Jo Ling Kent
An actress and news correspondent, Jo Ling Kent.

Height and Measurement

Jo Ling Kent stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. The petite journalist weighs 54 kg. In addition, Kent has a slender figure because she maintains a very active lifestyle. Additionally, she has a regular workout routine. The typical day of the renowned journalist starts with a quick workout at the gym. Some days, she goes for a short run before or after work. A healthy diet is also another reason why the famous journalist has maintained her slender figure.

Husband/Boyfriend, Kids

Jo Ling Kent met her husband through her work. Her husband is Scott Conroy, who is also a journalist. Conroy works at the Huffington Post as its senior correspondent for political news. Scott and Jo married on August 22, 2015. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Mountain View Grand Resort in New Hampshire.

Image of renowned journalist, Jo Ling Kent and husband
The renowned journalist worked in ABC News and NBC News, Jo Ling Kent with her husband, Scott Conroy.

In 2018, the journalist couple announced the pregnancy of Jo through a post on Instagram. They were expecting a baby girl. And on October 2018, Jo gave birth to their firstborn and named her Mira Ling Conroy. In April 2021, the arrival of her baby sister named Delancey Mei promoted Mira Ling to big sister. The inspiration for the baby’s name is Delancey Street in New York, where Jo and Scott first lived as a couple. Mei is the Chinese word for younger sister.


Jo Ling Kent is a native of San Francisco, California. However, she later relocated to Minnetonka, Minnesota. She earned her high school diploma from Hopkins High School. For college, the young Jo enrolled at Rice University. Kent took graduate studies in international affairs at Peking University and the London School of Economics. In addition, she also attended Peking Law School with a Fulbright scholarship.

After graduating from college, ABC News hired Kent as a writer and translator. She was based in Beijing at that time. Later, she worked as an associate producer of CNN. Her job was still based in Beijing. it was there when the police detained her and fellow journalists while on an assignment. They were covering pro-democracy protests in Wangfujing when police officers arrested and detained them. The police took them to a bank with other detained journalists.

In 2012, Jo Ling Kent became part of the WVIT, the news affiliate of NBC in Connecticut. It was at this time when she did undercover coverage for the presidential election in 2012. In the same year, Kent also won the Peabody Award for their exceptional coverage of the gruesome shooting at the Sandy Hooks Elementary School. Kent worked as a technology correspondent of the Fox Business Network in 2013.

In 2016, Kent worked as an NBC News correspondent. She has covered many events throughout her career. However, her most dangerous experience by far is when she got hit by a flash-bang grenade. Kent was covering the rallies in Seattle after the death of George Floyd when the incident happened. She was not hurt, but her burnt clothes proved that it was a very close call.

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