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Kelly's Heroes Quotes

  • Crap Game: "Ya make a DEALLLL......."
    Crap Game: Ya make a DEAL!
    Big Joe: "What kind of a deal??"...
    Big Joe: What kind of a deal?
    Crap Game: "A DEAL DEAL....."
    Crap Game: A DEAL DEAL.

  • Oddball: But for 1.6 million dollars, we could become heroes for three days.
    Oddball: Why don't you say something rightous or hopeful for a change? [to Moriarity]
    Moriarty: Crap! [to Oddball]
    Big Joe: Well then, why the hell aren't you up there helping them? [fix the tank]
    Oddball: answers: (laughs) I only ride em I don't know what makes em work.
    Oddball: [answers] I only ride em I don't know what makes em work.

  • Oddball: I'm grabbing some waves.

  • Crap Game: [into field phone] Hogan? Yeah, it's me. Listen... I gotta favor to ask ya. Will you quit cryin... I haven't even asked ya yet! What the Hell's the matter with you?

  • Big Joe: [shouting to the captured German Colonel] Look! We're not worried about the German army, we've got enough troubles of our own. To the right General Patton, to the left the British Army, to the rear our own goddamn artillery, and besides all that it's raining. And the only good thing to say about the weather: it keeps our air corps from blowing us all to Hell because its too lousy to fly, versteh?
    Col. Dankhopf: [he understands] Ja, ja, versteh.
    Big Joe: OK.
    Big Joe: Okay.

  • Big Joe: [shouting in the radio] Look, Mulligan! I don't think I'm getting through to you! You're dropping your damn barrage on our position! The reason you can't hear me is because you're firing your mortars at your end, and they're dropping here, on our end! No, the Krauts are not here! We're here! Mulligan, your bombs are coming down on our head! I don't know where the Krauts are! Just lift your goddamn barrage! Over!

  • Oddball: A Sherman can give you a very nice... edge.

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