Dr James Stewart – Australia’s Leading Cannabinoid Clinician

Dr JS is proud to announce the launch of Herbal Health Clinics.

“I literally cannot keep up with the demand so I have assembled the best team of doctors and Nurse Practitioners in the country. Everyone has had extensive training and will be able to tailor treatments to the individual’s needs. We are a patient-led service where you will feel listened to and guided every step of the way”  – Dr JS

Dr. James Stewart

Dr JS is Australia’s leading cannabinoid clinician and uses plant based medicine over standard pharmaceuticals. Dr James always takes a holistic approach and individually tailors his treatments to each patient. He is a true believer in focusing on overall health and always promotes a healthy lifestyle as the key. Hydration, exercise and mindfulness are the forefront of his patient management. When Dr James isn’t helping his patients you could find him exercising around the city, watching sport or spending time with his wife and son.


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